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Concentration on Numbers for the Recovery of the Organism of Farm Animals and Birds

Concentration on Numbers for the Recovery of the Organism of Farm Animals and Birds

The technology of eternal life and eternal development related to farm animals and birds is realized first on the basis that farm animals and birds in the process of eternal development will attain eternal life. Starting from the current time of the 21st century, we have to carry out concentrations and form the collective consciousness in the specified direction.

First, you should understand that the inside spiritual and biological structure of people reacts to the destruction of animal organisms. Any destruction in the environment of animals or birds is quite exactly perceived at the cellular level. Therefore, concentrations on the numbers for the recovery of the organism of farm animals and birds are carried out through the strengthening of the cellular and molecular level of man. Since, at the level of event control any information can be linked to any other, in order to withdraw from the collective consciousness the component of destruction, which results from the mass destruction of animal organisms, you need to use the algorithm for solving the most complex problems. In the case of modern civilization, this algorithm must always work towards ensuring eternal life of people and all living things, even against the background of ongoing systematic destruction of animals for food. We have to look for such niches in the corridors of information, where the information about the destruction of the organism of animals is not determined.

There is information from the history of corrida that the original destruction of bulls was ritualistic. After corrida had been introduced into collective consciousness, the bull that survived the battle was kept for breeding and was not allowed any more to enter the arena. There is a law in collective consciousness according to which the provision of a real chance to survive to an animal or a bird significantly increases, for tens of years, life expectancy of all people. Based on this law, protection against destruction of cows in Hinduism participated not merely in the collective consciousness of humanity’s life extension for many dozens of years, but in some cases, according to the laws of hidden world, ensured the survival of the civilization as a whole.

As a child, I picked up an unusually beautiful large bird with a broken wing. When I cured it and it flew away, there was a favorable effect in general, a number of events improved. Moreover, the line of directing the events to a favorable direction is visible on the light level now. When we help the less protected and those who are more in need, the more favorable events are generated for us. The world is such that when we ensure life opportunity to any living organism, we form such a reaction of the world in relation to us, in which all external environment gives us the same opportunity. The Creator created the world eternal, and with this kind of attitude to the living, the logical idea of the Creator is not interrupted.

Thus, by concentrations on the numbers for the recovery of the organism of farm animals and birds, you strengthen, above all, your molecular structure and make it indestructible, eternal, and simultaneously you form such events, which in the future provide eternal life to animals and even more so to people.

To enhance information transfer to animals when they can, based on their spiritual substance, fully restore their former body, you can orientate yourself at the overall task of the eternal life of all living beings. Through the increase of the level of wisdom of animals and birds, the destruction of animals and birds decreases. Therefore, when you carry out concentrations on the numbers that restore animals and birds, the intellect of animals and birds should be increased at the same time; that will allow them to live in the human society without destroying them including for human nutrition. Modern science allows synthesizing food, thus there is no need to destroy animals and birds. When working with the number series given in the book, you have to embed in the collective consciousness this idea and develop it up to creation of specific technologies for the protection of animals and birds from destruction.

Through the number series, you can develop communication with animals using spiritual action and transfer of your thoughts. Using number series 891497 894981, you can send to a pet or a bird up to 10 words that form a thought. You can first write down these 10 words and imagine that the phrase that contains up to 10 words moves through the space between numbers 7 and 8 of this number series. Then this phrase, through any part of the body of the animal or bird (first, you can do it through the head) turns into the state of light and is absorbed by the animal or bird. You can start with simple and easy-to-understand phrases for animals or birds to respond quicker to your words.

After a while, when animals or birds will actively respond to your contacts with them when you use this method, you can pass to longer phrases and sentences in mental communication with animals or birds. Try to communicate mentally with animals or birds about what is happening around you rather than just giving them commands to fulfil any basic physical actions. An intellectual animal or bird is able, at the level of mental communication, to inform you about events, including the future that will be reconfirmed in practice, but at the same time, it will not perform all commands one after another. Since more intellect results in a greater freedom of action. In this intercourse through the transfer of thoughts, animals or birds feel equal interlocutors who help you, or ask you to help. In view of the difficult situation of animals and birds and dependence on the human actions, the intercourse by means of thoughts is a very important and strained for animals and birds. At the time of such communication through thoughts, it is recommended to support animals or birds spiritually.

DSC01245Some animals can take the initiative to communicate with you. At the time of my study at the University, when I came home, a goose used to come up to me immediately and cuddled his head to my foot. This continued year after year and all the years with my arrival, the goose expressed his joy, which eventually changed for the inner request of the goose to ensure endless life for him. In fact this was how emerged the task of ensuring continuous life to all farm animals and birds, which should be solved by the observance of the ideology and practice of ensuring eternal life to everyone who was created alive.

You have to take into account that this task, based on the law of continuity of life of eternal development, from the beginning of occurrence of life, also implies the realization of resurrection of all ever existing farm animals and birds, as well as of all living beings. The outside space more consists of inorganic matter and to implement the way of the infinite development of life in the whole space large amounts of living organisms are required; their starting level is reached by the universal resurrection of all life. Then the time of eternal life of all the living will come, this time will differ in the following: it will be possible to convert any color by thinking into gold and silver colors, and by metal connection of the areas of different colors, it will be possible to create any physical matter that will not counteract eternal life. Animals and birds perceive well the waves of this future time. The light of their thinking has many golden elements because the behavioral pattern of animals and birds is more oriented towards perception of the future events due to the extended instinct. In the described future, the processes of the future time are tightly joined, at the level of information, with the processes of the past and the current time due to the need to take into account all the future when creating any physical object from a thought. Therefore, animals and birds as well as other living beings, which perceive such future time, can receive in real-time information about possible problems in the future, earthquakes, disasters. The behavior of some representatives of the animal world reflects this at the physical level, for example, before an earthquake. There are many known facts where animals and birds by their conduct helped people to solve a problem or to be saved from a disaster, the effects of an earthquake. When you send a thread of thinking toward the golden color of animal’s or bird’s thinking, you can, through the reflected signal, see your thinking in a static phase; by the use of this thinking you can accurately respond to the situation that requires a rapid response. In the static phase of thought, you would normally keep on thinking, but no changes of the form of thought occur in the thinking space. This approach allows you to explore quietly your thought, look at its internal structure and immediately perceive by the spirit the development of the future events that are associated with the thought. This is one way to better orientate yourself in the information of the world. The knowledge of the static phase of thinking is important to counteract aging. When looking for the location of the light of thought in the static phase you can see, for example, that the Galapagos tortoises that live for more than 200 years have this light in the head area. If you, with the help of a volitional effort, by spiritual action move out the static phase of the thought over your head, you thus stop aging. Among living organisms, you can learn many technologies that contribute to eternal life. Antarctic sponge, which lives in the Arctic waters at a depth of about 200 meters, due to the reduction of the metabolic process lives up to 15 thousand years. Man can reduce the dynamics of thought in the space of thinking by way of retaining by volitional effort the static phase of thought that spreads all over the organism. At the control level of the collective consciousness, this process is similar to the process of lower metabolism. Human thinking in this case remains the same because the static phase of thought is the area of that part of thinking, the location of which is explicitly or implicitly defined by man. But if man retains correctly the static phase of thought on his organism his life can be unlimited in terms of duration. Hydroid jellyfishes do not age, and therefore do not die of natural causes. Hydroid jellyfishes have the light, correlated functionality with man’s thinking, at an exactly determined distance outside their physical body. If you act the same way you will be able, by spiritual and volitional effort and control on the part of the soul, to keep at a fixed distance from the body, better overhead, the glow that corresponds to the dynamic phase of thinking. In this way, you can realize one of the numerous methods of eternal life, which can be observed and mastered in contact with living nature. Flexibility of human thinking enables man to get knowledge about the methods of eternal life from almost any environment, including the matter of the thought, thus the thought of man becomes the source of eternal life. This allows you to define the law of primordial eternity of all alive, which is maintained by those who promptly recognize and master the law, or not immediately, but is still mastered by those who had ceased to exist.

Please note that by concentrating on numbers for the recovery of the organism of animals and birds you can have a significant recovery of your organism in response. Moreover, you can receive the knowledge of how the recovery of the organism of animals and birds takes place through concentration on the numbers very quickly and in big volume. Intensive obtaining of knowledge is always helpful when you realize eternal life for yourself and all.


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