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The work «Extraterrestrial. Doomsday is not going to happen»


Verity of deliverance is inside the essentiality of each of us. We choose the way which we define by ourselves. Because the way which is chosen by us is our way indeed.   And we are moving for deliverance towards the direction where a light of our and external sensorium sets. Deliverance external is just an inner salvation. We unite with our love everything around us. And when those close to us and the outside world see that love world become unconditionally saved. Therefore first way of salvation is the love. And either conversations, either information on end of the world are to be given over to the fact that it is no any doomsday because a light as well as life is endless so as development of the earth and of all the universe and world by itself are continuous. Essence of continuous by itself derives the world eternity, eternity of living and eternity of each person’s life. Life of each person is enveloped with eternity whether he does not suspect when he touches it at the moment of his birth.

Each moment in life and each twinkling carries very strong element of becoming familiar with eternal evolution structure. When you start to see it you may train techniques of this evolution which for sure will save you if any catastrophe, cataclysm and problem of inner or outer cause may be. Therefore survival of your is mandatory.


Section «Control»


I see sociology program in my Teachings as a subject area close to all the people, which involves not only political or economic processes but also interpersonal relations that are of great importance to determine the correct orientation in the community according to the principle of self-rebirth, according to the principle of salvation, the principle of eternal life. Therefore, when I consider sociological knowledge and teach everyone how to learn that knowledge, I first consider that any relationship, any action of any individual and any action of the society, should be harmonized. When this harmony comes in your mind and you see these connection at the level of your Soul structure, then you first learn your Soul and see how your connections are related to another person, or your affairs are related to common ideology in the society, or how they affect the nature, and how you understand the tasks of your development. Therefore, virtually everyone can participate in the lectures on sociology: any specialist and every citizen, and it is not necessarily that the lectures are built on any particular areas. First, as many connections as possible are accounted. As for the essence of those connections that are defined by the Creator for their absolutely rigid understanding, because right now, when there is a possibility of global annihilation, for example, from the level of nuclear structures, which are reproduced by the intellectual work of man, for the first time, there is a task, which should resolve this issue exactly according to the principle, so that teaching and sociological, above all, connections were built in such a way that it would not be possible to destroy the planet, for a start, let’s say. When we talk about sociology in its future development then, when the issues of non-destruction are resolved, those questions would relate to the same levels of connection but in orientation to the new tasks that will be facing the society and people; in other words, the knowledge I give on sociology, is in fact largely independent from the time interval of development of people, because it relates to those principles, which are eternal and actually are coming exactly from the Creator. This is the path that the Creator revealed, and the path that should be developed by each one individually and all together. Well, this way is based on principles that can be observed by you, or may be on the principles that are not completely available in your Consciousness, shall we say, but these principles should always be. Moreover, the development of the society according to my Teachings should be. You distribute information in your development so that you virtually get control of every situation, even if you do not have, shall we say, full information about this situation. Therefore, when events begin to evolve quickly enough, you are able to control without considering all the events in a row.