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The Numbers of Stars for Eternal Life

The Numbers of Stars for Eternal Life

Distant stars, which can be perceive by physical eyesight just as light, have subtle connections with the Soul of man. Man can perceive by physical eyesight the light of his Soul, which is blended with the color of the human body. With that understanding, you can consider that at a certain distance from the body of man and on the body of man, the light of stars at the physical level intersects and merges with the light of the Soul. The light of stars in a certain way is an element of eternity in terms of that this light reaches man often in millions of light years, and simultaneously it is the gateway to the world, which from the other side of the star is endless as well. The eternal Soul, touching the eternal light of stars, can influence, through the will of man, surrounding physical and informational reality that includes everything that relates to information.

The eternal life of man is achieved through concentrations on the areas of interaction of the light of stars and the Soul of man. These interaction areas are represented in the form of number series.

Method of work with such number series is as follows: to see with spiritual vision, or to imagine how a number series, starting near the human body is laid on a silvery-white line, which is rounded at the other end from the body. The series finishes at the end of this line, and through the last number, you should merge it with the light of the star. The last number that is at the ends of the series acquires the property of infinity. Through this last number of the series, the person connects himself with eternity, a particular case of which is eternal life of man, of all people and everything alive.

Eternal energy reserves enable person to control objects of the physical world, for example, reduce the weight of a physical object or by an effort of will, combined with concentration, to deflect an asteroid flying to the Earth. It is necessary to use these capabilities, because the guarantee of eternal life is secure and protected from threatening asteroids or other problems surrounding space, which is the physical media in the Universe where people live. In order to influence such physical bodies to ensure eternal life of man you should concentrate on the first number of the series corresponding to the star.

Based on the name of the star, you can determine in which part of the Universe some problems might occur. In this case, by the Spiritual vision, you can see that if there is a problem in a ray of light coming from the star; then the series, referring to the star, first starts to glow a greenish color, which helps a person to correct the situation quickly; then a reddish color, if the problem is growing; and a yellowish if the problem requires urgent resolution.

DevaTo normalize the situation and resolve the identified in such a way problem of external space you should imagine the series as silvery-white and, by a force of will, focus on this control for a while. Often just milliseconds are required to normalize the information, but in some cases, more time is required. When resolving the problem, the series corresponding to the star, can emit for some time a blue or other light colors, other than yellow. In the structure of the world organization, it is often can be seen that those or other processes are not fortuitous. For example, yellowish shades of the Sun as if remind man latently the necessity to develop Spiritual powers and Consciousness to control the external space.

The Sun in this sense, is also a training level of reality, moreover with objective characteristics of impact on man’s matter. Looking at the Sun for long time may impair the eyesight that justifies the anxiety of yellowish hues, and encouraged person to find protection against events following the yellow color. At the same time, the Sun makes humanity to think about the life on the Earth if the energy of the Sun begins to dry up. This is again the task of control of the external space macro objects. To collect from the little Earth as much energy as to restore the function of the Sun seems quite problematic, even if man-made systems are strongly developed. So, the objective reality is such that any sane person in order to ensure the conditions of his living is forced to develop something that is always with him, i.e., his Spirit, Soul and Consciousness to the level of ensuring the absolute controllability of the entire external space.

If in the area of one star, emitting the alarm, other nearby stars begin to emit green and then red disturbing light or yellow light, then according to the laws of optics you can understand that the object is approaching the Earth, so you should normalize the luminous range for several stars. Many of the objects have been approaching the Earth for decades or millennia, but in a certain place, usually a few tens of light years away from the Earth, in the case of a dangerous object, the protection of life on Earth works and the object passes by or deflects without hitting the Earth.

The Creator, providing people with the knowledge of eternal life, provided for enough time for people to learn to control the entire external space to ensure eternal life of all, and of everything alive in general. Even if it takes millennia for a dangerous object moving toward Earth to come closer to the Earth, it is desirable to carry out now normalization of the situation by the number series, since the will of many people, which is for a long time aimed for ensuring normal conditions of eternal life, which is expressed in the form of concentrations on the number series, the prayers, the talking of the Soul of man with God, is accumulated and will normalize the events for sure.

Actions for the normalization of external space can bring a great benefit to the organism, as they make the human organism stronger and able accordingly to secure quickly for itself and all other the necessary conditions for eternal healthy and harmonious life. To draw an analogy with the physical world, the work on the control of the object of external space resembles a workout with weights training apparatus.

For the level of thinking this work results in stronger mental activity, the brain matter is quickly restored. By the use of the increasing in that way the brain’s resource on integration of the various processes to ensure eternal life, you can quickly bring the reality to the guarantee of eternal life to all. With such increased brain activity in the direction of the eternal development, the clarity of consciousness, which is not affected by external circumstances increases, and internally man becomes able to stand the line of eternal life more steadily in various cases.

The possibility of reproduction of thoughts more often starts to happen around the human body, and not just be perceived as the emergence of thoughts in the head area. Man begins to perceive that his entire body is thinking, and this perception is accepted by man as a happy worldview. The thought generated by the whole human body creates the reality of creativity, through which the eternal life of man is naturally ensured, as it is possible to solve any problem in a creative way. Thus, a subjective approach, which depends on man and ensures eternal life of the individual and of all other people, is formed through concentrations on the numbers of stars.

Over time, eternal life becomes natural for man. This eternal life implements non-dying, since the technology of non-dying does not depend on external space in connection with the possibility of controlling control. Methods of concentrations on the numbers of stars, which use explicitly only information of the entire infinite external space, realize completely the technology of resurrection, since the infinite space means the endless amount of information that is obviously for the infinite time could be mutually placed so, that everyone will be resurrected. All the external infinite space, containing stars, makes it possible to comprehensively perceive the eternal life, which consists of non-dying of the living, and, without fail, of the resurrection of those passed away, since the infinite space is a fact of reality. This fact of reality according to the law of similarity in universal connections provides the event of spread of infinity, i.e., eternity to man. The infinity of the number of stars, composed of the perception of the infinite space behind stars, makes it possible to understand the methodology of control of the future events outside the current time, and thus ensure the future of eternal life.

In this book, the numerical concentrations are carried out for constellations and specifically for each star. The intersection of concentrations occurs in such a way that all the stars in a constellation, can be mutually compatible at concentrations on constellations. In other words, you should first carry out a concentration on the numbers corresponding to the constellation, and then concentration on the numbers corresponding to the star. In this case you can use the method of such concentration, at which the numbers of the constellations are followed by concentrations on three selected by you stars, on the numbers corresponding to these stars, to ensure eternal life.

When working with the numbers of stars you can take into account that some devices determined radiation from the location of the star in the outer space of the star, which it had occupied in the past, has in the present and will have in the future. Thus, in cases when you control with the use of the numbers of stars you should consider the availability of information in the collective consciousness that the radiation of the events not only of the present but also of the past and the future time affects physical bodies in the present. Astronomical observations confirming this were implemented in 1970-ies at 125-cm mirror telescope of the Crimean Astrophysical Observatory. A resistor (resistance) was installed in the focal plane of the telescope as a receiving device (sensor). The observations showed that the change (increase) of the conductivity of the resistor takes place when the telescope is directed at one of the three points of the sky, matched with three positions of any observable space object (stars, galaxies), which correspond to the positions of this object in the past, present and future.

волопасThe past image coincides with the visible position of the object in the sky. The present, you can say the true image of the object, corresponds to the position of the object at the present moment of time on the clock of the observer, that is the observer’s own time. The future image of the object corresponds to the position, which the object will occupy when the signal sent from the Earth at the time of observation and spreading at the speed of light (c = 300’000 km/sec) comes to it. All the three images are located along the trajectory of the own movement of the object: the true (present) position is in the center, and the past and the future are located symmetrically on the both sides of the present.

The visible position of a distant space object is the observable from the Earth its “past image” in the optical range of electromagnetic radiation. However, in fact, that object is no longer in that place of the sky because while the stream of photons flies from it to the Earth, it shifts along the trajectory of “its own movement”. Moreover, the more it is remote from us, the longer its light (or any other electromagnetic) signal flies to the Earth. For example, there are millions of years from the nearest Andromeda Galaxy. Using the known in astronomy data about the speed and direction of movement of the observed object, you can define the point in the sky where it must be at the time of observation, and direct at that point the mirror telescope-reflector. This tool is equipped with the resistor included in the device instead of the eyepiece; the equilibrium of the device depends on the electrical conductivity of the resistor. It turns out, the device responds to not only the visible, but also the true position of the object. Therefore, the observer on the Earth can obtain information about the status of that or another formation of the Universe for the present time by his clock and record its true position.

Assembled in such a way telescope makes it possible to obtain information also about the future state of the object, because it registers the position, which the object will occupy when the signal sent from the Earth at the speed of light at the time of observation comes to it. In addition, it is found regarding these devices that the “rays” of the detected radiation do not deviate in the Earth’s atmosphere like the rays of light and even affect the resistor in that case when the lens of the telescope is closed with a duralumin lid 2 mm thick.

These results were fully confirmed afterwards by the Institute of Mathematics of the USSR Academy of Sciences. The observations were carried out in the same place at the same tool and with the same astronomical objects. They also observed the Sun. The scientists along with the metal-film resistor (physical sensor) used bacteria, which possessed a property to form colonies on a solid nutrient medium (biological sensor). The observation with the help of the physical sensor fully reaffirmed the results of the 1970-ies. When they used the biological sensor, it was found that bacteria formed colonies more actively under the influence of the radiation than without it.

This proves that there is a universal interaction in the universe, which establishes instant connection of the observer with any object of the Universe and affects the physical and biological receivers.

Then, in a general sense, the absorption or perception of the information of the future events contributes to the vital functions and development of life. Based on this we can make a sequent conclusion that any form of life, including life of man, when interacting with the radiation of the future increases its life resource. For man, whose radiation from physical body, thoughts, Spirit and Soul instantly interact with one another and with all the events of any time, the constant interaction with the radiation of the future takes place when man realizes the aim of eternal life in the physical body for himself and all life, because the information of the eternal life is always combined with the information of the infinite future.

The principle of instant interaction, extended through mathematical postulates and calculations in my scientific work “Applied structures of the creating field of information” to all the reality of phenomena, including radiation from a thought and generation of bio-signals, I used when I created inventions “Method for Prevention of Catastrophes and Device for its Realization” and “Information-Carrying System”.

Practically it proves scientifically that by means of your consciousness you make instant interaction with all the objects of reality, including the information of the future of all objects. Consequently, all objects of reality get radiation of interaction with you. Since the future is not rigidly fixed in the space of information, and a simple example of this is that in a second a man can go either to the left or to the right, you can shape the corresponding information of the future by radiation from your thoughts on realization of the eternal life, which then, in the form of radiation, saturates you with life. This way you can independently create through your thoughts eternal life for yourself and all. You get the eternal process of life through thinking. After all, the radiation of the information of the future, as it was proven by the results of the observations on 125-cm mirror telescope, develops life.

Since everyone should live forever, everyone’s knowledge of the Soul for ensuring eternal life can work instantly, and the law of transition from quantity to quality can help to transfer the accumulation of knowledge about the methods of eternal life into more effective provision of events of eternal life. Therefore mastering the methods of eternal life even though the direct radiation from the thoughts, which emerge for the realization of these methods through the revealed instant interaction with all objects of reality, creates the world, in which life in the physical body is eternal.

In the book, the letters the Greek and the Latin alphabet denote the stars in the constellation in the descending order of their luster (from “alpha” to “omega”, then from “a” to “z” and from “A” to “Z”). The stars, which do not have letter symbols, numbered in the increasing order of their direct ascension. Multiple stars are marked with the superscript index, for example π1, π2, π3, π4, π5 and π6 of Orion. A multiple star consists of three or more stars that look from the Earth close to each other. Capital letters, which follow the symbol of the star, denote the components of double or multiple systems, for example, “c of the Swan A” and “c of the Swan B”. Star systems of two stars are called double star systems.

To ensure eternal life to yourself and all through concentrations on the numbers of stars, you can use the text and images provided in this book. If you wish, you can also look at the stars in the physical space and carry out concentrations on the numbers of stars. Then it will be realization of another way of concentration that includes the light of stars from the physical space of the cosmos.

To find the North point on the horizon and to begin searching all other constellations you should know the constellation of Ursa Major. Looking at the stars of Ursa Major you can quickly understand the surrounding stellar systems. By the location of its seven brightest stars constellation Ursa Major resembles a big dipper. Ursa Major can be easily seen in the sky at any time of the night. Only at different times of the night and at different times of the year this constellation is visible low in the early evening in autumn, high in summer, in the eastern side of the sky in spring, and in the western part of the sky late summer. It is possible to find the North Pole Star with the help of this constellation. To do this, you should draw a straight line through the two last stars on the side of the constellation farthest away from the “handle” of the Big Dipper. This line will indicate the North Pole Star. The North point is always under the North Pole Star on the horizon. If you look at the North Pole Star, you will face the North, the South will be behind you, the East is to the right, and the West is to the left.

There are more than 100 billion stars in our galaxy. About 1% of them are listed in the astronomic catalogues, which means these stars have received individual symbols. The rest of the stars of the Milky Way are still unnamed and not even counted. The stars of the other galaxies are far less calculated. When you concentrate on the numbers of the series, you can perceive the light of all the other stars through the third number of the series and thus carry out filling with the energy of this light and at the same time of the light of the star or constellation, related to the series.   When you mentally pronounce the fifth number of a series and simultaneously visually perceive the whole number series, you can see by spiritual vision another star or constellation. This star or constellation may be located outside the observed physical cosmic space and, simultaneously with the star or constellation related to the number, transmit to you the knowledge ensuring eternal life.

All the bright stars of the firmament, and even many weak stars, in addition to the scientific symbol have proper names; they received the names, as a rule, in ancient times. These are navigational stars, which have always been used to guide travelers. Normally, the names of the stars are very ancient, e.g., Sirius, Aldebaran, Vega, Betelgeuse and so on.


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  1. Alla says:

    Starlight can be represented as an element of eternity. Reading the book and in contact with the eternal light of the stars, we are able to penetrate into their eternal souls, can influence events in life.
    Great book!

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