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The instrumentation of eternal life

The instrumentation of eternal life should take into account the availability of features of the future time in the device functions. And these functions, they can be distributed as the action of the future time into any current event, since any current event with a high instantaneous speed passes into the future, into the next event.

It is important to note that these devices must operate by functions eternal time. For example, the number of times of use of device PRK-1U is not limited: each time the next control increases and the next level of abilities develops. And this element of such unrestricted use is instantaneous transition from the current to the future time. Considering this principle of instantaneousness, we can find another source of energy for such devices, for such equipment.

An important characteristic of such devices is the systematic action of the device. According to the current practice of using PRK-1U, in each case we received proofs of functionality during the testing, that is, it shows that the device is adapted to human Consciousness.

And in this regard, the functions of these devices have to implement such a thing as the controllability of the device through controlling clairvoyance, through human consciousness. That is, this is exactly the adaptation of the device to Consciousness that makes it possible to implement complete control over the device what creates the safety of this type of equipment.

Man, any living creatures have a certain contacability with the structure of eternal life. In someone, these structures are highly open, then the person is the one living forever; someone is just starting to develop them, it is necessary to help him in this case. The device while working with this matter of eternal life actually makes it visualized.

Man through spiritual action, through the action of Consciousness begins to see the contact with this matter, which is generated in the device. According to the practice of use of device PRK-1U various sensations appear at the level of perception: the future systems of events. The fact that the future events occur, and it is possible to normalize them at the same time is natural, because the matter of eternal life contains the structure of the future.

And it turns out that a person who sees it, is opening his own, which have already been in him, which have been previously in him, capabilities to realize the matter of eternal life, but with the device he is doing it faster. And when the mechanism of such contact is known, the man will be able not to forget it, because the concentrations of eternal life are eternal.

March 30, 2016  Grigori Grabovoi. Methods of use of device of development of concentrations of Grigori Grabovoi PRK-1U


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