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The eternal creative harmonious development

DSC00449Each development aims to achieve something better, more harmonious, and the way that it is fully creative, i.e. it does not affect the interests of other parties. Due to the fact that the eternal Creator creates the eternal reality, the creative development should be necessarily directed towards Eternity. And each element of this development should be so that you transfer to your lives the eternal characteristics, that is, eternal postulates of this development.

That is, you see what is happening in your real life, for example. While contemplating the Eternity of each of your actions you introduce the Eternity into everything that you do, and into everything, that surrounds you. That is to say, this way you, first, as if automatically affect the system of salvation from possible global catastrophes, adding Eternity, that is where there are no catastrophes, but also introduce the harmony of eternal creative development into any moment of your development.

Eternity is that principle of the urgency of development, that principle which was laid down in the provisions and theses, which above all conditions your own development, your own ascent and your own movement directed throughout the entire World system.


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