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Technique “Pastel” of the works “Manifestation of Eternity”

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As for the technique “Pastel”, given on pages 101 -197 of the first volume, and combining the potential graphic arts and painting, I, with the help of clairvoyance, realized the presence of life in every line of the time, presented in various forms. The form, reflecting the contents of time, is revealed in the eternity. Pastel colors, with their soft silky lines and blurred edges, give us the knowledge on the organization of the life processes from the life itself, thus, making the self-contained eternity. Background colour of the paper, showing through the drawing, intensifies the colour effect, adding to the light. The background in human consciousness makes it possible to perceive the stable and persistent future of the eternity. Having used the clairvoyance, I applied only those colors of physical space, shown in the pictures, which, in combination with the technique “Pastel” and manifested areas of eternity in the space, could produce the events, securing the eternity for the physical body. The peculiarity of pastel, consisting in special “flicking” of colours, gives an insight into the fact that the development of human mind prior to the eternity is mainly the act of careful thinking with the perception of light, and nothing more.


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