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The instrumentation of eternal life

The instrumentation of eternal life should take into account the availability of features of the future time in the device functions. And these functions, they can be distributed as the action of the future time into any current event, since any current event with a high instantaneous speed passes into the future, into the next event.

It is important to note that these devices must operate by functions eternal time. For example, the number of times of use of device PRK-1U is not limited: each time the next control increases and the next level of abilities develops. And this element of such unrestricted use is instantaneous transition from the current to the future time. Considering this principle of instantaneousness, we can find another source of energy for such devices, for such equipment.

An important characteristic of such devices is the systematic action of the device. According to the current practice of using PRK-1U, in each case we received proofs of functionality during the testing, that is, it shows that the device is adapted to human Consciousness.

And in this regard, the functions of these devices have to implement such a thing as the controllability of the device through controlling clairvoyance, through human consciousness. That is, this is exactly the adaptation of the device to Consciousness that makes it possible to implement complete control over the device what creates the safety of this type of equipment.

Man, any living creatures have a certain contacability with the structure of eternal life. In someone, these structures are highly open, then the person is the one living forever; someone is just starting to develop them, it is necessary to help him in this case. The device while working with this matter of eternal life actually makes it visualized.

Man through spiritual action, through the action of Consciousness begins to see the contact with this matter, which is generated in the device. According to the practice of use of device PRK-1U various sensations appear at the level of perception: the future systems of events. The fact that the future events occur, and it is possible to normalize them at the same time is natural, because the matter of eternal life contains the structure of the future.

And it turns out that a person who sees it, is opening his own, which have already been in him, which have been previously in him, capabilities to realize the matter of eternal life, but with the device he is doing it faster. And when the mechanism of such contact is known, the man will be able not to forget it, because the concentrations of eternal life are eternal.

March 30, 2016  Grigori Grabovoi. Methods of use of device of development of concentrations of Grigori Grabovoi PRK-1U


Methods of concentration

IMG_2466Your soul is a created structure; your soul is a recreated structure. Watch how your soul is being created, watch, how it is being recreated. Your Soul is in the act of recreation, open your world and look, where the Creator has recreated him himself, look at the mechanism of recreation and you will see love. Love is the thing, which brings light to the world. Love is the thing on which the world is being built. Love is the thing that always exists and had initially been. Look at that one who created love and you will see you. Love belonging to you it is you belonging to love. Build with love, build with welfare, and build with a great joy of universal life and universal happiness and you will be able to see that joy which is seen by everyone who is around you. See the joy of those who are around you and your heart will be filled with happiness. Be in happiness; be in harmony and this happiness will bring you eternity. Look with your eternal eyes, look with your eternal body, and look with your eternal look at your relatives and grant them Eternity.   Look with your Eternity at all people and grant them Eternity. Look with your eternity at the entire World, at your entire environment and grant them Eternity. The World will blossom and a flower, which blossoms eternally, will appear. This flower will be your World, which is the World of everyone. And you will live and your happiness will be endless.

Method of control by means of color

In accordance with the Teachings of Grigori Grabovoi “On Salvation and Harmonious Development” one can spread the Light of Consciousness on the luminous imagination of any object of the world and thus to control events.

The next method consists in control by means of a color. That is to say the color, which you perceive within the structure of your Conscience, is a controlling thing; and the meaning of the method is as follows: you chose a color which you like most of all at the moment, – it is desirable that the color is of a light tint, – the chosen color you refer to the Teachings “On Salvation and Harmonious Development” and then by work with any other color around this color you implement control. That is to say the meaning of this control is rather simple; it just consists in going over colors which cover the controlling area. That is to say if you want to exercise control of events, the outer color should cover the area of the event as if it is some external glow, and it should always relate to the color, which corresponds exactly to the level of my Teachings “On Salvation and Harmonious Development”, and in other words, first of all, to the level of prevention of possible global catastrophes and guaranteeing harmonious development.

When we speak about guaranteeing harmonious development we mean exactly guaranteeing eternal, so to speak, development. Thus the concept of color characterizes in the most harmonious way the structure of Consciousness exactly by eternal development, therefore the Light of Consciousness, which interacts with the light of external reality in control through color, at once possesses increasingly the nature of spiritual control; in other words you exercise control increasingly by means of your Spirit, because this is exactly the Spirit that characterizes, well, position just of infinity in control, that is of immediate maximal access, and when you control by means of color, exactly this position is evidently revealed most of all in the characteristics of the color itself in your Consciousness, because in Consciousness just color is characterized so to speak by infinity. When you speak about a color, you imagine just a characteristic, that is infinity, therefore control by color is simultaneously a superfast level of control, and therefore, in order to prevent possible global catastrophe you may actually act immediately by means of control through color.

The Irrational Methods of Prevention of Global Catastrophic Processes, Representing a Threat to the Entire World

The Structuring of Consciousness according to my system of salvation is a science.

I have such a course that is called “Structuring of Consciousness according to the system of salvation from disasters and according to the system of harmonious development”. In this case, your consciousness is considered as a controlling system. In terms of optics, it is simple enough to understand. When you have an event in your perception in the form of an optical system, this is what for example, the sensory principle of control or, shall we say, influence is built on, any optical phenomenon according to the system of universal connections is linked to any other. Therefore your task is to restructure this optical phenomenon, in fact, determine the desired event, for example, rescue from a disaster, you will in any way change the structure of your Consciousness and get the Control …

… That is to say, you have to understand that we are talking about the structuring of Consciousness; therefore, you can use this structuring at the practical level where you want it. As a matter of principle, if we speak about the principle of information, then each object of information can be equal. This is one of the laws of information distributions. Then it turns out that you can, while being elsewhere, through the Consciousness control in order to avoid, let us say, a nuclear explosion, a disaster. Actually, the course of salvation, which I am delivering now, is based on the fact that each of you receives a rescue tool that can be reproduced by you personally. It is a set of technologies.

Grigori Grabovoi.

The Irrational Methods of Prevention of Global Catastrophic Processes, Representing a Threat to the Entire World.”

Applied structures of the creating field of information

Axiomatization of the principles of salvation is based upon the compatibility of conditioned or unconditioned relations of a timeless interval. The laws of the world order implemented in specific results of salvation are described in this paper as practical mechanisms of salvation.

List of laws of the world order:

  • The criteria for object identity are separated from the objects of identification by the spatial relationship between the past and the future.
  • Invariance (invariability of the initial area of the object under transformations) of temporary forms is reflected in the primary component of the relations between objects.
  • The space defines the secondary structure of consciousness in relation to the primary structure of the range of motion.
  • The criterion is the relationship of the laws with the boundary determined in recognizing external, with respect to the point of perception, environment.

The axioms of the world order:

  • The reality of consciousness in recognizing the object of perception.
  • The motion has a vector (directed) nature only for limited areas of the perceived world.
  • Status of axiomativeness is, at the same time, a method of archiving the learneed knowledge for working the methods of developing salvation. practice knowledge.

The postulates of the world order:

  • Reality is a connection between consciousness and life form.
  • The concept of reality is a property of consciousness to transform knowledge.
  • The actuallity is different from the reality by the level of descriptive approach to the principles of understanding consciousness perception.

The discovery of the laws of physical reality, the analog projection of the laws of consciousness

Практика 2

My practical work on applying your clairvoyance, presented in records and testimonies of the three-volume work” The Practice of Management. The Way of Salvation” proves that a it is possible to get information about the past, the present and the future via clairvoyance. Considering consciousness as a structure consisting of a field relevant to a man and a field projected into different time and space, we can define the laws of dynamics of these area during the session of clairvoyance. In fact, the projection area of ​​consciousness is a matter possessing the function of relocation in any space-time continuum. Considering that at relocations of the projection component of consciousness in the field of consciousness related to a man, there appears the information corresponding to the projection part, you can define the laws of the dynamics of the consciousness components.

F(P)=G +V(G) / V(P)

where F (P) – function F, of the consciousness projective components;

F, G – consciousness component related to a man;

V (G) – change in volume of V shape of information corresponding to G;

V (P) – change in volume of V shape of information corresponding to P.

Knowing that the differences in the relocations of the consciousness projection components form the of from the physical body relocations are in the time vector difference in relation to the single-type processes, we can construct physical objects able to move in any area of the ​​past and the future.

Thus, knowing the laws of consciousness transformation we can receive the laws of transforming physical reality via an analog projection.



Human consciousness is infinite. We have for the sake of eternal life to be able to expand it by means of creative thinking under the certain laws that are explicitly or implicitly manifested in the book.

In sudden, creatively controlled transition of perception from one image to the obviously not associated other it can be found out an information that provides eternal life, and the corresponding development of the spirit built on the willingness of the target to the control of eternal life perception of any images.

Unexpected narrative passages exhibit events of eternity, which are expressed by reality diversity that allows thinking to manage it.

Creator formed the control thought created the events right for eternal life with any object of reality and perception, has the knowledge, guaranteeing him eternal life.

Methods of concentration on the grouped days of the month. Series of lectures.

Methods of concentration on the grouped days of the month_

In the collection in an accessible form the relationship between the various objects of the external physical reality and the informational objects in the form of thoughts are explained. The way the material is presented allows the reader to comprehend the laws of interrelations of the reality based on the practical results obtained during the process of mastering of the proposed methods of concentration. Specific recommendations given in the text, which help the reader to take the path of conscious action at concentrations, allow you to do multiple analyses of concentration, understand the essence and the harmony of the relations of the surrounding world. The integration of different types of concentration leads the reader to the concept of optical level of perception that is identification of this concept with the level of thinking as an optical image… This book is for those who aspire to discover the world of love and are ready to give a helping hand to all who need it.

     The success of the use of the methods is in the ideology of the Teachings of Grigori Grabovoi, aimed at the salvation of everybody from the catastrophe of any level. The given methods are simple and accessible to all the people.

The Science of Grigori Grabovoi

The Science of Grigori Grabovoi

In my description, science is a structure that should make it possible to address the tasks of salvation and harmonious development. In this connection, in science, I highlight methods, which allow based on personal spiritual practices of each scientist or researcher to be engaged in science in that manifestation, in which the science is beginning to work as a controlling environment. Therefore, I teach scientific methods based on that how based on one’s own soul mind of one’s own Consciousness to be able to build the development of models, for example, physical mathematical models. Moreover, teaching occurs in such a way that having considered a process, for example, in medicine, or physics, or mathematics, I teach person to tune himself spiritually or directly with the Soul to that, that needs to be done in this area to get exactly the result of salvation. That is, either it will be the known science, or it will be an entirely new created science. However, man learns, first, spiritual control. That is how from the principles of his Soul, that has a connection with all of the elements of the world, the original level from the Creator, how he should build the entire following science, all the following studies. In this case, the science is not contradictory. It is based on one’s Soul and so it does not lead to destruction, but only to creation. All of these methods make it possible for a person to talk quite practically about the way to do this if an element of Consciousness is a scientific work, for example, then the following element of Consciousness is the task, for example, of salvation. The third element of Consciousness are connections that are due to be made.

Thus it is shown how Consciousness is built, how connections take place between the elements of Consciousness, scientists get a very specific way, instead of the way of getting results with some statistical data, but by quite conscious way, by means of direct control and by way of receiving absolutely reliable and accurate results.

Therefore, my training in science is applicable to any researches that exist in science, since the practice of salvation should extend to all areas. Each area can bring forth a new area that also leads to salvation.

My science primarily aims at salvation and harmonious development through a person’s spiritual state, at which the Soul is that canon, which makes it possible to determine not only existing connections, but also correctly, and immediately build future connections, that is the difference. Quite naturally, I will use known directions in science, if necessary. However, to every known direction I give exactly this structure of relations, when we have an exact knowledge of the future to get the exact result.


Applied structures of the creating field of information

Applied structures of the creating field of information

The present paper is based on the idea of the constructive nature of knowledge. The scheme of the work is that the consciousness of a human being (for any object it is a form of reaction) is considered as an element of the world in which all elements are interconnected. Then, a change in human consciousness (or the shape of the object reaction), involves changes in all other elements of the world. This allows to gain knowledge about the environment and optimize the processes taking place in it. Since such cognition of the world is based on an element f the very world, the knowledge received does not destroy the world, and only develop it in a constructive direction. During the presence of destructive technologies received as a result of the process of cognition, it is necessary to develop a constructive apparatus of cognition. The practical results of work, obtained in the given paper, show that the doctrine of constructive development of cognition management of the world allows to formalize all the phenomena of reality and to receive an environmentally friendly man-made way of development.

The present paper is based on practical outcomes, obtained at implementing the concept of salvation through management. There were studied results of saving men and equipment, the results of managing matter. Minutes of the results are in the three-volume book “Grigori Grabovoi. The Practice of Control. The Way of Salvation”.