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Method of control by means of words and letters

This method consists in control by means of words and letters; the basis of the method is in writing out, as if before you in the controlling space, of the phrase of control, and thus the control takes place as you actually organize sinusoid, but in horizontal plane; in other words, if the first letter at the left is along axis OX, the second letter is father from you, the next is again on the axis, and, for example, the fourth one is closer to you. You receive a sinusoid in the vertical plane. At the same time in this method of control the first and the last letters of the phrase correspond to the area of my Teachings on prevention of possible global catastrophes and guaranteeing harmonious eternal development; and the aim of control is achieved by means of a kind of multiple mental viewing of the phrase, exactly which you wrote, – in this case it is desirable to write the phrase as short as possible, even in the form of one sentence…

… you realize the controlling aim by, well, comparing with the area of my Teachings, which contains the technology of macroaccess and macrosalvation, the structure of control exactly by its aim and achieve the aim by means of solution of control issues for everyone: in other words, first of all you implement macrosalvation, that is to say you pass through this optical zone of control in your perception and then you as if descend to your individual task. Due to this you implement exactly, well, based on this method, a kind of prolonged control, that is control increasingly towards the future, or when it is necessary to exercise control far from you. In other words, this method makes it possible to exercise increasingly control, as I have explained, – either of future processes or of remote processes, however it might also be removed, for example, to the past; not necessarily removed, for example, in the space. Therefore, this method makes it possible from the point of view of exactly the tasks of macrosafety to synthesize some processes, related to the future, that is to speak to prognostic phase, where the future is developed enough in a positive degree; you should also take into consideration that these positions should be spread in the space rather broadly and afar.



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