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Applied structures of the creating field of information

Axiomatization of the principles of salvation is based upon the compatibility of conditioned or unconditioned relations of a timeless interval. The laws of the world order implemented in specific results of salvation are described in this paper as practical mechanisms of salvation.

List of laws of the world order:

  • The criteria for object identity are separated from the objects of identification by the spatial relationship between the past and the future.
  • Invariance (invariability of the initial area of the object under transformations) of temporary forms is reflected in the primary component of the relations between objects.
  • The space defines the secondary structure of consciousness in relation to the primary structure of the range of motion.
  • The criterion is the relationship of the laws with the boundary determined in recognizing external, with respect to the point of perception, environment.

The axioms of the world order:

  • The reality of consciousness in recognizing the object of perception.
  • The motion has a vector (directed) nature only for limited areas of the perceived world.
  • Status of axiomativeness is, at the same time, a method of archiving the learneed knowledge for working the methods of developing salvation. practice knowledge.

The postulates of the world order:

  • Reality is a connection between consciousness and life form.
  • The concept of reality is a property of consciousness to transform knowledge.
  • The actuallity is different from the reality by the level of descriptive approach to the principles of understanding consciousness perception.


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