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THE QUOTES FROM GRIGORI GRABOVOI’S BOOK “Numerical Concentrations Related to Food Products”


1. “The food, being, among other things, an information world system, on entering the human body interacts with the sole.”

2. “The Creator, creating all that lives, and having created all that lives has steered the interaction between the consumer and the consumed in such a way that the principle of eternal life of all that lives should be realized.”

3. “When performing control by food categories: meat, poultry, fish, seafood – the objective of eternal development, as with all cases related to the functioning of living organisms, is to create eternal life for all that lives without causing harm to anybody.”

4. “Considering such food categories as fish and seafood, we can perform control through consciousness toward inviolability of all that lives in terms of eternal development of any living thing – control, when your consciousness helps reproduce virtually the same structure that, for example, has been eaten. It can be reproduced based on the principles of complete information recoverability.”

5. “When different animal and plant speciesinhabiting the planet consume certain foods, eventually there emerges acertain absolutely sustainable level – a source of certain energy which later can become a universal source of eternal development for all systems.”

6. “By enshrining the system of eternal development in the information of food consumption the food becomes most beneficial both for a person’s current state of health and for control of future events in terms of eternal development; and at the same time a person practices spiritual control wherein a man who initially was organizing his body through the physical level now shifts to the level of spiritual control of the body by means of his consciousness.”

7. “The numerical series which correspond to the food products orient the food products used by man towards the area of cognition of eternal development, and at the same time actualize eternal life of man.

8. “During concentration the entire system of future development must be considered, since the food interacts with a man for a long time, say, for twenty-four hours; and in the future, in infinite time, one has also to know how the food products replenishment mechanism works even when they are not available.”

9. “The spiritual state, necessary to actualize the objective of eternal life, must be so high that any information, including the information created by a spiritual act, can be a basis for creation of the physical body by the spirit.”

10. “By means of consciousness it is possible to affect food products, alter their structural system, steer them towards the system of eternal development.”

11. “The highest consumption of food products happens when a product carries information of eternal development.”

12. “A certain level of informationthat ensures eternal life, the level that has been inherent in a givenfood product from the beginning, this level is contained in the properties of each food product.”

13. “Every food product is a source of eternal development” – if we follow this principle, then a product can be considered in terms of eternal development, in terms of its potential for use.”

14. “Development of gustatory qualities is a distinctive structure of eternal development, too.”

15. “Love that motivates people determines such behavior, which uses food products based on the ideological principle of realization of a person’s primary objectives; and control of eternal life by means of the numerical sequences for food products should be organized accordingly.”

16. “The spirit can be realized, and can acquire useful information through your consciousness, through your perception in the sense that availability of a food product at all times is an important characteristic of eternal development.”

17. “A finite number as well as an infinitudeof combinations of food products create also a system of eternal development; this is one of the important principles of food consumption which forms eternity in the collective consciousness.”

18. “The food products are consumed in such a way that in whole in its natural surroundings you do not destroy this food product, and moreover, you may, to further the development of the “species undamageability on the planet” environmental movement, extend your consciousness towards the reproduction of any food products.”

19. “If we take all food products and consider all possible combinations of their development, then identification of a certain chain of internal events that leads to eternal development means a certain personality state, a certain state of the body, and a certain view on the space of the future in man’s consciousness, the state when a person realizes that food products create eternal life for him inside his physical body, satiating it.”

20. “The objective of eternal development means that everything that can lead to life must be preserved and brought to the level of eternal life.”

21. “Through spirit you can control the properties of food products that lead to eternal life, and at the same time develop your consciousness towards eternal development; constantly increase your resources and the technologies of your consciousness.”

22. “You can practically by means of the technologies of your consciousness, by means of development of your spirit, soul, and your pursuit of eternal life, control food products, and also pass on this knowledge through recipes, through control numerical series, which transmit the control system in terms of eternal development in a fairly straightforward way.”

23. “You, through your practical interaction with food products, develop a certain system of eternal development which is always with you; and you can extend this system to other phenomena by mastering the experience of the spiritual state, by understanding the interaction structure between a number, a word, and a food product.”

24. “It is important to use not only the methods of a particular direct control through the numerical series, but also the methods of perception, and understanding of the connections within food products, aimed to attain and ensure eternal life to man as early as today.”


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