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Technique “Gouache” of the works “Manifestation of Eternity”

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The technique of “Gouache”, given on pages  84 -168 of the second volume, makes it possible to create a picture with the use of dense saturated colors, showing the equality of the eternity, manifested in the geographic position and eternity, created with the help of thinking, thus, revealing the existence of eternity by means of consciousness. The main properties of gouache are good coating ability and non-transparency, so that it is possible to colour dark tones with the light ones and make a light present and future of the eternity. The technique of using the clairvoyance is applied here in such a manner that there is the eternal reality behind the colored elements of the images, which exists in the initial impulse, determining the whole reality. This allows the understanding that any actions, including the initial one, of the person and of all alive beings, contain the eternity, embedded in the specific impulse of this initial activity. The action, produced for the purpose of eternity, always realizes the eternity. The possibility of figurative perception of the action, expressed in the images, showing the eternity, develops the ability of controlled clairvoyance. That is why the perception of images develops this ability.

Upon the consecutive perceiving of images from two volumes of the works of “Manifestation of Eternity” one may feel the history of development of these images, leading to the eternity mastery. There appears a comprehension that the main essence of life consists in its eternity, connecting with the eternity, which comes from the perceivable image.


Technique “Aquarelle” of the works “Manifestation of Eternity”

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“Aquarelle” paintings from pages 18 – 83 of the second volume, the essence of which lies in the light, reflected on paper, and passing through the transparent layers of colors, were created by me in such a manner, that I used my clairvoyance in the sphere of simultaneous perception of the reflected light and the light of eternal reality. Therefore, I have chosen the plots with the images, containing the dynamic eternity, becoming a substance and merging with the person, perceiving it while looking at the image. My recommendation here is to look thoughtfully at certain pictures, which captured the eternal attention. The simplicity of the watercolour technique, when you just need to be able to correlate between the quantity of water and color at the brush and paper, simultaneously allows the understanding the universal harmony, directed at the reproduction of the beauty of actions. The inner beauty of the world is the source of its perceivable eternity. The aquarelle technique is easy as no efforts are seen in this art. The eternal life may be easily reached, it is necessary to start treating it like a process, which is similar with arts in some cases. Such perception can be elaborated upon looking at the works of “Manifestation of Eternity”. It is essential that the place of location of the eternity, manifested in the physical space, is fixed through my clairvoyance with the help of graphic arts. Using the controlled clairvoyance, I created the elements of images, each of which secures the events of eternity without their fixation at a certain place, but only by means of thinking.

Technique “Pastel” of the works “Manifestation of Eternity”

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As for the technique “Pastel”, given on pages 101 -197 of the first volume, and combining the potential graphic arts and painting, I, with the help of clairvoyance, realized the presence of life in every line of the time, presented in various forms. The form, reflecting the contents of time, is revealed in the eternity. Pastel colors, with their soft silky lines and blurred edges, give us the knowledge on the organization of the life processes from the life itself, thus, making the self-contained eternity. Background colour of the paper, showing through the drawing, intensifies the colour effect, adding to the light. The background in human consciousness makes it possible to perceive the stable and persistent future of the eternity. Having used the clairvoyance, I applied only those colors of physical space, shown in the pictures, which, in combination with the technique “Pastel” and manifested areas of eternity in the space, could produce the events, securing the eternity for the physical body. The peculiarity of pastel, consisting in special “flicking” of colours, gives an insight into the fact that the development of human mind prior to the eternity is mainly the act of careful thinking with the perception of light, and nothing more.

Technique “Linoleum Engraving” of the works “Manifestation of Eternity”

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The technique of “Linoleum Engraving”, described on pages 59 – 100 of the first volume the works of “Manifestation of Eternity”, reveals the expressiveness and sharp contrasts of black and white, thus, allowing the highlight of information shades, related to the eternity. In addition, rich and picturesque lines, achieved with the help of material softness, illustrate that contrast, merging with the roughness and gray tones, produces soft life forms. Contrast is like imprinted eternity, which makes it possible to experience the mechanism of capturing the entire world with the eternity. The parts of eternity, found by me in the pictures, overlapping the celestial eternity, the eternity from the Creator, allow learning through the image of the mind frames, bringing the eternal life into existence.

Technique “Pen and Ink” of the works “Manifestation of Eternity”

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The perception of pictures in the “Pen and Ink” technique, which is given on pages 18 – 58 of the first volume the works of “Manifestation of Eternity”, where the lines and hatching serve as the main elements of the image, allows the perception of the overlap of static and dynamic reality waves, produced by the eternity. When looking at such images we gain the deep and internal structure of the eternity, standing for the outline method of performance and the ornately shaped nature of lines. As the edge of the pen is always solid, the transition from the eternity, visualized in lines, to the eternity in space without any lines, takes place at the level of mind, thus, allowing the extrapolation of the eternity to life by means of picture perception, effectively bringing the events into existence, providing the eternal life. The integration of such “Pen and Ink” technique with the image space, related to a certain geographical area, where I was able to determine the areas of natural eternity with the help of my clairvoyance ability, makes it possible to master the eternity technique with the reinforcement of learning in the mind.