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Methods of concentration

IMG_2466Your soul is a created structure; your soul is a recreated structure. Watch how your soul is being created, watch, how it is being recreated. Your Soul is in the act of recreation, open your world and look, where the Creator has recreated him himself, look at the mechanism of recreation and you will see love. Love is the thing, which brings light to the world. Love is the thing on which the world is being built. Love is the thing that always exists and had initially been. Look at that one who created love and you will see you. Love belonging to you it is you belonging to love. Build with love, build with welfare, and build with a great joy of universal life and universal happiness and you will be able to see that joy which is seen by everyone who is around you. See the joy of those who are around you and your heart will be filled with happiness. Be in happiness; be in harmony and this happiness will bring you eternity. Look with your eternal eyes, look with your eternal body, and look with your eternal look at your relatives and grant them Eternity.   Look with your Eternity at all people and grant them Eternity. Look with your eternity at the entire World, at your entire environment and grant them Eternity. The World will blossom and a flower, which blossoms eternally, will appear. This flower will be your World, which is the World of everyone. And you will live and your happiness will be endless.


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