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Technique “Linoleum Engraving” of the works “Manifestation of Eternity”

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The technique of “Linoleum Engraving”, described on pages 59 – 100 of the first volume the works of “Manifestation of Eternity”, reveals the expressiveness and sharp contrasts of black and white, thus, allowing the highlight of information shades, related to the eternity. In addition, rich and picturesque lines, achieved with the help of material softness, illustrate that contrast, merging with the roughness and gray tones, produces soft life forms. Contrast is like imprinted eternity, which makes it possible to experience the mechanism of capturing the entire world with the eternity. The parts of eternity, found by me in the pictures, overlapping the celestial eternity, the eternity from the Creator, allow learning through the image of the mind frames, bringing the eternal life into existence.


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