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Method of control by means of color

In accordance with the Teachings of Grigori Grabovoi “On Salvation and Harmonious Development” one can spread the Light of Consciousness on the luminous imagination of any object of the world and thus to control events.

The next method consists in control by means of a color. That is to say the color, which you perceive within the structure of your Conscience, is a controlling thing; and the meaning of the method is as follows: you chose a color which you like most of all at the moment, – it is desirable that the color is of a light tint, – the chosen color you refer to the Teachings “On Salvation and Harmonious Development” and then by work with any other color around this color you implement control. That is to say the meaning of this control is rather simple; it just consists in going over colors which cover the controlling area. That is to say if you want to exercise control of events, the outer color should cover the area of the event as if it is some external glow, and it should always relate to the color, which corresponds exactly to the level of my Teachings “On Salvation and Harmonious Development”, and in other words, first of all, to the level of prevention of possible global catastrophes and guaranteeing harmonious development.

When we speak about guaranteeing harmonious development we mean exactly guaranteeing eternal, so to speak, development. Thus the concept of color characterizes in the most harmonious way the structure of Consciousness exactly by eternal development, therefore the Light of Consciousness, which interacts with the light of external reality in control through color, at once possesses increasingly the nature of spiritual control; in other words you exercise control increasingly by means of your Spirit, because this is exactly the Spirit that characterizes, well, position just of infinity in control, that is of immediate maximal access, and when you control by means of color, exactly this position is evidently revealed most of all in the characteristics of the color itself in your Consciousness, because in Consciousness just color is characterized so to speak by infinity. When you speak about a color, you imagine just a characteristic, that is infinity, therefore control by color is simultaneously a superfast level of control, and therefore, in order to prevent possible global catastrophe you may actually act immediately by means of control through color.