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The book Information levels of cognition is an inexhaustible source of practical knowledge, in which you will find answers to a wide variety of questions.

Why can you achieve the absolute control for creation of constructive events only when the compulsory presence of material objects in the world is taken into account: the planet Earth, the physical bodies of people? That is, it is always necessary to work for the realization of the principle of non-dying and for ensuring eternal development of the entire reality, including physical reality.

What is the event of the weak information level or the level of weak signals, which to a certain extent correlates the event level of a person? The methods of working with this level from the point of view of normalizing the information taking into account the universal connections are also included.

In the book you, will find Practical recommendations on protection from radiation exposure and elimination of consequences of radioactive damage to the organism by means of control through Consciousness.

You will learn what such a concept as “a person has grown wings” means from the point of view of information and how to concentrate consciousness so that the creative process would not deplete the strength of man, but became stable and man could always be in the state of creativity.

In the section “Informational levels of cognition that do not correspond to the protein environment of perception”, it will become clear how to know the elements and processes occurring in the objects that are considered as non-living forms, for example, for diagnosing equipment, for diagnosing an event level in a spectrum not related to people or to plants.

The section “The System of Adaptation of Consciousness to the Changing Dynamic Environment” is about the existence of the “external information framework, that contains various knowledge, including the knowledge on the dynamic structures”. It includes the methodology of accurate cognition, which consists in the fact that it is possible to consider cognition through the system of understanding, and it is possible, knowing the precise geometrical location of the entry points into the information framework relative to the location of internal organs or parts of the human body, to carry out docking with the geometry of the information framework.

In the section “The Nature of Some Diseases”, you will learn about the existence of an information framework that exists around human, you will understand its structure and learn the methods that will enable you to monitor future events of man, that will make it possible to prevent the occurrence of serious illnesses and accidents.

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The book “Information levels of cognition”

The book “Information levels of cognition” gives the reader an opportunity to touch the inexhaustible source of practical knowledge of eternal development.

The information levels of cognition of reality by man are endless, and the author’s seminars, conducted by Grigori Grabovoi in 1979-1996, included in the book, reveal these huge capabilities of man.

The received knowledge protects both the person, and his environment, and it works for the macro-protection of the whole planet.

In conversations with the students of the seminars, the author answers many important questions. The reader will learn how to achieve absolute control to create constructive events; what the level of weak signals, correlating the event level of a person, is; how to concentrate consciousness, so that the creative process does not deplete the strength of man; what is the kind of nature of some diseases. The sections of the book contain technologies and methods of work.

All information in the new book becomes available to the general public FOR THE FIRST TIME. This treasure will necessarily become a powerful springboard for the next stage of the development of mankind on the path of the Eternal Life of All!


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