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The book Information levels of cognition is an inexhaustible source of practical knowledge, in which you will find answers to a wide variety of questions.

Why can you achieve the absolute control for creation of constructive events only when the compulsory presence of material objects in the world is taken into account: the planet Earth, the physical bodies of people? That is, it is always necessary to work for the realization of the principle of non-dying and for ensuring eternal development of the entire reality, including physical reality.

What is the event of the weak information level or the level of weak signals, which to a certain extent correlates the event level of a person? The methods of working with this level from the point of view of normalizing the information taking into account the universal connections are also included.

In the book you, will find Practical recommendations on protection from radiation exposure and elimination of consequences of radioactive damage to the organism by means of control through Consciousness.

You will learn what such a concept as “a person has grown wings” means from the point of view of information and how to concentrate consciousness so that the creative process would not deplete the strength of man, but became stable and man could always be in the state of creativity.

In the section “Informational levels of cognition that do not correspond to the protein environment of perception”, it will become clear how to know the elements and processes occurring in the objects that are considered as non-living forms, for example, for diagnosing equipment, for diagnosing an event level in a spectrum not related to people or to plants.

The section “The System of Adaptation of Consciousness to the Changing Dynamic Environment” is about the existence of the “external information framework, that contains various knowledge, including the knowledge on the dynamic structures”. It includes the methodology of accurate cognition, which consists in the fact that it is possible to consider cognition through the system of understanding, and it is possible, knowing the precise geometrical location of the entry points into the information framework relative to the location of internal organs or parts of the human body, to carry out docking with the geometry of the information framework.

In the section “The Nature of Some Diseases”, you will learn about the existence of an information framework that exists around human, you will understand its structure and learn the methods that will enable you to monitor future events of man, that will make it possible to prevent the occurrence of serious illnesses and accidents.

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The book “Information levels of cognition”

The book “Information levels of cognition” gives the reader an opportunity to touch the inexhaustible source of practical knowledge of eternal development.

The information levels of cognition of reality by man are endless, and the author’s seminars, conducted by Grigori Grabovoi in 1979-1996, included in the book, reveal these huge capabilities of man.

The received knowledge protects both the person, and his environment, and it works for the macro-protection of the whole planet.

In conversations with the students of the seminars, the author answers many important questions. The reader will learn how to achieve absolute control to create constructive events; what the level of weak signals, correlating the event level of a person, is; how to concentrate consciousness, so that the creative process does not deplete the strength of man; what is the kind of nature of some diseases. The sections of the book contain technologies and methods of work.

All information in the new book becomes available to the general public FOR THE FIRST TIME. This treasure will necessarily become a powerful springboard for the next stage of the development of mankind on the path of the Eternal Life of All!


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The speech of Grigori Grabovoi at the open Web-Conference on April 23, 2016

I am starting the open web conference on the topic “Education in eternal life”.
And I would like say namely on the topic, that it is necessary to consider education in eternal life in the general conceptual direction, where the concept is the consideration of the mutual connections of the action of God on the education and the systemic realization of education of eternal life for all. Wherein it is possible to consider, in conceptual understanding, the systemic nature in terms of use of different education mechanisms. In this case, we should consider various educational systems, which are being realized now at the social level. Educational systems, which are realized through the transfer of knowledge directly from, for example, the teacher to the students, from any man, educated to some extent in the structures and mechanisms and actions of the eternal life, to another man.
Wherein it is important that at the time of systemic education through educational centers, it is necessary at the same time to transfer the knowledge that enables a person, a student who heard or remembered the course, to transfer the knowledge quite quickly and efficiently, within the framework of what he heard and understood, and in that case if he memorized the course, then he can transfer this course practically, word for word, close to the literal.
In the structure of ensuring eternal life for all, the question of choice of the control action in a particular, current or next, time is important. Therefore, the level of teaching the structures that ensure eternal life, which would allow a person to make the right decision in every next moment of time to ensure eternal life to all, is currently important. Therefore, it is necessary to teach in this sense in a way to ensure the formation of exactly this structure of decision-making, and simultaneously the structure of transfer of this knowledge to all.
And if you see how God acts in the structure of receiving knowledge, then it is certainly clear that He creates answers for Himself. And so there is such a paradoxical, from the standpoint of ordinary logic, system of receiving knowledge, well, nevertheless, in terms of the action “to do as God does” should be introduced in the education system on ensuring eternal life to all. And as a rule, the knowledge about the next point of time (what will be in terms of the following information) are formed through development of controlling clairvoyance and controlling forecasting, and at the same time it is necessary to bear in mind that the systemic nature, systemic knowledge based on previous experience, can also give accurate, as well as systemic knowledge about the future processes.
Thus, namely in the conceptual direction, the education in eternal life must include primarily the systemic knowledge on ensuring eternal life. In my Teachings, it is achieved by a deep understanding of individual courses or by systematic study of all the materials in a row. And as a rule, the systematic studying of all materials in a row on the Training Program on the Teachings of Grigori Grabovoi enables a person to learn more profoundly each specific course as a part of this Program. And within this course, each sub-course also actively develops various capabilities, including controlling clairvoyance and controlling forecasting, that in total makes it possible to ensure eternal life to all.
From the standpoint of the organizational structure of the Training Program on the Teachings of Grigori Grabovoi, currently the agency for registration of enterprises of the Republic of Serbia has registered the Education Center on the Training Program on the Teachings of Grigori Grabovoi, which, taken into account its state registration, allows to issue certificates, which can be of value when students, who have the certificate after having a course, are looking for a job that is thematically related to the control of events, various control systems in all, in fact, spheres of life.
And given that this Education Center may have branches and representative offices in different countries, you can register in the usual form of enterprise registration a representative office without formation, for example, of a legal entity or a branch forming a legal entity in any country of the world.
In this case, at present, we consider the issue of registration of branches and representative offices in the countries where trademarks GRABOVOI and GRIGORI GRABOVOI are registered. But, however, in those countries where there is little information about the Teachings, it is possible to think of the situations on the registration in these countries of the branches of this Education Center.
Along with the work of the Education Center on the Teachings of Grigori Grabovoi, sub-license actions are also spread. In this case, a sub-license also entitles you to publish the materials and conduct training courses; moreover, any educational process should proceed only from the Training Program on the Teachings of Grigori Grabovoi.
And therefore, as I said, different forms of education should be considered conceptually. It is expedient to integrate different forms of education, well, such as the work of registered at the state level educational centers; the work of sub-licensees; the work of sub-licensees who work, for example, with the trademarks; well, as I said, the sub-licensees, who are engaged in the publication and conduction of training courses.
Taking into account that all the work on the realization of the Teachings on ensuring eternal life is conducted on the basis of the Training Program on the Teachings of Grigori Grabovoi, this Program unifies and to a certain extent standardizes the actions of the educational processes, well, because no matter what form of education is, the same original material from the Training Program is used. Therefore, it is important here that in any form of education there should be a reference to specific paragraphs and the name of the material from this Training Program. This standardization of the educational process will make it possible to train teachers in different parts of the world based on the unified Standard Program that ensures eternal life, and the teachers can move freely from one training center to another at will, where they like, and systematically, in a unified manner teach in any point of the world.
Well, in this regard, the Department for certification and professional development of teachers has been created in the Education Center. Alla Lysak is appointed the Head of the Department. Simultaneously this Center, is considering the issue on obtaining the distance education through the use of electronic access to the systems of distance training and testing.
Currently the team of teachers, coordinated by Alla Lysak, creates certification forms for remote testing options. As an example, Alla Lysak has already sent out tests that can be used on the 24 hours a day basis in the remote education via the internet. And on the Web platform of “GRIGORI GRABOVOI DOO” course for the organization of such a system of education has been almost completed.
This system of distance education should start working soon, where it will be possible to obtain certification remotely due to computer programs. Currently, a flash card with the entire Training Program in different languages is being organized. Now it has a description how you can pass the certification.
It is possible currently to obtain a certificate on a specific course due to writing an essay by submitting it remotely through a computer test program and passing the exam with a teacher. To ensure that the process on the education is fast, of course, we have to unite all the forms of certification. And depending on the level of the received certificate, the person, who received the certificate, can either teach at a licensed institution, or develop the teaching based on the sublicense way.
Well, in general, because now there is quite a sufficient number of teachers who work actively at a high professional level, the objective is to promote the work of the teachers for the creation of large classes with enough number of students. And this task, which is, in my opinion, should be the task of each member of the teaching process. Because in the modern possibilities and online versions, each of the teachers, who has created some accounts in social networks, can also promote his/ her educational functions simultaneously with the work of educational centers and sub-license organizations on promotion of the courses as well as join together to promote overall the materials of the Teachings around the world.
To do this, we can create a certain coordination uniting educational center, for example, on the basis of the same Education Center on the Training Program on the Teachings of Grigori Grabovoi that can be represented by all the organizations and individuals who spread the Teachings of Grigori Grabovoi specifically on the basis of the Training Program.
This will enable potential students to choose the closest geographic point for learning on the physical level and, accordingly, to choose some electronic access system for distance learning through a website.
Therefore, of course, the creation of distance education on a large number of websites is an expedient direction. On the basis of the web-based platform of “GRIGORI GRABOVOI DOO”, web site, we are currently planning a special page to enlist the teachers at places and time where they can teach. That is, the teacher can choose his /her language of teaching, time and place (the place is either the Internet platform or physical location) and just record the free convenient time, it will be possible to enter the name on the web-based platform as well as in different geographic locations simultaneously to the same time.
Such a platform is being set up and it is necessary to sign up through the administration of the Education Center. And the joint efforts of various teaching centers such as sublicense centers, teachers, for example, of the centers on the basis of the Education Center on the Training Program of Grigori Grabovoi should be conducted on the basis that educational plans should be built at the same time from the standpoint of controlling forecasting.
Currently the present employees of the Education Center, who are engaged in the coordinating and organizing issues of the Center work, Irina Mokrushin, Alla Lysak, held a certain kind of campaign to unite the efforts in the direction of the educational process planning and certification of this process.
Well, as the director of the Centre, I am also involved, of course, in coordinating this Center and providing it with educational materials, with the new materials. Therefore, any teacher, any sub-licensee, can always apply to this Education Center, to specify somehow, for example, his/ her teaching program. Because due to the large amount of materials for different languages of the Training Program it is expedient to ensure that sub-licensees teach some parts of the Program, some periods of the Program, which, if possible, would not overlap; in other words, one part of training, for example, is conducted by one sub-licensee, the second by anther sub-licensee and so on.
That is to say, due to the fact that the number of teachers is such that we can provide an opportunity to a potential student to take education so by periods with different sub-licensees, it is important here, for the first such period of education according to systemic level, that the sub-licensees tell exactly who will conduct this or another part from the Training Program. Well, in this case, I am talking mostly about the education in specific locations of work of sub-licensees, that is, at geographical locations, when persons wishing to receive full-time education throughout the course will be able to go systematically from one, for example, sub-licensee to another sub-licensee and receive the appropriate prolonged education based on the entire course.
And, of course, the objective of each sub-licensee is teaching all the training materials of the Training Program. And I believe that every sub-licensee shall endeavor to organize teaching of the whole Training Program locally, in the location where he/ she carries out the educational activities based on the Teachings. It is more important from the point of view that on the basis of the Educational Center on the Training Program on the Teachings of Grigori Grabovoi the University of Grigori Grabovoi is being created. And for the organization of the University in different countries it is important, when the conditions for full-time training will have been prepared in the regions.
For the purposes of the organization of the University in various regions, of course, it is important to be engaged in investment programs. Well, for this purpose, I believe, the sub-licensees could appoint employees specifically for these activities, who could do it systematically and consistently.
Currently, the classes based on the whole Training Program are held in the Education Center in Russian. And in the part where the materials are translated from Russian, the classes are planned in the languages that are available in the Training Program. Therefore, an important direction of the systemic education of all people in the world is the translation of the Training Program on the Teachings of Grigori Grabovoi first into the major languages of the world, well, and then into all the languages of the world.
Wherein the translation of the basic, the most active and popular materials can be done first, and then without fail, I believe, that all the materials of the Training Program shall be translated without exception. So we will be able by joint efforts to achieve the systemic education to ensure eternal life for all people, regardless of the language environment.
Well, I would like to thank (I’m now finishing my part of the communication, speech), I would like to thank all the organizers and participants of today’s open Web conference for quite a lot that has been already done in terms of getting such a progressive education on the Teachings, and to direct for the education expanding, to iterate the educational methods and ways.
For example, during the testing of the device of development of concentrations PRK-1U while using the materials of the Training Program of the Teachings of Grigori Grabovoi, we received a systemic result that the effectiveness on controlling systems, which have been as the objectives of the control in materials of the Program, significantly accelerate mastering of the Program.
Therefore, now, based on the sublicense agreement on the Training Program with PRK-1U, the possibility of accelerated learning based on the Training Program is provided. And I believe that such directions, the direction of this type, which use some technological systems in the form of, for example, devices, well, where different possibilities of modern civilization on distance education, for example, are used with the creation of remotely located centers with the effect of the presence of the teacher. Many companies around the world now provide this service. All the systems, all the technological achievements of modern civilization should be used to ensure that people are taught eternal life more intensively.
Therefore, I believe that it is advisable to join efforts in the realization of this direction in terms of planning, including the introduction of these newly determined, new educational structures in the future. Well, I finish my part of speech. Thanks a lot for your attention. You can ask some questions, but I will try to answer them in the planned collection of answers to the questions at the time of webinars. All the best to all.  Happy and eternal life to all.

The guidelines of the Teachings of Grigori Grabovoi

First, I put in my guidelines the need to proceed from an adequate system of reality control.  The adequacy is that currently there are many global destruction systems, and they can be external, such as from space. Therefore, the first element of each action is the system of salvation.  This is, for example, a system of salvation from a possible global catastrophe, but the salvation from the possible global catastrophe is such that, first of all, it is necessary to make it happen at the inner harmony of a person, and the person at the same time should be aware that he is free and nothing threats him.

That is to say, the development is such that you have harmony in each element completely with no depressed states in a joyous state of the Spirit. Since this is the system of real salvation and compulsory salvation, you act in the direction of universal creative development. Therefore, the guidelines of salvation from a possible global catastrophe, as well as the system of creative harmonious development, are the two systems that mutually intersect and often one comes from another; that is, as a rule, if there are some specific special technologies somewhere, you can see within the segments both the harmony and the element of instant salvation, or the system salvation.

Therefore, the guidelines of my Teachings are such, that here, above all, it is necessary to consider the interaction of the required element at the right time.  Hence, it is necessary to develop your spiritual state, your Spirit to the level for you to be indestructible and able always to save all.  Therefore, you have to consider the guidelines always together, although they are separated from the point of view of systemic approach.

The Teachings of Grigori Grabovoi

The system of salvation from a possible global catastrophe

In this system of salvation, I envisaged the possibility of real salvation based on one’s own Consciousness, when this salvation implies that you always follow the principle of salvation from a possible global catastrophe at the physical level and contribute to this development that principle that every element of your development will always include any action towards salvation.

As “from a possible global catastrophe” includes also personal characteristics, you must therefore build the structure of development and the structure of salvation in order to spread them to often invisible from the outside or invisible timely systems that could be disastrous for you personally.

In this connection, this system covers powerful layers of integration, integrated layers of information that connect you with the entire World. And you are in this world as an active participant. That is to say, it is the principle of your personal liberty.  When you control any process, you are free. The Creator gives you the freedom to be infinitely developed.  This is how the development is being arranged, that is when you have freedom you have infinite development.

The Teachings of Grigori Grabovoi

The Urgency the Teachings of Grigori Grabovoi

The urgency of the system of creative harmonious development is that you must first envisage the presence of the future in your development. And when you are looking at the future, the eternal development is an element of the future, as it is outlined by the Creator.  The eternal Creator gives eternal development; that is the postulate.

Therefore, you should be determined even in a specific moment of reality, that is, to offer the resistance, for example, to a possible global catastrophe or any particular disaster, and at the same time, feeling the harmony of any act of perception, i.e. joyfulness and confidence in the future, as well as consistency in the approach to your development.

In this connection, the level of your development is first and foremost a recognition of the need to connect the harmony and the instant reaction to any system that can happen even in the future.  Because the true level of salvation is to prevent the destruction and achieve full salvation due to the development of your own ideology, by increasing your development parameters, due to the fact that you will have eternal development in harmony.

Therefore, the urgency is that you have creation as a development tool, and this tool urges you to a larger system of development.  With this tool, you can also transfer the development to all the elements of the reality.

The Network Method of Control in Eternity

The Teachings of Grigori Grabovoi about God.

The Network Method of Control in Eternity.

When you work with eternity objects, it is important to be able to lean against many elements. Then you will be able to choose the required access point and change it, or combine such points to form a more powerful control impulse. In this case, you should build dynamic supporting areas in front of the area where you plan to apply control. You should preliminary put the objective of control in each of these areas. Further, when you use this method, you should create in your consciousness silvery-white bars of light coming from your physical body to the supporting areas of control that you have built. Moving these areas mentally, you will be able to observe at the spiritual level, how the object of eternity yields to your control. As there are a lot of supporting areas in this technology and they have high speeds, the events that implement the objective of control may occur, but, at the same time, it may be unclear what supporting areas have formed the events. It seems a miracle. Altogether, there are many situations in eternity where favorable events develop as if miraculously. The objective of control in this case is to try to understand what actions have resulted in the implementation of the events.  Since the technology of eternal life implies consistency in achieving goals, you should always understand what controls and supporting systems created the event. The Creator by producing an event in the future or in the past provides the current time.  When you implement control in the form of networks, which consist of supporting areas of the information of eternity, you have to control your information from the moment of your birth, and then from the moment of conception. Then you will be able to observe that there is an infinite amount of information about you, and eternal life with this method is just constant perception of this information. The same refers to others. In eternal life technologies, make an effort to combine, in the same space of thinking, your exploratory highly intellectual premise with the spirit that is in a contemplating – controlling state. Thus, you will be able to overlay the diversified network control constructions, in which you have to perceive all the movements of the supporting areas, on a serene spiritual state that realizes eternal life.

 Grigori Grabovoi created the text of “The Teachings of Grigori Grabovoi about God. The Network Method of Control in Eternity.” on June 8, 2015.

Учение Григория Грабового о Боге.

Сетевой метод управления в вечности

При работе с объектами вечности важно иметь возможность опираться на многие элементы. Тогда Вы можете выбрать нужную точку доступа и менять её, или объединять такие точки для формирования более мощного импульса управления. В этом случае надо перед областью, к которой Вы планируете применить управление, построить динамичные опорные области. В каждую из этих областей требуется предварительно заложить цель управления. Дальше при использовании этого метода  Вы создаёте в своём сознании серебристо-белого цвета отрезки света, идущие от Вашего физического тела к построенным Вами опорным областями управления. Мысленно перемещая эти области, Вы сможете на духовном уровне наблюдать, как объект вечности поддаётся Вашему управлению. Так как опорных областей управления в этой технологии много и они обладают высокими скоростями, то могут происходить события, реализующие цель управления, но при этом сразу не прослеживаются, из каких опорных областей сформировались события. Возникает впечатление чуда. Вообще говоря, в вечности много ситуаций, когда благоприятные события складываются как бы чудесным образом. Задачей управления в этих случаях является постараться разобраться, какие действия явились причиной реализации событий. Так как технология вечной жизни подразумевает системность в достижении целей, поэтому всегда нужно понимать, из каких управлений и опорных систем создано событие. Создатель, воспроизводя событие в будущем или в прошлом, обеспечивает текущее время. При формировании управления в виде сетей, состоящих из опорных областей информации вечности, нужно контролировать свою информацию от момента Вашего рождения и затем от мига зачатия. Вы сможете тогда наблюдать, что информации о Вас бесконечное количество, и вечная жизнь при данном методе лишь постоянное восприятие этой информации. То же самое и в отношении других. В технологиях вечной жизни старайтесь, чтобы Ваш исследовательский, высокоинтеллектуальный посыл совмещался в одном пространстве мышления с духом, находящимся в созерцающе-управляющем состоянии. Так Вы сможете многообразные сетевые конструкции управления, при которых нужно воспринимать все перемещения опорных областей, спроецировать на спокойное духовное состояние, реализующее вечную жизнь.

Текст «Учение Григория Грабового о Боге. Сетевой метод управления в вечности» Григорий Грабовой создал 08 июня 2015 года.

The Technology of Eternal Life

The Teachings of Grigori Grabovoi about God.

The Technology of Eternal Life.

 All should live eternally. Accordingly, everyone has to master the knowledge of how to live eternally.  For this, we have to introduce the technology of eternal life everywhere.  The eternal Creator forms the eternal. Any education should include knowledge that ensures eternal life. We think about the eternal because we can live eternally.  The perceived idea of eternal life includes the technology to achieve it. Regard your thought from an infinitely distant state and you will see yourself as if in a magnifying mirror. Create sharply a light beam in your perception and you will once again understand and believe that eternal life in one physical body is achievable.  From the start point of this beam, approach your physical body infinitely close with your consciousness. You will see that eternity is inseparable from you.  The task is to maintain and strengthen such structure of thought in any actions, and then since this point you will be provided with the technology of eternal life. The spirit that possesses the property of universality will create your creative capabilities that will enable you to master eternal life quickly.  The soul will reveal the path to be able to live eternally in all circumstances. The inner harmony with yourself originates from the knowledge of what is happening in terms of the realization of eternal life.  On a harmonious wave, combine the information about the eternal life of the body, mind, soul and spirit, and you will pass the light of the knowledge of eternal life to all. This will prove that you, by realizing eternal life, will have its eternal future, because you will find that such knowledge brightened by eternity will necessarily become universal, which means that at the same time this knowledge, advanced by the experiences of others, will become yours again. By getting the following systemic and new knowledge that ensures eternal life, you are helping to master eternal life even more people whose number becomes infinite. With such combined technology of eternal life and force, you can surely achieve eternal life for all people and all living in general.

Grigori Grabovoi created the text of “The Teachings of Grigori Grabovoi about God. The Technology of Eternal Life.” on June 5, 2015.

Учение Григория Грабового о Боге.

Технология вечной жизни

 Вечно жить должны все. Соответственно, знания о том, как жить вечно, необходимо освоить каждому. Для этого всюду нужно внедрить технологию вечной жизни. Создатель вечный образует вечное. Любое образование должно включать в себя знания, обеспечивающие вечную жизнь. Мы мыслим о вечном потому, что способны вечно жить. Воспринятая мысль о вечной жизни включает в себя технологию её достижения. Рассмотрите свою мысль с бесконечно далёкого состояния, и Вы увидите себя как в увеличивающем зеркале. Резко создайте  световой луч в своём восприятии, и Вы в очередной раз поймёте и уверуете, что вечная жизнь в одном физическом теле достижима. С точки начала этого луча  приблизьтесь сознанием к своему физическому телу бесконечно близко. Вы рассмотрите,  что вечность неотделима от Вас. Задача – сохранять и наращивать такую структуру мысли в любых действиях, тогда с этого момента Вы будете обеспечены технологией вечной жизни. Дух, обладающий свойством всеобщности, создаст Ваши творческие возможности, позволяющие быстрее освоить вечную жизнь. Душа покажет путь уметь жить вечно при любых обстоятельствах. Внутренняя гармония с собой возникает от знания того, что происходит с точки зрения реализации вечной жизни. Соедините на гармоничной волне информацию о вечной жизни тела, сознания, души и духа, и Вы передадите свет знаний вечной жизни всем. Это докажет, что Вы, реализовывая вечную жизнь, будете иметь её вечное будущее, так как увидите, что такие осветлённые вечностью знания обязательно станут всеобщими, а  значит одновременно снова Вашими, расширенными опытом других. Получая следующие системные и новые знания, обеспечивающие вечную жизнь, Вы помогаете освоить вечную жизнь  всё большему количеству людей, переходящему в бесконечную величину. Такой объединённой технологией вечной жизни силой наверняка можно достичь вечной жизни для всех людей и вообще всех живущих.

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The Method of Acceleration of Thinking in Eternity

The Teachings of Grigori Grabovoi about God.

The Method of Acceleration of Thinking in Eternity

Eternal life often necessitates accelerated thinking because it is necessary to process a lot of information. When you work with information, it is possible, in these cases, to perceive the trace of information that differs from the information by more gray tones and a final volume.  However, you can de-archive the trace of information, and, due to the areas opening in the process of de-archiving, increase the speed of thinking up to an infinite value. Then a thought and a wish can become a reality even before they occur. Therefore, in super-speeds, you have to be able to understand what kind of thought or wish might arise, and only if you are satisfied with them let them occur.  The distinctiveness of the work with the spirit in the conditions of eternity is that you need to perceive simultaneously many spiritual states in one current state. The spirit meets itself.  The Creator sees himself from the future being it. The soul in eternity is completely harmonious, because it is eternal. Tune in to cognition and the state of soul in eternity, and then the speed of your thinking can always reach the required value, which provides eternal life.  Be aware of thinking as of an inexhaustible source of eternal life, and then nobody will be able to resist life, because all the objects of information have thought or what is similar to thought.  Create live eternity by the fact that your thought could be beyond eternity.

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Учение Григория Грабового о Боге.

Метод ускорения мышления в вечности

 Вечная жизнь обуславливает необходимость часто ускоренно мыслить в связи с тем, что нужно обработать много информации. При работе с информацией можно в этих случаях воспринимать след информации, отличающийся от информации тем, что он имеет больше серых тонов и конечный объем. Однако след информации можно разархивировать и за счёт раскрывающихся в процессе разархивации областей, увеличить скорость мышления вплоть до бесконечной величины. Тогда мысль и желание могут становиться реальностью ещё до их проявления. В сверхскоростях поэтому нужно уметь понимать, какая может возникнуть мысль или какое желание, и только если они устраивают Вас, нужно отпускать их на проявление. Своеобразность работы духом в условиях вечности заключается в том, что нужно одновременно воспринимать много духовных состояний в одном текущем. Дух встречается с самим собой. Создатель видит себя из будущего, являясь им. Душа в вечности абсолютно гармонична, ибо она вечна. Настройтесь на познание и состояние души в вечности, и тогда скорость Вашего мышления всегда может достигать необходимой величины, обеспечивающей вечную жизнь. Осознавайте мышление как неиссякаемый источник вечной жизни, тогда ей никто не сможет сопротивляться, так как мысль или то, что подобно мысли, есть у всех объектов информации. Оживотворяйте вечность тем, что Ваша мысль может быть и за вечностью. 

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Striving for Truth with the Diversity of Eternity

The Teachings of Grigori Grabovoi about God.

Striving for Truth with the Diversity of Eternity

There is an unlimited variety of areas in eternity where events occur at the same time. Having perceived several light volumes of event, you can see that the events are connected with your body, heart work, with your soul. Try to feel the connection lines going from events to you. A dynamic information that contains the truth of each event emerges between the lines.  The essence of all the events is in you.  The creator cognizes the event simultaneously with their creation, and the thought about infinity, which originates from eternity that has already been created, is the criterion of eternity.  Push off with your consciousness against the reality of eternity and you will understand that the truth, in every perceived event, is born in the spirit that covers them.

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Учение Григория Грабового о Боге.

Стремление к истине при многообразии вечности

В вечности неограниченное множество областей, в которых одновременно происходят события. Восприняв несколько световых объёмов событий, можно рассмотреть, что события связаны с Вашим телом, работой сердца, с Вашей душой. Постарайтесь ощутить линии связи, идущие от событий к Вам. Между линиями появляется динамичная информация, содержащая истину каждого события. Сущность же всех событий находится в Вас. Создатель познаёт события одновременно с их созданием, и критерием вечности для него является мысль о бесконечности, берущая начало от вечности, уже созданной. Оттолкнитесь своим сознанием от реальности вечности, и Вы поймёте, что истина в каждом воспринятом событии рождается в духе, который охватывает их.

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