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April 16, 2018. Press conference.


April 16, 2018. Press conference.

The speech of the lawyer of Grigori Grabovoi, Mikhail Trepashkin

Trepashkin M.I.: – I once again thank all those who have come to the press conference. And I would like to inform you that the main reason for this press conference is that on April 11, 2018 the Presidium of the Supreme Court of the Russian Federation abolished 26 decisions on the case of Grigori Petrovich Grabovoi, by which he was detained for a long time, I emphasize again, was held for long time in custody. At first, the European Court found this unjustified, it issued this decision last year, it was a pilot decision, and on the basis of this very decision of the European Court the Presidium of the Supreme Court of the Russian Federation has passed a resolution.

I just want to say that they take it purely mechanically, they do not list all the grounds on which the persons were taken into custody, that is, I wanted to say that there was not, in fact, reported that they could hide, run away, and so on. They just (this is the decision of the European Court of Justice) list the same decisions, cancel them and that’s all. This is the decision that was made.

So, for now the European Court has singled out only according to the fifth article, that is, this is illegal detention for a long time, the rest is not yet considered. The complaint was a big one and was submitted a very long time ago and according to the sixth article and according to a number of other articles. They singled out only the fifth article so far, they asked to make the statement again, as if in a new form, and on the basis of it they decided.

I would like to say that we have one more reason, because in April 2018, from April 2018, Grigori Petrovich Grabovoi is considered to be not convicted, that is, his conviction has been repaid, that is, from now on he is considered as if not convicted.

This is another reason why we gathered the press conference. I would like to draw attention to the fact that, for some reason, the media are obsessed with such a biased accusation, with the person’s blackening. It was happening from the very beginning, and now they write that Grigori Petrovich deceived the mothers of Beslan.

Since I, as a lawyer in the criminal case, would like to ask to give this information, taking into account the opportunity to present this information, that according to the materials of the criminal case none of the mothers of Beslan was listed as a victim. Moreover, all the publications that say that there were interlocutors who came to Ossetia, there were negotiations and so on, – their surnames are not established, – it’s just someone letting the rumor out, and this is what I call that someone said somewhere, “some granny said somewhere”. And the rumor spread, it did not correspond to reality. And we intend, if such information is disseminated, to sue those who write that the mothers of Beslan were deceived. Because this is a serious question, this slander essentially affects the interests, and even contains a certain threat, that is, spread defamation that does not correspond to reality, which then can turn into not good, so to say, actions of some kind.

Now regarding the expressions such as a “sect” and so on. I, too, would like to touch upon this issue, because many people say: “What kind of the Teachings it is?”, and so on.

I, as a lawyer, take only the criminal part. I defended the anti-fascists, I was not interested in their particular theory, I defended those persons who were regarded as nationalists by the Russians, I did not particularly consider their teachings either, because I am primarily interested in the criminal law. If a person is accused to what extent does it correspond to … well, whether he actually violated, or did not violate, and if there is lawlessness, or not. Only the criminal part.

I can say at once that Grigori Grabovoi was pursued absolutely illegally throughout this time, and the term he was serving is clearly illegal. Illegal.

I think that the court of Bereznikovsky, which was considering the petition for grant of parole once, paid attention to this. Because the representatives of the prison were against it. As usually, there was something forged before the person had to submit a petition for grant of parole, that he had a punishment there, they found some object that should have not been kept, and so on. The prosecutor’s office of Bereznikovsky was also against, but nevertheless the judge made a decision that, as they say, that he could have been granted parole and released. The term for the criminal record cancellation is counted from the date of the release on parole. Therefore, it was in April 2010, the deadline is now expiring. They impose here such a point. Why do I say “illegally”, sometimes they also say “all are considered illegal” and so on, and I again rely on the materials of the case, not the way to ascertain the fact, but the rest.

If it were not for the sign “organized criminal group”, which was attributed to Grigori Petrovich, even if there were several of these episodes, he would have not been even imprisoned.

In an organized group, as is known, there are two or more persons. And now I remember when the issue was being decided in the Supreme Court. I said, “Well, look, all the persons who were, were identified, there were no unidentified persons, all are identified. In all cases, criminal cases have been dismissed for lack of corpus delicti, I emphasize. How can you accuse of the organized group, this sign should be removed. If this sign is removed, he is automatically released and is innocent … And yet, I returned a little bit again to the criminal part.  

As for the theory. As I understand, the meaning here is such that Grigori Petrovich, he … On the basis of a conversation with some persons engaged in science in the field of physics, they say he just stood up for those technologies of information transfer, which had not been yet comprehended by science. In fact, once, long ago, we would have never thought either, well not we, to be more precise, but human never thought, that it had been possible to transfer the same teleimage, moreover color, at a distance. Any person could be recognized: “yes it’s not that.”

So physicists explain that Grigori Petrovich has risen to some other one, he comprehends some, or has embarked on the path to comprehend the new … as the transmission of information, proceeding even from the publication. I’m not a great specialist, but based on the publication.

After all, it has been already established that when a person dies, his weight decreases, that is, the Soul has weight. No one denies this. It has already been established that a thought is material, because even if a person stands at a distance, he feels that someone is looking at him. But after all, the content of this transmission of this information is not yet discovered, and after all it is possible then, if it is revealed, it is possible to influence it in some way. Well, people can talk, as they say, silently. That is, here’s about some of these technologies. And well, many, many such others.

For example, why are there some natural phenomena in the spring, and some other are in the fall? Isn’t it the same light that flies from there, is just the code to launch a certain life? We just have to think about this, it’s quite explicable, quite understandable.

Why do the Russia Orthodox Church and many others call it a sect and so on? Because it is not profitable for them. It is now proved by science, maybe I will again refer only to the media, that a person, when he prays, his brains are turned off. And mostly those people come to the church who are burdened with some problems, and when he prays, if they say that at this time the brain does not work, that is, there is unloading, he relaxes, that is why they go to church. But you can not abuse this too, because if you turn off too often, people no longer think about science and do not think about comprehending some phenomena. Therefore, they do not want, I understand that first of all the Russia Orthodox Church and others, do not want people to think more about science, about the movement of society forward, about comprehension of the same technologies and so on, so they come up against it.

When I watched the broadcasts, when they again came up against him, that there was a sect, there was something else, everything, but nobody said specifically, for some reason… I had more impression that these were more “demons in cassocks” than people who really serve spirituality and so on.

Perhaps, that’s all I have. The main information, I will sum up the results again.

The first thing is that twenty-six resolutions have been canceled. This indicates that the reverse process has already started, and it proves that Grigori Petrovich was illegally, illegally detained.

The second point is this, since April 2018, it is not allowed to write anywhere that he was convicted, he is not convicted.

Well, the third question, which is the most important, that the case nowhere includes the mothers of Beslan as victims. Grigori Petrovich had not been to the Caucasus, he did not talk to anyone and promised no one that he would raise the children. These are the questions.


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