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Concentration on Numbers for the Recovery of Dogs’ Organism

Concentration on Numbers for the Recovery of Dogs’ Organism

When you carry out concentrations related to dogs it is important that you explore information of dogs’ connection with the future events. In general, the form of this information can be imagined in the shape of two cones conjoint at the base. In this form on the left side you can perceive the information of the past more related to dogs, and on the right side is the future related to all.

The structure of the information in the widest area of the figure corresponds to the current present time where dogs can develop the ability of applying information of the past and forecasting, and improving the future events related at the same time to many volumes of information, objects and people. When you carry out concentrations on the number series for the recovery of a dog’s organism, you can perceive the beginning of the series placed above the tail and the end of the series somewhere in the area of the dog’s head.

The first numbers of the series in this case will correspond to the past events; numbers at the end of the series will correspond to the future. With this perception, mentally approaching the series closer to the physical body or the image of the dog, try to understand the thinking process of the dog. Develop its thought so as if it perceives you both at the distant and near vision simultaneously. Then try to view the spread of the dog’s thought, which is going to that place in the physical space where you are.

IMG_7530_450You will see the transition from the substance of thought to the matter of physical space. In the place of this transition pass with your thinking to the space of the transition, which is of bright shades color. Look at it from aside mentally. Consider and perceive profoundly the process of relationship of dogs as a biological species. Try to understand the mental connection and communication between the dogs at the level of their spirit and soul. See how the dog’s soul interacts with your soul and asks to develop it to the contact with the image of man. The future has the form of man that makes it possible to receive the norm by the actions of man. Eternal life is based, among all, on the ability of people to find the ways of interaction with any living organisms.

Applying this knowledge, enter the area of the information objectives of the eternal life of dogs and, through the information area of your eternal life, mentally begin actively interact with the dog. Eternal life unites all. Try, at the emotional level of cheerful contact with the dog, to teach your dog to understand numbers. Juxtapose the past events of the dog with the initial numbers in the tail area by deleting them with the help of your thought from the past. Fix this mentally, telling the dog about this correspondence. Then go to the current time of the dog’s events and you will see that the access to the information of current events is identical, in term of speed, for man, dog, and generally all living organisms.

In practice, this fact is explained by the fact that, for example, man and dog can walk the same distance to the required place on the physical level for the same time. It follows from the principle of equal possibilities of information control for all, that other living organisms can have at the level of information the same access speed to the same as described in the example place.

This way you can understand the law of eternal life that all living with the same force can participate in ensuring eternal life. Just those who know how to realize consciously the eternal life have to train all. When you state the aim for the dog to learn such aim, you can perceive in the current time how at once the channels of perception of the dog related to the future events and particularly to man will open.

You can see that dogs perceive at the level of the information of the future, first, the organ of the man they are interested in that is to be normalized for good health in the future. At the same time, the dogs have such connection with the organism of man that from the norm of health of man they can earn back the norm of their health. Man in a similar way can also get the norm of his health through the normal functioning of organisms of other creatures. At the level of information, you can perceive this as a spiral-like shape of macromolecule of DNA, where each next spiral turn means an organism through which any living organism ensures eternal life for itself.

This way the eternal connection of one living organism with all others is ensured, and an infinite increase of living organisms is achieved. Information of any living organism that has appeared infinitely in term of time can be found in all other living. The use of eternal time of live means mastering the infinite space. As is well known, DNA provides the realization of the genetic program of development of living organisms, in other words, it contains in its material form the mechanism of interaction with the information form of the future events. The mechanism of cognition, that has perceived the information spiral form of mutual normalization of living organisms towards eternity, superimposed on the physical form of the DNA for the purpose of eternal life of the living organism, fixes in consciousness the eternity of life as the only possible form of life.

Such perception of dogs is strongly developed, therefore they often try to warn people about a possible deviation from this form, they save people. Learning through the use of number series, given in this book the glow of the norm and then, using this mechanism, you can learn how to bypass the information of aging and events dangerous to human life, and therefore live forever. The light of eternal life is visible with spiritual vision at any distance, and, focusing on it, dogs can return to people who love them, even if they were taken away for tens of kilometers by car. In the world, there are many monuments to the dogs, which had been waiting for years for people, with whom they had lived.

Therefore, it follows that dogs perceive people always alive. Dogs, in fact, perceive resurrected people as always living and remove from them their information about their resurrection experience, bringing by that the information of the resurrected to the information of those always living without interruption. Here you can observe that all nature in general, all living in one way or another are involved in the erasing of informational differences between the resurrected and always living. This eventually leads to the development processes in which not only living organisms, but also the natural phenomena will ensure eternal life for all. The force of reason, which is based on adherence to the laws of eternal life, will come out to the first level of interactions. Dogs have already perceived this reality now at the beginning of the third millennium.

To recover the organism of dogs it is necessary, in accordance with the taken into account their described modern perception, to enter mentally the information area of your eternal life, and through this area to combine mentally the end of the number series and the future events. You will feel that you implement actions from your status of eternal life, which allows you to work steadily with simultaneous recovery of your organism or the organism of another person, and other people whom you perceive forever living. You can thus consider that dog’s information can contribute to cognition of the world through the friendly level of dogs. Profound knowledge of the world ensures eternal life. Focusing mentally on the field of information corresponding to the friendly attitude of dogs to man, you can protect yourself if necessary from possible aggression of animals. Through this area, you can also restore organisms of any other representatives of the animal world.


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