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The Teachings of Grigori Grabovoi

The Teachings of Grigori GrabovoiI wrote the Teachings to hand over the tool of salvation to every person. The purpose of the Teachings is to teach every person, to teach groups, to teach associations above all to be saved from a possible global catastrophe and to develop creatively and harmoniously. In connection with the set objective, first of all, I have tested my personal experience of salvation on the basis of my own consciousness.

The methods of salvation on the basis of one’s own Consciousness, are simple enough: you can just simply by meditating in a specific geometric point get the required event, moreover, at any distance. This fast and the accurate way of control that is based on your own Consciousness is very clear to all. Moreover, many use this way of salvation in such a way that when they think or make decisions, often these decisions are either fast or very fast, or, for many of the components, absolutely, at first glance, not clear why.

So, the objective of my Teachings is to open those structures of Consciousness, those principles and approaches, based on which you can take over the control of a variety of situations, which primarily need a fast solution, as well as to be able to transform reality in such a way that without damage to anyone you get what you want. Thus, I hand over the Teachings and will continue to develop it further so that each of you had your own salvation tool for yourself and all.

Anyone who masters the Teachings will be able to really save himself and everyone around him in conditions of a possible global catastrophe, be it a possible disaster from the existing nuclear, bacteriological, chemical, and other weapons created by man, or a possible global catastrophe, that includes external systems of defeat, a sign of the Teachings, in this case, is that you can, by your own Consciousness, by concentrating your Consciousness in specific places, for example, near your physical body or anywhere in physical space, or in your mental space, control these processes and really do not let happen any catastrophic moments.

Exactly the same way the system of creative harmonious development includes the factor of the Eternity of development, which is the principle of action from the Creator. Every element of the Teachings is exactly that how the Creator does, that is, to try and be able to see always the regularity with which the Creator gives the knowledge about the World structure, about the control of the World, about the processes taking place in the World.

In my own practice, I can say that with the technologies of Consciousness structuring based on the system of salvation and harmonious development, so as the Creator does, I healed from the fourth stage of cancer, from the fourth stage of AIDS, carried out resurrection, when seemingly it was impossible to return the late back to the World of the living.

In addition, the purpose of the Teachings is to prove that any matter, any information is completely restorable, and therefore the destruction, just based on this, is simply pointless. My Teachings also have a specific mechanism for control of technical devices, forecast systems and generally any elements of reality, at the same time as for the events that happen just at the physical level, they can also be regulated on the basis of the technologies of Consciousness.

But these technologies show quite exact and real way of salvation, and therefore a solution to the situation as well, when in normal physical life, i.e., in ordinary household matters or matters of business, health issues, matters of any kind that may be associated with you, you apply both the logic of problem solution and the technology of consciousness structuring with the technology of direct salvation.

Thus, you have an instrument that makes you really independent, really free. Moreover, the principle of full freedom of will in the creative manifestation of will is the principle underlying originally the creation of the World by the Creator. That is to say, when you walk, for example, along the street, and you see the growing trees, passing by cars or any kind of life in your way, you see that everything there was created by the Creator, and you understand it all, how and what is connected and how you should think and act to effectively prevent the macro destruction, as well develop eternal life based on the ideology of the Creator.

All of this will be provided, really provided, in my Teachings. In other words, each phrase of my Teachings, every single segmental system, first of all, really saves by itself and gives a system of harmonious development towards eternal development. But the integrated Teachings give the whole apparatus, spread to all levels of Consciousness, to any elements of internal and external events.

The Teachings of Grigori Grabovoi (English)

Die Lehre von Grigori Grabovoi (German)



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