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The Numbers of Stars for Eternal Life

The Numbers of Stars for Eternal Life

Distant stars, which can be perceive by physical eyesight just as light, have subtle connections with the Soul of man. Man can perceive by physical eyesight the light of his Soul, which is blended with the color of the human body. With that understanding, you can consider that at a certain distance from the body of man and on the body of man, the light of stars at the physical level intersects and merges with the light of the Soul. The light of stars in a certain way is an element of eternity in terms of that this light reaches man often in millions of light years, and simultaneously it is the gateway to the world, which from the other side of the star is endless as well. The eternal Soul, touching the eternal light of stars, can influence, through the will of man, surrounding physical and informational reality that includes everything that relates to information.

The eternal life of man is achieved through concentrations on the areas of interaction of the light of stars and the Soul of man. These interaction areas are represented in the form of number series.

Method of work with such number series is as follows: to see with spiritual vision, or to imagine how a number series, starting near the human body is laid on a silvery-white line, which is rounded at the other end from the body. The series finishes at the end of this line, and through the last number, you should merge it with the light of the star. The last number that is at the ends of the series acquires the property of infinity. Through this last number of the series, the person connects himself with eternity, a particular case of which is eternal life of man, of all people and everything alive.

Eternal energy reserves enable person to control objects of the physical world, for example, reduce the weight of a physical object or by an effort of will, combined with concentration, to deflect an asteroid flying to the Earth. It is necessary to use these capabilities, because the guarantee of eternal life is secure and protected from threatening asteroids or other problems surrounding space, which is the physical media in the Universe where people live. In order to influence such physical bodies to ensure eternal life of man you should concentrate on the first number of the series corresponding to the star.

Based on the name of the star, you can determine in which part of the Universe some problems might occur. In this case, by the Spiritual vision, you can see that if there is a problem in a ray of light coming from the star; then the series, referring to the star, first starts to glow a greenish color, which helps a person to correct the situation quickly; then a reddish color, if the problem is growing; and a yellowish if the problem requires urgent resolution.

DevaTo normalize the situation and resolve the identified in such a way problem of external space you should imagine the series as silvery-white and, by a force of will, focus on this control for a while. Often just milliseconds are required to normalize the information, but in some cases, more time is required. When resolving the problem, the series corresponding to the star, can emit for some time a blue or other light colors, other than yellow. In the structure of the world organization, it is often can be seen that those or other processes are not fortuitous. For example, yellowish shades of the Sun as if remind man latently the necessity to develop Spiritual powers and Consciousness to control the external space.

The Sun in this sense, is also a training level of reality, moreover with objective characteristics of impact on man’s matter. Looking at the Sun for long time may impair the eyesight that justifies the anxiety of yellowish hues, and encouraged person to find protection against events following the yellow color. At the same time, the Sun makes humanity to think about the life on the Earth if the energy of the Sun begins to dry up. This is again the task of control of the external space macro objects. To collect from the little Earth as much energy as to restore the function of the Sun seems quite problematic, even if man-made systems are strongly developed. So, the objective reality is such that any sane person in order to ensure the conditions of his living is forced to develop something that is always with him, i.e., his Spirit, Soul and Consciousness to the level of ensuring the absolute controllability of the entire external space.

If in the area of one star, emitting the alarm, other nearby stars begin to emit green and then red disturbing light or yellow light, then according to the laws of optics you can understand that the object is approaching the Earth, so you should normalize the luminous range for several stars. Many of the objects have been approaching the Earth for decades or millennia, but in a certain place, usually a few tens of light years away from the Earth, in the case of a dangerous object, the protection of life on Earth works and the object passes by or deflects without hitting the Earth.

The Creator, providing people with the knowledge of eternal life, provided for enough time for people to learn to control the entire external space to ensure eternal life of all, and of everything alive in general. Even if it takes millennia for a dangerous object moving toward Earth to come closer to the Earth, it is desirable to carry out now normalization of the situation by the number series, since the will of many people, which is for a long time aimed for ensuring normal conditions of eternal life, which is expressed in the form of concentrations on the number series, the prayers, the talking of the Soul of man with God, is accumulated and will normalize the events for sure.

Actions for the normalization of external space can bring a great benefit to the organism, as they make the human organism stronger and able accordingly to secure quickly for itself and all other the necessary conditions for eternal healthy and harmonious life. To draw an analogy with the physical world, the work on the control of the object of external space resembles a workout with weights training apparatus.

For the level of thinking this work results in stronger mental activity, the brain matter is quickly restored. By the use of the increasing in that way the brain’s resource on integration of the various processes to ensure eternal life, you can quickly bring the reality to the guarantee of eternal life to all. With such increased brain activity in the direction of the eternal development, the clarity of consciousness, which is not affected by external circumstances increases, and internally man becomes able to stand the line of eternal life more steadily in various cases.

The possibility of reproduction of thoughts more often starts to happen around the human body, and not just be perceived as the emergence of thoughts in the head area. Man begins to perceive that his entire body is thinking, and this perception is accepted by man as a happy worldview. The thought generated by the whole human body creates the reality of creativity, through which the eternal life of man is naturally ensured, as it is possible to solve any problem in a creative way. Thus, a subjective approach, which depends on man and ensures eternal life of the individual and of all other people, is formed through concentrations on the numbers of stars.

Over time, eternal life becomes natural for man. This eternal life implements non-dying, since the technology of non-dying does not depend on external space in connection with the possibility of controlling control. Methods of concentrations on the numbers of stars, which use explicitly only information of the entire infinite external space, realize completely the technology of resurrection, since the infinite space means the endless amount of information that is obviously for the infinite time could be mutually placed so, that everyone will be resurrected. All the external infinite space, containing stars, makes it possible to comprehensively perceive the eternal life, which consists of non-dying of the living, and, without fail, of the resurrection of those passed away, since the infinite space is a fact of reality. This fact of reality according to the law of similarity in universal connections provides the event of spread of infinity, i.e., eternity to man. The infinity of the number of stars, composed of the perception of the infinite space behind stars, makes it possible to understand the methodology of control of the future events outside the current time, and thus ensure the future of eternal life.

In this book, the numerical concentrations are carried out for constellations and specifically for each star. The intersection of concentrations occurs in such a way that all the stars in a constellation, can be mutually compatible at concentrations on constellations. In other words, you should first carry out a concentration on the numbers corresponding to the constellation, and then concentration on the numbers corresponding to the star. In this case you can use the method of such concentration, at which the numbers of the constellations are followed by concentrations on three selected by you stars, on the numbers corresponding to these stars, to ensure eternal life.

When working with the numbers of stars you can take into account that some devices determined radiation from the location of the star in the outer space of the star, which it had occupied in the past, has in the present and will have in the future. Thus, in cases when you control with the use of the numbers of stars you should consider the availability of information in the collective consciousness that the radiation of the events not only of the present but also of the past and the future time affects physical bodies in the present. Astronomical observations confirming this were implemented in 1970-ies at 125-cm mirror telescope of the Crimean Astrophysical Observatory. A resistor (resistance) was installed in the focal plane of the telescope as a receiving device (sensor). The observations showed that the change (increase) of the conductivity of the resistor takes place when the telescope is directed at one of the three points of the sky, matched with three positions of any observable space object (stars, galaxies), which correspond to the positions of this object in the past, present and future.

волопасThe past image coincides with the visible position of the object in the sky. The present, you can say the true image of the object, corresponds to the position of the object at the present moment of time on the clock of the observer, that is the observer’s own time. The future image of the object corresponds to the position, which the object will occupy when the signal sent from the Earth at the time of observation and spreading at the speed of light (c = 300’000 km/sec) comes to it. All the three images are located along the trajectory of the own movement of the object: the true (present) position is in the center, and the past and the future are located symmetrically on the both sides of the present.

The visible position of a distant space object is the observable from the Earth its “past image” in the optical range of electromagnetic radiation. However, in fact, that object is no longer in that place of the sky because while the stream of photons flies from it to the Earth, it shifts along the trajectory of “its own movement”. Moreover, the more it is remote from us, the longer its light (or any other electromagnetic) signal flies to the Earth. For example, there are millions of years from the nearest Andromeda Galaxy. Using the known in astronomy data about the speed and direction of movement of the observed object, you can define the point in the sky where it must be at the time of observation, and direct at that point the mirror telescope-reflector. This tool is equipped with the resistor included in the device instead of the eyepiece; the equilibrium of the device depends on the electrical conductivity of the resistor. It turns out, the device responds to not only the visible, but also the true position of the object. Therefore, the observer on the Earth can obtain information about the status of that or another formation of the Universe for the present time by his clock and record its true position.

Assembled in such a way telescope makes it possible to obtain information also about the future state of the object, because it registers the position, which the object will occupy when the signal sent from the Earth at the speed of light at the time of observation comes to it. In addition, it is found regarding these devices that the “rays” of the detected radiation do not deviate in the Earth’s atmosphere like the rays of light and even affect the resistor in that case when the lens of the telescope is closed with a duralumin lid 2 mm thick.

These results were fully confirmed afterwards by the Institute of Mathematics of the USSR Academy of Sciences. The observations were carried out in the same place at the same tool and with the same astronomical objects. They also observed the Sun. The scientists along with the metal-film resistor (physical sensor) used bacteria, which possessed a property to form colonies on a solid nutrient medium (biological sensor). The observation with the help of the physical sensor fully reaffirmed the results of the 1970-ies. When they used the biological sensor, it was found that bacteria formed colonies more actively under the influence of the radiation than without it.

This proves that there is a universal interaction in the universe, which establishes instant connection of the observer with any object of the Universe and affects the physical and biological receivers.

Then, in a general sense, the absorption or perception of the information of the future events contributes to the vital functions and development of life. Based on this we can make a sequent conclusion that any form of life, including life of man, when interacting with the radiation of the future increases its life resource. For man, whose radiation from physical body, thoughts, Spirit and Soul instantly interact with one another and with all the events of any time, the constant interaction with the radiation of the future takes place when man realizes the aim of eternal life in the physical body for himself and all life, because the information of the eternal life is always combined with the information of the infinite future.

The principle of instant interaction, extended through mathematical postulates and calculations in my scientific work “Applied structures of the creating field of information” to all the reality of phenomena, including radiation from a thought and generation of bio-signals, I used when I created inventions “Method for Prevention of Catastrophes and Device for its Realization” and “Information-Carrying System”.

Practically it proves scientifically that by means of your consciousness you make instant interaction with all the objects of reality, including the information of the future of all objects. Consequently, all objects of reality get radiation of interaction with you. Since the future is not rigidly fixed in the space of information, and a simple example of this is that in a second a man can go either to the left or to the right, you can shape the corresponding information of the future by radiation from your thoughts on realization of the eternal life, which then, in the form of radiation, saturates you with life. This way you can independently create through your thoughts eternal life for yourself and all. You get the eternal process of life through thinking. After all, the radiation of the information of the future, as it was proven by the results of the observations on 125-cm mirror telescope, develops life.

Since everyone should live forever, everyone’s knowledge of the Soul for ensuring eternal life can work instantly, and the law of transition from quantity to quality can help to transfer the accumulation of knowledge about the methods of eternal life into more effective provision of events of eternal life. Therefore mastering the methods of eternal life even though the direct radiation from the thoughts, which emerge for the realization of these methods through the revealed instant interaction with all objects of reality, creates the world, in which life in the physical body is eternal.

In the book, the letters the Greek and the Latin alphabet denote the stars in the constellation in the descending order of their luster (from “alpha” to “omega”, then from “a” to “z” and from “A” to “Z”). The stars, which do not have letter symbols, numbered in the increasing order of their direct ascension. Multiple stars are marked with the superscript index, for example π1, π2, π3, π4, π5 and π6 of Orion. A multiple star consists of three or more stars that look from the Earth close to each other. Capital letters, which follow the symbol of the star, denote the components of double or multiple systems, for example, “c of the Swan A” and “c of the Swan B”. Star systems of two stars are called double star systems.

To ensure eternal life to yourself and all through concentrations on the numbers of stars, you can use the text and images provided in this book. If you wish, you can also look at the stars in the physical space and carry out concentrations on the numbers of stars. Then it will be realization of another way of concentration that includes the light of stars from the physical space of the cosmos.

To find the North point on the horizon and to begin searching all other constellations you should know the constellation of Ursa Major. Looking at the stars of Ursa Major you can quickly understand the surrounding stellar systems. By the location of its seven brightest stars constellation Ursa Major resembles a big dipper. Ursa Major can be easily seen in the sky at any time of the night. Only at different times of the night and at different times of the year this constellation is visible low in the early evening in autumn, high in summer, in the eastern side of the sky in spring, and in the western part of the sky late summer. It is possible to find the North Pole Star with the help of this constellation. To do this, you should draw a straight line through the two last stars on the side of the constellation farthest away from the “handle” of the Big Dipper. This line will indicate the North Pole Star. The North point is always under the North Pole Star on the horizon. If you look at the North Pole Star, you will face the North, the South will be behind you, the East is to the right, and the West is to the left.

There are more than 100 billion stars in our galaxy. About 1% of them are listed in the astronomic catalogues, which means these stars have received individual symbols. The rest of the stars of the Milky Way are still unnamed and not even counted. The stars of the other galaxies are far less calculated. When you concentrate on the numbers of the series, you can perceive the light of all the other stars through the third number of the series and thus carry out filling with the energy of this light and at the same time of the light of the star or constellation, related to the series.   When you mentally pronounce the fifth number of a series and simultaneously visually perceive the whole number series, you can see by spiritual vision another star or constellation. This star or constellation may be located outside the observed physical cosmic space and, simultaneously with the star or constellation related to the number, transmit to you the knowledge ensuring eternal life.

All the bright stars of the firmament, and even many weak stars, in addition to the scientific symbol have proper names; they received the names, as a rule, in ancient times. These are navigational stars, which have always been used to guide travelers. Normally, the names of the stars are very ancient, e.g., Sirius, Aldebaran, Vega, Betelgeuse and so on.


THE QUOTES FROM GRIGORI GRABOVOI’S BOOK “Numerical Concentrations Related to Food Products”


1. “The food, being, among other things, an information world system, on entering the human body interacts with the sole.”

2. “The Creator, creating all that lives, and having created all that lives has steered the interaction between the consumer and the consumed in such a way that the principle of eternal life of all that lives should be realized.”

3. “When performing control by food categories: meat, poultry, fish, seafood – the objective of eternal development, as with all cases related to the functioning of living organisms, is to create eternal life for all that lives without causing harm to anybody.”

4. “Considering such food categories as fish and seafood, we can perform control through consciousness toward inviolability of all that lives in terms of eternal development of any living thing – control, when your consciousness helps reproduce virtually the same structure that, for example, has been eaten. It can be reproduced based on the principles of complete information recoverability.”

5. “When different animal and plant speciesinhabiting the planet consume certain foods, eventually there emerges acertain absolutely sustainable level – a source of certain energy which later can become a universal source of eternal development for all systems.”

6. “By enshrining the system of eternal development in the information of food consumption the food becomes most beneficial both for a person’s current state of health and for control of future events in terms of eternal development; and at the same time a person practices spiritual control wherein a man who initially was organizing his body through the physical level now shifts to the level of spiritual control of the body by means of his consciousness.”

7. “The numerical series which correspond to the food products orient the food products used by man towards the area of cognition of eternal development, and at the same time actualize eternal life of man.

8. “During concentration the entire system of future development must be considered, since the food interacts with a man for a long time, say, for twenty-four hours; and in the future, in infinite time, one has also to know how the food products replenishment mechanism works even when they are not available.”

9. “The spiritual state, necessary to actualize the objective of eternal life, must be so high that any information, including the information created by a spiritual act, can be a basis for creation of the physical body by the spirit.”

10. “By means of consciousness it is possible to affect food products, alter their structural system, steer them towards the system of eternal development.”

11. “The highest consumption of food products happens when a product carries information of eternal development.”

12. “A certain level of informationthat ensures eternal life, the level that has been inherent in a givenfood product from the beginning, this level is contained in the properties of each food product.”

13. “Every food product is a source of eternal development” – if we follow this principle, then a product can be considered in terms of eternal development, in terms of its potential for use.”

14. “Development of gustatory qualities is a distinctive structure of eternal development, too.”

15. “Love that motivates people determines such behavior, which uses food products based on the ideological principle of realization of a person’s primary objectives; and control of eternal life by means of the numerical sequences for food products should be organized accordingly.”

16. “The spirit can be realized, and can acquire useful information through your consciousness, through your perception in the sense that availability of a food product at all times is an important characteristic of eternal development.”

17. “A finite number as well as an infinitudeof combinations of food products create also a system of eternal development; this is one of the important principles of food consumption which forms eternity in the collective consciousness.”

18. “The food products are consumed in such a way that in whole in its natural surroundings you do not destroy this food product, and moreover, you may, to further the development of the “species undamageability on the planet” environmental movement, extend your consciousness towards the reproduction of any food products.”

19. “If we take all food products and consider all possible combinations of their development, then identification of a certain chain of internal events that leads to eternal development means a certain personality state, a certain state of the body, and a certain view on the space of the future in man’s consciousness, the state when a person realizes that food products create eternal life for him inside his physical body, satiating it.”

20. “The objective of eternal development means that everything that can lead to life must be preserved and brought to the level of eternal life.”

21. “Through spirit you can control the properties of food products that lead to eternal life, and at the same time develop your consciousness towards eternal development; constantly increase your resources and the technologies of your consciousness.”

22. “You can practically by means of the technologies of your consciousness, by means of development of your spirit, soul, and your pursuit of eternal life, control food products, and also pass on this knowledge through recipes, through control numerical series, which transmit the control system in terms of eternal development in a fairly straightforward way.”

23. “You, through your practical interaction with food products, develop a certain system of eternal development which is always with you; and you can extend this system to other phenomena by mastering the experience of the spiritual state, by understanding the interaction structure between a number, a word, and a food product.”

24. “It is important to use not only the methods of a particular direct control through the numerical series, but also the methods of perception, and understanding of the connections within food products, aimed to attain and ensure eternal life to man as early as today.”

Stone numbers for eternal development

Stone numbers for eternal development

The reaction of consciousness to stones can be considered as shrinking perception, similar to the fact that dense stones indicate compression of the substance. Interaction at the level of consciousness of the stone and the airspace means in many ways the interaction of opposite structures in consciousness. When this interaction is perceived it becomes obvious that when consciousness gets inside the stone, you can feel how the space is growing around it, and it is growing rapidly. The sooner your consciousness enters the internal structure of the stone, the more you feel powerful ultra-fast movement of the external environment. A creative sense of fullness with joy and energy arises.

If you suspend your consciousness movement slightly, you can perceive how the energy coming from the stone fills you. Stone is a static substance for consciousness, and the inner area of consciousness that is suspended in movement over the question of how the stone, local in space, has so much energy. At this point one of the laws of the structure of consciousness uncovers itself, the law lies in the following: consciousness as a substance has its own logic, consciousness can think. Essentially the idea is often perceived as originating in the mind. One aspect of perception and understanding of the world is consciousness seen as derived from person; and quite another aspect is consciousness interacting with the stone information, in this case, consciousness is perceived as a life form reproducing the thought.

When you concentrate on stone numbers, you fix your attention on this and you acquire eternity and a tool for development in eternity. You can see that all external eternity at the IMG_1455physical level in the structure of the stone, which corresponds to human consciousness, contains you and you are eternal there. You should be imbued with such an element of reality in the stone, and you will be able to find that your own consciousness organizes everything within this element. If you question how consciousness works, you can see that it works through organization of spheres of life, which are formed in man and, extending, spread matter for building events to the outside world. Getting deeper into the center of the spheres source, you can see the Creator’s consciousness, the man himself, but so as God looks at him in amazingly beautiful white color and radiance while laying the purity of intentions.

That is why many of the stones are so appealing and beautiful, so, sometimes it is hard to turn away eyes due to admiring. Many of the stones at the level of information on reaction to the world have rapid dynamics of light, and at such a speed, their information at the micro level does not differ from the information of life. The Creator perceives everything alive, and there is no life termination in this perception. Try to perceive like this to ensure eternal life to yourself and all. By concentration on numbers of stones and minerals, you get the knowledge of the eternal development, which guarantees eternal life. Use the dynamic systems of concentrations when the speed of perception of the first three figures of a ten-figure number is higher than the following seven figures. The first three numbers allow you to penetrate through the hard shell of the stone, teaching to pass without losing your way through any density events. The following seven figures contain the knowledge of the harmony of eternal life; this knowledge allows having eternal development in a natural way, which follows from the nature of life.

When you concentrate on stone numbers, you fix your attention on this and you acquire eternity and a tool for development in eternity. You can see that all external eternity at the physical level in the structure of the stone, which corresponds to human consciousness, contains you and you are eternal there. You should be imbued with such an element of reality in the stone, and you will be able to find that your own consciousness organizes everything within this element. If you question how consciousness works, you can see that it works through organization of spheres of life, which are formed in man and, extending, spread matter for building events to the outside world. Getting deeper into the center of the spheres source, you can see the Creator’s consciousness, the man himself, but so as God looks at him in amazingly beautiful white color and radiance while laying the purity of intentions.

That is why many of the stones are so appealing and beautiful, so, sometimes it is hard to turn away eyes due to admiring. Many of the stones at the level of information on reaction to the world have rapid dynamics of light, and at such a speed, their information at the micro level does not differ from the information of life. The Creator perceives everything alive, and there is no life termination in this perception. Try to perceive like this to ensure eternal life to yourself and all. By concentration on numbers of stones and minerals, you get the knowledge of the eternal development, which guarantees eternal life. Use the dynamic systems of concentrations when the speed of perception of the first three figures of a ten-figure number is higher than the following seven figures. The first three numbers allow you to penetrate through the hard shell of the stone, teaching to pass without losing your way through any density events. The following seven figures contain the knowledge of the harmony of eternal life; this knowledge allows having eternal development in a natural way, which follows from the nature of life.

The book includes definitions well known in mineralogy.

Mineral is a natural body, relatively homogeneous in composition and properties, with a certain chemical composition and crystalline structure resulting from natural physical-chemical processes occurring on the surface and in the depths of the Earth and other planets, which is an integral part of rocks, ores and meteorites.

Most of the minerals are crystal substances or were previously in the crystalline state, but lost it because of a metamict decomposition, that is, without changes of chemical structure.

In nature minerals are found mainly in the form of grains of irregular forms without any lattice shapes, but regardless of this, most of them have internal crystalline structure.

Any natural mineral has information about when and where it appeared, under what conditions it evolved, what it was influenced by, what individual features it acquired, how it interacted with neighboring minerals and other objects of the space.

Stone is a solid body consisting of one and two, and more minerals.

Chemical formula of mineral

Mineral chemical formula shows its chemical composition as a sequence of characters of chemical elements with subscripted stochiometric indexes, indicating the relative numbers of atoms of various kinds included in its composition.

Crystallographic properties

System in crystallography is a group of types of symmetry that includes crystals with similar elements of symmetry that are characterized by certain geometrical constants.

Some physical properties of minerals.

The color of the mineral is the ability to reflect or pass through any part of the visible spectrum.

Internal reflexes (translucence). Study of internal reflexes gives you an idea of properties of the minerals to be translucent (translucence).

Scratch color (color of powder).

When minerals with hardness less than 6 based Mohs scale scratch unglazed porcelain plate (a sponge), they leave a line on the plate. Therefore, the color of the line is also called the color of powder. In other words, after a line is scratched on the plate, a trace of the mineral remains there in the form of fine powder. If the hardness of a mineral is bigger than 6, to determine this index the mineral is crushed in a mortar, then the color of the powder is defined on the background of white paper.

Scratch color or color of mineral powder can be different from the color of the mineral and is a permanent feature of the mineral, the more exact diagnostic indicator.

Transparency is the ability of mineral to pass light through itself.

Glitter of minerals is a characteristic of reflecting ability of the substance surface, i.e. light effect caused by the reflection of a part of a luminous flux shining on the mineral.

The hardness of mineral is the ability of a mineral to resist mechanical stress, scratching with sharp tool or other mineral. The empirical scale of hardness proposed at the beginning of the 19th century by the Austrian mineralogist Mohs is used for practical purposes.

The scale of Mohs (the list of the minerals that are standards of hardness, to determine the hardness of other minerals by comparing with minerals included in the scale)

  1. talc
  2. plaster
  3. calcite
  4. Fluorite (fluorspar)
  5. apatite
  6. feldspar
  7. quartz
  8. topaz
  9. corundum
  10. diamond

The specific gravities of minerals are mainly determined in two ways:

  • Fluid displacement method, i.e. by weighing the sample and measuring the amount of water it displaced in the vessel. The so-called weighting method.
  • By determining the loss in weight of a mineral, steeped in water (the absolute weight of the sample is divided by its loss of weight in water), that is, under the law of Archimedes.

Specific gravity γ is the ratio of the weight of substance P to the volume V occupied by it.

γ = P/V

 Strength characterizes the resistance of the mineral material to mechanical deformation or breakage.

Fragility of minerals is reveled at mechanical splitting. Fragility does not depend on the mineral hardness. For example, diamond, the hardest mineral, is fragile. Minerals also have malleability and flexibility.

Concentration on the Numbers of Plants for the Organism Recovery

Concentration on the Numbers of Plants for the Organism Recovery

When concentrating one should make allowance for it is reference to focusing on number corresponding to a plant in position of eternal life and eternal evolution of a man. Events of the world towards including unlimited future eternal evolution make projection on the plant in a way that quantity of their combinations always equals a concrete figure. Thus a figure itself may be considered as a replaced beyond events’ area. An independent from events object refers to eternity processes because an eternity is a value embodied all events and simultaneously placed beyond them as a separate object. Described numerical series and eternity consequently stay in one and the same field of human being’s perception. Therefore a number and an eternity possess mutual properties which may be used in a way to get eternal life through a number.

Application of these properties may be completed through the use of own conscience since identifying a place in the space within conscience where contained a number and eternity information area, which could be named numerical eternity or eternity of a number scope of information, belongs. Actually product of human being’s thinking for instance a number at the level of consciousness is not connected to a man after passing of thinking moment because information reproduced by thinking remains in time when the thought started up. The man may only remind the thought from the standpoint of the interaction with this information. Thus mechanism of thoughtfulness functioning opens when a man at present time interacts with thought which is just in the area of eternity being not dependent from further events. In the sense all past is independent from further events as well as one may manage through the use of past information only in the area of own consciousness. At that information of known past on the basis of which the management is to be fulfilled will be kept as separate part of information.

So reminiscence of a person about himself at the moment when in time past any thought come into mind allows a man to come into contact with himself when he is independent from events that is he remains along the same line of numerical eternity in eternity information. In the field of this information one may observe a man being independent from a number. Because whether he is dependant it would be impossible to separate a numerical eternity from a man’s information. The conclusion is forced upon when being deepened in analysis of this information construction that a man does not correspond to a number thus wise because a man himself creates or reproduces it. It was confirmed practically having in mind that numbers which are consequent objects of perceived reality do not refer to physical objects. The fact that reproduced once number was created some when is to be an important element in comparison of words on creation and reproduction of a number.

The Author who was first to create a number messaged about it by means of a word. Therefore a field of space of conscious where numerical eternity and an eternal man present is located in the same place where a word’s information is. It is comprehensible that when a man is pronouncing mentally numerical series when doing this he creates sympathetic vibration of the numerical eternity. Waves of numerical eternity according to the laws of light propagation propagate towards a man who is situated in the same field of eternity and at that create a human being’s eternity. Numerical series of number eternity is 289380891498 which may conduct action of eternity with each figure not only with a series on the whole. Consequently this observation may be carried into each element of the real object as well as the object on the whole. A conclusion may be deducted that human being resurrection could be fulfilled not only by action of all the body but of one single sell.

People have inner spiritual connection to own image in the past and through this connection may get a real eternity of human being’s organism. Noted connection shows that spirit and soul of a man are eternal not only because it has been created this way and rather because of the laws of universal evolution. The point is that in proposed way it may be created the eternity of soul and a spirit which is notwithstanding the eternity of a body. The principle of full self-resurrection of a man, when a human being is able to make its body, spirit and soul to be eternal, implies that. Especially the method is to be effective either based on the image of a person in the past or based on an image in the future because one of the properties of eternity is that it exists beyond the time. One may imagine his/her gestalt in the future and may apply concentration on the numbers. Thus by the way future events are improved towards eternal evolution as well.

Described method for management of eternal life securing is supported by plants’ numbers so as optical processes of a man’s conscience which are observed in this study are based on static objects. Plants are fixed in one physical place whereas image of a man is situated in a certain location of conscience of a man. In comparison to this according to static principle dynamic shows up a movement of eternity space which covered a person while using concentration on plants’ numbers. Recovery of a person’s organism takes place because function of any object’s norm from point of view of eternity is founded in properties of eternity space.

Plant is a source of oxygen necessary for life of a man. Space is also vital for life. One may put a question what is a source of the space. The question may be studied when searching plants’ structure. Water enhances by plants’ capillar and overwhelms closed spaces. Whether to search human being’s thinking structure relatively the way how a thought organizes one of many actions of a man. It may be watched a certain order. A thought is appeared and then by means of any response to it by all personality of a man the thought forces some acting or an absence of acting. Water in plants as well is perceived by that part of a plant where it passes and through mediate tissues of a plant may influence on those tissues of the plant where it does not pass. Possibility of water action is effective only through matter of a plant. Meanwhile conscious action of a man is possible for instance by means of limbs. A man could touch its body by its hand and a plant’s branch may only because of wind impact or another reason make contact with the other.       IMG_0337

Human being’s perception of the fact that such a limited by the extent of dynamics within space life system as a plant may live what refers to few species more than one hundred years allows mobilizing of resources of an organism, conscience and a spirit of a person for securing for him of eternal life. Intuitively and logically comprehensive is concept of a space being a source of information. Plants being within one field of space receive a necessary quantity of information for a long life. A question emerges how plants achieve that whether to suppose a presence of certain structure comparing to human being’s consciousness in every form of life. The answer will be that plants react otherwise towards space in the structure which is similar to perception of a human. When a man thinks about plants he perceives a plant as a source of his life because of accumulated knowledge of modern civilization about photosynthesis. Therefore a man perceives a positive light wave at the level of conscience during such perception. A light wave as well is perceived from a space. It is so while in logic systematically along with plant given oxygen through the use of photosynthesis space is also source of life. When man looks at plant he could study phenomena of time dilatation because time in men’s conscious is connected to some quantity of actions while plant is practically immovable. It is spiritually obvious from this reasoning that time as a substance of in the context of perception influences on plant. Then by swift movement of thinking one may drift to man’s image by means of inner vision and discover that when you look at how time influences on a man’s image substance of time sharply put off its resembled root system of plants tentacles from you.

That way you may get to know how to live beyond time information that is perceived by your conscience and as a matter stands it is a method of eternal life securing. One may discover also that when training like this you catch yourself. Water similarly being filtered by capillars of plants is still inside a plant. A space where filtering within plants water resembles closed space of mentality a little difference is that thought has infinite characteristics at the level of touching on spirit and soul. Combined spiritual qualities of a man and soul the Creator forms space where a man is located. So a place for a man to dwell in a space is not largely casual so as is conditioned by inner links of spirit and soul with his consciousness conjoint with aims of a man and a society at large. It may be deducted that initial structure of the world according to the idea of eternal development creates a space. Thoughts on eternal evolution enhance space of life not only when reasoning and also in physical reality from houses development to evolving to space control well grounded by spiritual abilities. Like water coming through capillars of a plant expands a space of plant’s living a man’s thought from space of thinking by virtue of own infinity and connection to a man’s spirit creates unlimited spaces for a man to dwell.

The phrase ‘Cogito, ergosum’ (Latin ‘I am thinking it follows that I exist’) is well-known from which it follows that if thought is so it should be a space where a man lives. By virtue of infinity of space and a person’s concepts on conduction of information fields corresponded to these notions it may be found a method of infinite life consisting in the fact that infinite space is to naturally touch an eternal man. Research through the use of own conscience and spirit of space allows to show up fields of space from which resurrected one return into physical reality. One may expose space forms while receiving which a person does not die for these forms may be evident also as numerical series which are essentially one of the varieties of forms if they may be received not as figures but pictures. However this picture may be understood also as a number series which could include a lot of information. Therefore a person namely makes a numerical series in form of a picture a dynamic one through the use of perception of series’ information and comprehension. It means a man is able to create by his own comprehension of dynamic form through the use of reflection towards what means a static object. A dynamic from then always may help to find out a form which secures an infinite life of a person.

Thus you get by your consciousness to a space possessed a property to hand out to you eternity qualities through unique address corresponded to each plant when concentrated on plans’ numbers. You enhance your presence with your knowledge of eternal life in common collective conscious through numbers corresponded to each plant.

Methods of not-dying, resurrection, juvenation, recovery of an organism, eternal healthy and harmony life may be performed through the use of concentration on plant’s numbers quoted in the book.

Methods were fixed by concrete coordinates corresponded to the plant in the cooperative conscious what allows to accelerate an access to information of the methods at the level of mentality.

Each plant corresponds to a number of eternal evolutions of the world. One may get knowledge allowed to realize self-consistently a method of definition of a number of eternity in an subject as well as in every object of reality, every piece of information through the use of consideration of plants’ numbers in the book. Another number is located in information about number. Consequences of figures are often not that simple as it seems. A skill to receive an essence of concrete number in events by means of realizing of interlinks concerning events allows to develop a conscious up to the level of coupling of conscience and spirit activities. This accelerates a control of events towards eternal development. Development of concentration on plants’ numbers by means of methodology given in methods brings to such spiritual perceptions of information which creates conscious of a man securing eternal life.

Expression of one number by means of another and in a way of corresponding to a number events’ direction may be compared to photosynthesis. It allows to realize that information of all macro world surrounded any alive object is presented inside the object. Described data may be given in the form of illuminated sphere to replace this sphere to area of the plant location for being presented in practice. Then a special saturation with intellectualism of plants which follows to enhancement of survivability of the plant. Similar scenario may be applied to all alive eternally through the use of handing over of life information. Therefore the more alive in a space the faster eternal life will happen for all vivacious systems.

When applying methods given in the book one may concentrate on numbers by means of mental articulation of numbers for reception of recovery result related to organism which plants themselves possess. The procedure allowed to recover due to environment may be classified as affective method. It is so because a man always contacts to the environment.

You may mentally pronounce numerical series from left to right and vice versa to get to know eternal life technologies.

The aim for usage of numerical series corresponded to plants mast be spiritual condition of a man development up to the level of performance of overall eternal development.

One may attempt to imagine how the world percepts plants and thus to learn to study the world through the system similar to any alive organism. This research gives opportunity to highlight information vector corresponded to strive towards eternal life of all alive. Thus one may discover that the vector is pointed out to one direction of eternal development for all alive organisms. When strengthening the directed to the eternal life information by own consciousness one may perform a process similar to give information to plants and to others alive creatures towards methods of eternal life and to get feedback of eternity for a man. Because there are a lot of plants so control practice of eternal development may be received in much more bulk.

Restoration of the Human Organism through Concentration on Numbers

Restoration of the Human Organism through Concentration on Numbers

This book presents the method of improving conditions of health through concentrating on seven, eight and nine digit numbers, which I have received over the course of my practical work. The seven digit number sequences form the foundation of the system. For further specific conditions eight and nine digit numbers are given in the Table of Contents and also throughout the book.

Through immersion in this method of restoring one’s health, by concentrating on the number sequences and comparing the various and several number sequences, one can address all aspects of a medical condition.

The method of concentration on the congruent number sequences – after previous and careful diagnosis – provides a possibility to heal people or to improve their situation prophylactically. Furthermore, you can discover the mutual dependencies between several diagnoses. If you take the seven-digit sequence for one disease and another for a different disease, you can receive information from the meaning of the sequences about what connects these diseases with their respective general methods of treatment.

In this manner you can, through an understanding of the situation and its corresponding mental condition, trace a treatment back to the level of a “single impulse”. In this case the concentration focuses on a restoration from specific diseases. You can, however, apply this work to any situation requiring a guidance of events within a person’s lifetime as well as the revivification of a person after his biological death.

The concentration for the maintenance or the restoration of the body or for the guidance of events can be undertaken by the patient himself or herself. One can, for example, focus upon the number sequence for the appropriate chapter. This is a good method when the disease clearly belongs to this chapter, but the specific diagnosis is missing, for in this manner all of the forms of illness belonging to this chapter will be covered.

If the diagnosis is known, then you concentrate on the numbers given for that disease. You can use various methods of concentration. You can take the sequence apart and try to understand how you should order the numbers in order to direct their effect towards best accomplishing a complete restoration of health. Develop your own concentration method!

The approach described here concerns the general system of guidance of events through concentration on number sequences. Do the focus by concentrating on the numbers one after another: for example, from the first to the last number, or by selecting individual numbers or sections of the sequence. This gives variation to your focus. The method for your focus can be completely individual according to how you choose to do it.

You can undertake your concentration at any time. Just note the number or write it down or use some other method of remembering it.

It is important to understand the magnitude of the mental component for the development and removal of diseases and how you can apply this knowledge to man and to a system for the prevention of global catastrophes. The more quickly this knowledge spreads, the faster both individual and collective results will be attained.

The principles of organization of eternal life for all living things, outlined in the book of Grigori Grabovoi “Numerical concentrations on food products”, in line with which the numerical concentrations are carried out.


The principles given in the book show that these numerical concentrations are carried out to ensure eternal life to any human being. Consumption of food of animal origin is covered in the book in accordance with these principles as a temporary phenomenon, which, by means of numerical concentrations, is replaced by consumption of products obtained without causing harm to animals. The book provides direction of mass salvation and organization of eternal life of animals based on the formation of corresponding collective consciousness through numerical concentrations. The principle of the inviolability in the eternal development of all the living, any living being and full restoration of all living beings has been established. The principle of creation of the universal source of eternal development for everything alive is set out for the first time. The principle of use of food products, in accordance with which man passes to the level of spiritual control of the body through his consciousness, is provided.

The numbers of the book pages with the related quotes are indicated after the quotations that reveal these principles.

  1. The principle of interaction between the living and consumed, according to which the principle of eternal life of everything alive is realized: The Creator, creating all the living and having created all the living, directed the interaction of the living with the consumed in the way to realize the principle of eternal life of everything alive”, page 4.
  2. The principle of creation of eternal life for everything alive without causing harm: “With control on categories of products such as meat, poultry, fish, seafood, the same as in all the cases related to the activities of living organisms, the task of eternal development is to create eternal life for all living things, without causing harm to anyone “, page 14.

“Considering such products as meat, poultry, you, first of all, should by spiritual action direct control towards the inviolability in the future infinite development of all living beings. And this development quite uniquely determines also your eternal level of development”, page 76.

  1. The principle of the inviolability in eternal development of all the living, any living being and full restoration of all living creatures. “When you concentrate on this part, which corresponds to fish and seafood, you should take into account that the proximity of forms of one type of products of the sea and river products makes it possible to place all marine organisms in a simplified and accelerated manner to the level of eternal development. With this the control is carried out to spread the forms for exactly the same element to reproduce itself in the system of infinite future events”, page 17.

“Considering such categories of products as fish and seafood, you can, through consciousness, first of all, carry out, of course, control for integrity of all the living in terms of eternal development of any living being. This control, therefore, builds you a level of reproducibility of fish and seafood. The control, when your consciousness helps you to reproduce virtually the same structure that, for example, was eaten, can be reproduced based on the principles of complete restorability of information. That is to say, the element of practically full restoration of that very carp or that very salmon, those very gobies in the right place, exactly the same ones, indicates that the food products have a certain distinctive level of need for full restoration until that moment when humanity will learn to synthesize products avoiding destruction of the living creatures.

For nourishment you can assign tasks exactly of getting synthesized substances, which would completely one-for-one substitute products from the living creatures that are used at present”, page 77.

  1. The principle of creation of a universal source of eternal development, according to which the eternal development of both people and in the future animals, flora, and so on, occurs in such a way that none kind of life destroys any other, and at the same time, eternal life is ensured to each living creature. “When different species of animals living on the planet, different plant species use that or another food as nourishment, some quite precisely balanced level finally appears, i.e., a source of energy that can then be a universal source of eternal development for all systems. In this case, when you consider eternal development of both people and in the future animals, flora, and so on, you can use number 2948168 to control for the creation of a single level, universal from the point of view of consumption in terms of information, when none of the species destroys any other, and at the same time eternal development is ensured to everyone.   We consider in this case the creation of exactly such systems at the level of physical reality, which lead to eternal development, and at the same time this level of information, this source of the original energy is always visible to everyone, and everyone has the information access at the level of his consciousness,” page 50.
  2. The principle of substitution of some food products for others for eternal life for everything alive: “By products: fats, margarine and butter the control can take place in the aim of combination of products which, in accordance with the aim of eternal life for all, lead to the substitution of one type of product for another. The control for these three categories is broken up in the form of three spheres. The interaction between these spheres is at the intersection of information areas where the fats of natural origin, which were produced from the systems that were not destroyed when the fats were produced, refer to one category, and another category, for example, the fats of animal origin with the aim of eternal development of animals. This category should be implementable in terms of eternal development, and the category of fats of animal origin should be minimized in information and moved out. The same way as, for example, the control system relating to margarine should be realized in the system of public consumption at a bigger extent. Everyone could see, including from the goal of eternal life, that the consumption of such product as butter can be increased”, page 59.
  3. The principle of eternal development for everything alive, according to which the production of food products does not destroy the source of the products. “Turning to the following product: “Vegetable oil”, we should consider such type of control, which proceeds from the principle of eternal development for everything alive, and we need to use control for the production of vegetable oil from that part of vegetation, which generally does not affect the plant itself. When you do such a controlling selection in the structure of your consciousness, you intuitively and logically, at the level of disclosure of all control systems of this type are aiming to implement this control of eternal life for all. With this you get the effect from vegetable oil, which corresponds to the task of eternal development”, page 60.
  4. The principle of use of products, in accordance with which man passes into the level of spiritual control of the body through his consciousness: “Food products in terms of technologies of eternal development are of integrated value, which first of all is realized in connecting various positions of control and constant interactions with food products. Therefore, they are also a certain level of training of eternal development. When man lays into the information of food consumption the system of eternal development he, first and foremost, finds both maximum benefit of products for the current state of health and the control of the future events in terms of eternal development, and at the same time implements training of spiritual control, in which the person, who organizes his body by physical level initially, passes to the level of the spiritual control of the body through his consciousness”, page 5.




24.“The one being resurrected is resurrected in love”.

25.“In love the body preserves health”.

26.“Love is not affected by any external or internal circumstances, it is eternal, and it is eternal life itself”.

27.“The Creator initially enshrined the level of control which is characterized by eternity for all and by eternity for each person”.   .

28.“The fact of resurrection is a necessary element of eternal life, butdyingof the living must not be allowed”.

29.“The very Eternity of life is what is composed of the elements of nondying”.

30.“Mastering the technologies of eternal life is in many ways acquiring eternity and a certain guarantee of eternity even now”.

31.“Resurrection will take place without fail, because that’s how the world is altogether organized, at the level of infinite development all existing negativity will be reflected away, and only positive processes will stay.

32.“You perceive a healthy, and harmonious, and eternal life as the essence of your self”.

33.“A component element of eternal development is the possibility to restore the body at any time regardless of the circumstances”.

34.“At a certain level of knowledge any source of information can be transformed to bring about the desired effect, to bring about eternal, healthy, and harmonious life, to bring about the realization of this goal”.

35.“A body self-learning system must be introduced; this system will make it possible to move out any negative information from the body, then the body gets restored”.

36.“Restoration of even one system of the body is also a path towards nondying, and may ensure nondrying once the result in the practice of control has been attained and instantly extended to the entire body and entire eternal time”.



13.“The restoration of the human body takes place due to the fact that afunction of norm of any object in terms of Eternity is enshrined in the properties of space of eternity”.

14.“The Creator, combining man’s spiritual qualities with his soul, forms the living space for man”.

15.“To a large extent a person’s spatial location is not accidental, as it is determined by the internal ties existing between a person’s spirit, a person’s soul, and his/her consciousness, the consciousness united with the goals of a person and society as a whole”.

16.”The thoughts of eternal development increase life space not only in the mind, but in physical reality as well”.

17.“Man’s thought from the space of thinking in virtue of its endlessness and connection with man’s spirit creates infinite living spaces for man”.

18.“The impetus of consciousness must outpace all future events; then you have a specific system of future events opening up, revealing themselves before the area of your consciousness and spirit, the system that you fully control.”

19.“The mechanism of resurrection exists in the soul of every person, and this is a basis for the universal future”.

20.“Nondying is your concrete, local task to work on”.     .

21.“Having restored health in one region ofthe body you need to extend this result as quickly as possible to other parts of the body, other tissues of the body, and at the same time try to transmit, impart this experience to others”.

22.“The source of love is love itself”.

23.“It suffices to have love in order not to die.”



  1. “Through the numbers corresponding to each plant you increase your presence with knowledge of eternal life in the overall collective consciousness”.
  2. “Any living object contains information of the entire macro world that surrounds this object”.
  3. “All that lives can develop eternally by imparting information of life”.
  4. “The more living things we have in the environment, the sooner eternal life comes for all living systems”.
  5. “Events that occur in the world towards eternal development, including infinite future, are projected on a plant in such a way that the number of their combinations always equals a specific number”.
  6. “When concentrating on the numbers of plants you by using the unique address corresponding to each specific plant through your consciousness enter the space that possesses the capability to impart you characteristics of Eternity”.
  7. “The Creator who was the first to create the number, made it known through the word”.
  8. “The spatial region of consciousness that contains numerical eternity and eternal man has the same location as the information of the word”.
  9. “The thought possesses infinite capabilities at the level of communion with man’s spirit and soul”.
  10. “The information produced by thinking remains in the time where the thought first appeared”.
  11. “The past is not dependent on future events, and control through the information of the past can be realized only in the space of one’s own consciousness”.
  12. “People have inner spiritual connection with their image in the past and through this connection can attain real eternity of the human body. The said connection shows that man’s soul and spirit are eternal not only because they were created that way, but also due to the law of universal development. Because by using the suggested method in addition to the eternity of the body the eternity of the soul and spirit can be created as well. This is the principle of complete person’s self re-creation, when a person is capable to create his/ her eternal body, spirit and soul on his/ her own”.

QUOTES FROM THE BOOK OF GRIGORI GRABOVOI “Recovery of man’s matter by concentration on number rows”

2002_Recovery of man`s matter..._восстановление материи_т.1

1. “Numbers conduce to the attaining of the spiritual state, corresponding to the norm of man’s matter”.

2. “When concentrating on numerical series one develops the spiritual state corresponding to the regeneration and norm of the selected matter. Such state of spirit is life-creating”.

3. “By extending the spiritual act to the entire matter of the body including external reality one can attain the spiritual state corresponding to eternal development”.

4. “It is possible to restore, regenerate matter by using a numerical series corresponding to some other matter”.

5. “The light that creates the matter corresponding to a numerical series permeates, according to optical laws, the rest of the matter of a person’s body as well as the environment”.

6. “It is possible to control events to the level of complete restoration, normalization of the matter of the body regardless of any circumstances”.

7. ” In order to normalize events towards eternal life in certain cases you may take physical actions and in other cases – perform a spiritual act”.

8.“You develop your spirit, soul, and physical body to the level that enables you to create man’s matter based on spirit”.

9. “To make control more effective common knowledge of wave-particle duality of matter can be used, according to which any object can exhibit the behaviors of both waves and particles”.

10. “By generating the light waves corresponding to the norm of man’s matter by means of concentration on numerical series you create normally functioning person’s matter”.

11. “All the methods given in this book of man’s matter regeneration by means of concentration on numerical series can be used for prophylactic, recreational purposes, for rejuvenation, and whenever it is necessary to regenerate matter – regardless of its initial state”

12.“When restoring a person’s matter we must seek to develop the spiritual level to the state whereby a person’s matter is created and functions by a spiritual act in conjunction with biological and event principles”.