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the healing of the earth_2Since the simplicity of the method is its big advantage, I used this approach when I wrote the handbook for recovery from any illnesses.

This book has been written already. It is called “Restoration of Human Organism by Concentration on Numbers”. It includes more than a hundred pages. There are about a thousand of disease names with corresponding number series of seven, eight or nine numbers for each disease. Being tuned to any particular number series you cure yourselves from the corresponding disease.

The question arises: why such simple procedure as concentration on a specific number series, proves to be so effective for recovery from diseases? What is the matter here?

Here is the thing. Each disease is a deviation from the norm. This is a deviation from the norm in the work of separate cells, organs, or entire organism as a whole. Recovery from any disease means return to the norm. So the number series provided by me just ensure return to the norm. By concentration on a particular sequence of numbers, by being tuned to this number series, you are setting your organism to the state that is the norm. As a result everything is fixed as the recovery from the disease.

For the explanation of the essence of this treatment I would like to give some information about the vibratory structure of numbers.

Our life is pierced with rhythm. Planets periodically rotate around the Sun. For the Earth this means recurrent alternation of winter and summer. The Earth revolves around its axis and the regular change of day and night occurs.

And at the micro-level the picture is the same. Electrons in the atom make regular movements around the nucleus.

Each cell in our organism has its rhythm. And the totality of the cells has its rhythm although a different one. And the big totality that is at the level of an organ has another one. There is a specific rhythm at the level of connection between organs.

Organism in this respect can be compared with an orchestra. Orchestra when performs a work should not play falsely. The same refers to organism. Organism sounding should be harmonious. And if some organ or some connection in its work deviates from the norm, in other words it begins to play falsely; this is an exact indication of the beginning of a disease. And then you as the conductor of your orchestra have to wave your conductor’s stick and restore its harmonious sounding.


Now let us return to my handbook. The book consists of 27 chapters. Each chapter includes a collection of specific diseases. The first 25 chapters actually include all known diseases. The 26th chapter provides concentrations for recovery from unknown diseases and conditions.

Following the name of each chapter there is a restoring number series, which applies to all diseases together placed in this chapter. It is always possible to use it and especially when the exact diagnosis is not known, when it is just known that the disease relates to this chapter. If the diagnosis is known the number series that follows just after the name of the concrete illness should be used. It is also possible to use additionally the general number of the chapter, as I’ve mentioned before.

The content of the book presents the names of diseases each followed by a number series that cures this disease.

As an example here is the beginning of the first chapter.


ACUTE RESPIRATORY FAILURE – 1257814 –pathologic state of the organism when maintenance of the normal gas composition of blood is not provided or is achieved by the effort of compensating mechanisms of external respiration and is characterized by:

– Decrease of рО2 of arterial blood (раО2) below 50 mm Hg when breathing air;

– Increase of рСО2 of arterial blood (раСО2) above 50 mm Hg;

– Disorder of mechanics and rhythm of respiration;

– РН decrease (7.35).

ACUTE CARDIOVASCULAR FAILURE (CONGESTIVE CARDIAC FAILURE)– 1895678 –lost ability of heart to provide adequate blood supply to organs and systems, break of capacities of heart and needs of tissues for oxygen, is characterized by low blood pressure, reduction of blood flow in tissues.

CARDIAC ARREST (clinical death) – 8915678 –transient condition between life and death: this is not death yet, but it is not life already. It begins from the moment of termination of activity of the central nervous system, blood circulation and breathing.

TRAUMATIC SHOCK, SHOCK AND SHOCKLIKE CONDITIONS – 1895132 – grave condition caused by an injury, which is accompanied by the expressed disturbances of functions of vitally important organs, first of all blood circulation and respiration.


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