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Normalization of Composition of Chemical Elements through Concentration on Numbers

Normalization of Composition of Chemical Elements through Concentration on Numbers

Thinking, which normalizes the composition of chemical elements, should be carried out from the position that concentration on numbers normalizes the composition of chemical elements for the norm of health and ensuring eternal life. At the same time, you should include into the thinking information about the following: when you concentrate on the numbers, corresponding to chemical elements, you normalize of the state of physical reality. This normalization takes place because irradiation of your thoughts can affect the wave systems of atoms of chemical elements that interact with the physical reality.

In order to understand why the substance that you observe is created exactly so, as you see, but not any other way, you have to attempt to connect, inside your consciousness, the form of information, which corresponds to the substance and to the physical reality which surrounds the substance and yourself.

днкTherefore, you can understand the place of chemical elements that make up the object observed by you in the absolute, that is, from the perspective of the Creator, and the structure of the world.

The perception of such location of the chemical element within your consciousness allows you to experience the profound beauty of the world and harmoniously control the properties of chemical elements in the direction of ensuring the norm of health and events in eternal life of yourself and all others.

Chemical element is a complex of atoms with the same nuclear charge and number of protons, matching the ordinal (atomic) number in the table of Mendeleev. Each chemical element has its own name and symbol, which are given in the Periodic system of elements of Mendeleev.

Simple substances (also called one-element) are the form of existence of chemical elements in the free state.

Currently there are 117 known elements, 89 of them were found in nature (on the Earth), and the rest were obtained by artificial means.

In accordance with the list of the chemical elements of the periodic table of Mendeleev the normalization can be held in the following way: when considering the interaction of a chemical element with macro environment you should normalize all the macro environment through the chemical element. Therefore, the atomic weight, which has documented and measured characteristics, is the control system in this case. If we consider the external system of connections of information that corresponds to atomic weight, at some level of intersection of the atomic weight information with the external environment information, certain changes take place in the structure of information. This information corresponds to the following: concentration on a number, which in the system of connections is lined up so that it normalizes the situation around the chemical element, results in normalization of the situation in general.

In other words, the principle of control in this case is the principle of using the distant field of consciousness when concentration on other values ​​in consciousness results in normalization of both in the value and around it.

You can imagine that some information exists in the space of perception, corresponding to a chemical element, and there is an area, which corresponds to the connection of this chemical element with external events, and, within the current system of concentrations, exactly concentration on this area through the atomic mass will be carried out.

In order to connect the control to the atomic mass you will have to imagine either increase or decrease of the atomic mass. Thus, normalization across the external environment and normalization in the characteristics of the chemical element will take place.


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