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Method of control by means of a letter and a word

This method of control includes the following: you use letters and words for control. So, the implication of this control is rather simple; it consists in the following: you write out as if in front of you the aim of control in the form of a phrase and place the letters virtually along a sinusoid on the vertical plane which is before you, for instance, within approximately fifty centimeters. So, in other words, the sinusoid is drawn in such a way, as if the first letter is located on the axis, the second one is higher, the third one is again on the axis, the fourth one is lower, and so on. That is to say you just transform a word, which is as if linearly written on a horizontal plane, into a sinusoid.

The control is in the following: the first and the last letters of this phrase are the letters which correspond to the area of my Teachings on prevention of possible global catastrophes and guaranteeing harmonious development and they are of silver-white color, should be in your perception; as for the letters which are inside of the phrase, you glance them over in your mind highlighting them as much as possible. Thus, when you will receive the maximum highlighting of the whole phrase in your perception you will receive the achievement of the controlling aim. This method of control maximally uncovers how the Light of your Consciousness reaches exactly the light revealed from other objects; in other words, if the aim of control is recovery of one’s organism, in this case it is enough to write that is necessary to recover – and well, that is to say, the recovering effect is immediately transferred to the organism just because you wrote out the recovery aim there, in other words you get two-fold increase, so to speak, of information density in the control effect. Therefore, this level, which is the nearest to the level of harmonious development of the World in line with actual formal harmonious sinusoidal organization exactly of the vertical level of perception, means that if we, for example, would like to consider microlevel, we could many times follow by sight mentally the sinusoid, we will be able to enter the microlevel. Thus the principle of salvation here is in the fact that we are able to exercise macrosalvation even through microprocess by means of this method.


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