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Firstly Published in the World! Life in Black Holes?!

Firstly Published in the World!

Life in Black Holes?!

   It has just been information on the detection of gravitational waves and black holes. Amazingly that there has just been the webinar of the scientist Dr.Grigori Gabovoi on December 26th, 2015, where he was asked the question about black holes. And I am happy to share this information with you because that would be NEWLY published:

   «Question from the webinar participant: What are Black holes and black matter from the point of view of the God Creator? What role do they play in the Macro world and do they influence on the life processes?


   Black holes were, on a sense, investigated on the level of the physical models and considered as the places where the gravitational singularity is increased. That is why a high level of gravitation traps the photons of light, and they can not escape from there. Thus, the absence of light is perceived as a black hole in terms of orthodox physics.

   If we consider the external physical space according to the technologies of the present webinar, then a black hole looks as a layered structure with the vertical systems of matter. At this matter alternates as both the matter emitting light and as the matter with half empty, as if transparent fields, where light is not so saturated.

If to contemplate it with the vision of the God Creator, then it is seen like that.

   If to switch this perception to the level of the known concepts in physics or mathematics, as a matter of fact, it is a question of the small impulse interactions     with a big level of signal. And it turns out that at the moment of such interaction of microsubstance, so to say, with the macrolevel , such a structure of substance appears, which is defined as a structure of the creating substance of a different type.

   But to a greater extent this substance at the material level is is designated by such a chemical element as ferrum –iron. And the material objects, which are located in the area of a black hole,   remind comets, meteorites, in a greater degree they are ferriferous.

But that is interesting, that for the big black holes, which are not visible current time, so to say, at the beginning of the twenty first century through the means of objectification, for example, such as telescopes of external space, then they are rather remote systems of spaces. And when we looked at space and expanded Consciousness, and the first shining objects appeared, then there were the black holes of a more substantial size close to those objects and they were a little bit farther.

   But also there, as a matter of fact, somewhere closer to the center of this black hole of a spheroidal form, many forms of life were manifested rather clearly. It is connected with the fact, that, actually, the external membrane of a black hole, trapping some meteorite, asteroid streams, creates protected favourable conditions for the life development.

   There are different forms of life in these distant black holes. But in connection with the fact that it is a specific form of life, limited by the factor that is   located as if in closed conditions, then life has there a different evolutionary, more prolonged development, and it happens with different structure expressions. In terms of the particular black substance, then as for the classification of these structures such as black substance they are numerous. But the number (quantity) is limited. From the point of view of the physical model, the matter , which has the function of the light trap in the remote system of the Universe, can be attributed to the black substance.

   That is why here the classification is absolutely different, and black substance looks as a kind of matter similar to a cone-shaped system, where the emitted light, for example, is absorbed by the other segment of the same matter. Thus, light has the nonlinear, not direct nature of emission, but moves along the special trajectories. And this trajectory is directed precisely on the source of light. Logically it is like one of the types of a rather intensive source of energy, which can be used.

   As for the question on the role of black holes in Macroworld, and if they influence on the process of life, it can be said that like any other matter of the external world, they influence on the situation in terms of the particular physical impact. But no more than any other physical process, which is not manifested, for example, in the black hole or black matter, and not in the form of the antimatter. But in this answer it is important to consider that life is being developed , including inside the black hole.. That is why it is possible to create eternal life in any system of the world.”

After Dr. Grigori Grabovoi, a scientist, clairvoyant, the author of the Teaching “On Salvation and Harmonious Development”, numerous works based solely on His Teachings, forecasting efficiency 100%.



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