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Dear visitor!

We offer you for purchase the devices of development of concentrations PRK -1U. The information about the device is available in the internet on the following web page:

Video-testifying about the results of testing of the device is available in the internet on the following web page:

Protocols of testing:

Testing of the device among the group of applicants (who applied for purchase), showed that all who tested have very good results of application of the device from the first time. This means that, the characteristics of the device, such as the consistency in the work of the device, functions. This characteristic was established by Grabovoi G.P. when the device was constructed, because all should be able to live eternally.

For purchase of the device it is necessary to send a request to e-mail for production and delivery of the device for the applicant or for the group of applicants. The device is produced for one applicant or a group of applicants of 8 persons. The price of the device is 9700 euros including VAT and training materials in an electronic form: The Training Program on the Teachings of Grigori Grabovoi.

After the receipt of the request, a testing of the device by the applicants is carried out. The testing of the device by the applicants is carried out in the office at the address Kneza Mihaila 21a, TC Milenijum, lok.113, Belgrad, Srbija. It is possible to carry out a distant testing of the device via skype, in accordance with the patent “Information Carrying System”.

During the testing, the applicants make sure, that the device develops concentrations. Upon the receipt of testing results sufficient for purchase of the device, the applicants sign the protocol of testing of PRK-1U. Then the agreement for production and delivery of the device is signed with one applicant, if the device is acquired by one person or legal entity (by organization). If the request is submitted by a group of applicants, then the agreement is signed with the representative of the group of applicants, or the director of the organization (Center).

The term of production of the device is determined after testing. The payment can be made in the form of 100% prepayment or by equal stakes monthly during the period of the device production.


Information about “PRK – 1U”

After each webinar, conducted by Grigori Grabovoi from 25 to 30 January 2016, he will provide information on successful tests of the device of development of concentrations “PRK – 1U”.

Download Russian Информирование о ПРК-1У

Download English Information about “PRK – 1U”

Download German Unterrichtung über das PRK – 1У

Download French Informations sur des PRK-1U