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18. “The future event is an element of information compression now”.
19. “The contour of consciousness is a spatiotemporal concept”.
20. “It is possible to obtain healthy tissue at the next moment, if to approach system of non-destruction of the external world correctly”.
21. “The weighing upon axis of infinite range of future events is sufficiently controlled”.
22. “Mathematics is a science, which operates infinite series, so mathematicians are closer to reality”.
23. “Thoughts are already a practice of control. It is even more than something physical”.
24. “It is better not to have any unwanted effects in the way one feels”.
25. “The movement of thought is comprehended in the very idea”.
26. “The negative information should not occur even at the thinking level”.
27. “Every disease has a temporary structure”.
28. “Each event has its form – this is clear logically”.
29. “If something is formed in the world at every moment of time, there is its own time at each site of the process”.
30. “Vision is a system of hidden processes”.
31. “A method of cognition is not a static structure”.
32. “The path of knowledge is already recovering”.
33. “A disease is an object of information as well”.
34. “Every man has a system of canonization of his life”.
35. “Theory has practice of cognition”.
36. “The processes of clairvoyance enable control”.
37. “You should always operate at the level of infinite processes”.
38. “The system of spheroidal thinking is a process of the most rapid information processing and exchange of information”.
39. “Knowing the time and place of concentration of attention, you can control the situation”.
40. “Knowledge of the laws and forms of control is already controlling the physical reality”.
41. “The work with the future is the work including the work with a shape of information”.
42. “The more you restore the hereditary line, that is, the healthier you are, the healthier your future generations will be”.
43. “If you improved at least one elementary substance, one cell, you have improved it all over”.
44. “Improvement in one area always results in improvement everywhere, and it happens through a corresponding improvement of all the links in the    process of work”.
45. “By constant changing the point of view, you can move from one level of cognition to another”.
46. “It is necessary to cognize issues. Then cognition will determine the path contained in the questions themselves”.
47. “Since the act of salvation should be achieved under any circumstances, it is necessary to combine and develop various control practices towards the adequate goal of salvation”.


  1. Alla says:

    Always admired the accuracy, beauty and depth of thought Gregory Grabovogo aphorisms.

  2. vechnajanina says:

    Знания Григория Грабового дают возможность человечеству научиться Жить Вечно в своём физическом теле- это то, о чём мечтал человек тысячелетиями. Благодарю Вас, Григорий Петрович, за Божественные Знания для нашего спасения и вечного гармоничного развития!

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