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The Urgency the Teachings of Grigori Grabovoi

The urgency of the system of creative harmonious development is that you must first envisage the presence of the future in your development. And when you are looking at the future, the eternal development is an element of the future, as it is outlined by the Creator.  The eternal Creator gives eternal development; that is the postulate.

Therefore, you should be determined even in a specific moment of reality, that is, to offer the resistance, for example, to a possible global catastrophe or any particular disaster, and at the same time, feeling the harmony of any act of perception, i.e. joyfulness and confidence in the future, as well as consistency in the approach to your development.

In this connection, the level of your development is first and foremost a recognition of the need to connect the harmony and the instant reaction to any system that can happen even in the future.  Because the true level of salvation is to prevent the destruction and achieve full salvation due to the development of your own ideology, by increasing your development parameters, due to the fact that you will have eternal development in harmony.

Therefore, the urgency is that you have creation as a development tool, and this tool urges you to a larger system of development.  With this tool, you can also transfer the development to all the elements of the reality.


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