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Concentration on Numbers for the Recovery of Cats’ Organism

Concentration on Numbers for the Recovery of  Cats’ Organism

Cats realize the principle of internal contemplation of information in their spiritual world and reflection of this information to the outside environment. Try first to understand what the cat will do, and then perceive the course of its thoughts. You will see a laconic structure of thoughts, in which the lower area corresponds to the cat’s reaction to the future events. Leaning against this part of the thought, the cat performs distribution of the information inside its organism and controls the movement. This may explain the rapid response of cats and increased survival abilities. If man follows this method of response to information, man can also increase his ability to survive right up to securing himself and others eternal life. Nature teaches eternity not only by its existence but also by thinking about it.

In the number series, which restore the cats’ organism, first it is necessary to determine the numbers that ensure eternal life for the cat, and therefore, by the law of universal connections, for you and all the rest. The cat feels such numbers; you need to teach it to be aware of these numbers. Show the cat mentally the center of its thought and quickly draw its attention to the lower share of the thought. This share of the thought is generated inside the cat’s organism by the pineal gland, shown in Figure 24 (“Sections of the brain”). Outside of the organism, this share of the thought arises from the combined activity of the spirit and soul of the cat near the head of the cat or near the right hand of man. This is the effect of the law of availability of thought forms of all living things near the human body. Man thus since birth has been accustomed to the information of permanent availability near him of all life of the world. The Creator, having such things near himself, always controls and eternally develops life. Man and any living being can do the same through the mental perception of the form of man.

It is clear that the cat should be informed that it should mentally pay attention to those numbers of the number series, which are closer to the man. Thus, the pulse of life in the form of the cat’s thought is directed to man, and thus contributes to the eternal life of man. Then it goes back to the cat and transfers the cat’s pineal gland to the area of eternity creating the cells that have eternal life in the organism of the cat. The cognitive reaction of man’s perception to such emergence of the eternal cells makes it possible, through consciousness based on the principle of similarity, to saturate the human organism with eternally living cells. To create from them, through a certain practice, connections, organs and systems. Further, you need to develop actively the principle of interaction at the level of information with the cat, in which the acceleration of self-development due to the use of experience of achieving the eternal life by others takes place.

IMG_0458Cats in continuing their education by passing the thoughts, which contain the knowledge on the achievement of eternal life, increase the force of their mind, which eventually will bring the cats to the level of information hierarchy where man is. Strong mind equalizes everyone. Next, the cat begins to work over its body. This work, if cats retain their appearance in the form as is, is to ensure eternal life to cats. Anyone living needs to understand that eternal life is the inevitability to which everyone will come. It is better when this way is shorter and more understandable. When the thought of the cat moves to the future, you should superpose on it your thought with this knowledge.

Try to find in the information the image of cat that is perceived positively by all cats. From this basic level, pass, in the information, to mastering the methods of communication with cats.

The first method: think that the cat treats you well, as a good man, and then this will be organized due to the force of your thinking. Try to understand the law of life, namely, that a deep understanding of you by another creature allows you to live forever on the basis of spiritual force and interconnection with those who understand you.

The second method: understand others the way you would like to understand yourself through every 100, and then every 1000 years and so on. Ask yourself if you remember yourself exactly in the distant past. Cats look concentrated, because they almost always ask themselves a similar question and look for the right answer at the current time. Note that the appearance of any animal, of any living being is determined by its way of thinking about itself. Listening to yourself, to your spiritual world, you can get such a spiritual development that creates the physical body of the living. Life and the idea about it are closely linked and intertwined in the physical body. Everyone as a sculptor sculpts himself his physical body. That is, each living organism makes the body in line with its ideas. Further unification of living organisms by species takes place, which means that there is perception and thinking of the same type. But you can singularly perceive God, who gives the impulse to build the body and simultaneously creates Himself. That is, anyone living, through his physical matter, contacts God, and thus touches eternity, since God is eternally alive.

The lines of love of cats are revealed along the cells connected between themselves along the spinal column. These cells most actively irradiate love into the surrounding world. Love harmoniously converts the world going back to its source. Thus cats, like all living things, are involved in building the world by love. Knowing the expression of that principle in material terms you can concentrate your attention along the spinal column of the cat and try to understand if it is possible to perceive the numbers with love. By the logic, you can perceive this way the infinity sign ∞ that resembles number 8 located horizontally. Because this sign connected with the word ‘life’ in the context of “infinite life” quite probably means the presence of love, because love in it is eternal. Love is reflected in the sign of infinity and may symbolically be pictured as “∞ life.” Eternal life contains endless love. Thinking, which contains number invented by man, is formed through the possibility of eternal life, that is, with the presence of love.

On this basis, you can imagine that the number series that has been put mentally into the sphere of love could be transferred to the cat by directing the sphere into the area of the cat’s spine.

Love forms the universal way of knowledge of the entire world. In love, you harmoniously and happily perceive the world and you develop with it at the same time. Life with love is one of the principal means of ensuring eternal life.

By the use of the method of placing a number series or any other information into the sphere of love, and transfer of this information to the necessary area, you can quickly educate and inform any object of reality. Such action is creative for all and oriented to development towards eternal life, which is achieved not by coercion but by the freedom of choice based on knowledge. You can use this method for self-study of a foreign language. To do this, you should mentally place the words you have to study into the sphere of love, imagine that this sphere is approximately 5 cm above the head, and then the organism absorbs the light of the sphere. A kind of absorption of the knowledge you want to master quickly takes place. This way through love, you can transmit information of healing to your organs and organism, to other people, and to all in general. This way you can learn healthy, harmonious and happy eternal life.


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