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Method of control by means of a number

In accordance with the Teachings of Grigori Grabovoi “On Salvation and Harmonious Development” one can spread the Light of Consciousness on the luminous imagination of any object of the world and thus to control events.

This method consists in the following: for control we use a number, which we reproduce in our perception; the method is rather simple because we use some rather simple number, which characterizes a specific event. In other words, if the event is single, for example, we use number 1, if there are two events, we use 2, and so on. Therefore, we need first to determine the event and as far as possible minimize the number of actions, for example, to one, two, or maximum to nine as far as possible to avoid complex numbers; and then we imagine this event just inside of the number; in other words we imagine that the number is composed of some tubes, for example, one number is composed of, well, two tubes, let us suppose, one is a tube, which is the end of the number as if a spout and downwards the constituent supportive part. You imagine the event inside of this number and you attach infinite status to the event, so to speak this is transfer to spiritual phase of control; in other words the meaning is as follows: due to extensive re-reflection inside of the cylinder optical rays start to spread rather powerfully and for rather a long time, and we receive in the uninterrupted level of intersection, so to speak, infinite status of light.

Thus, attaching a kind of saturated luminous luminous-optical characteristic to the event inside of the number we receive infinite status of this event that corresponds again to the level of spiritual basically immediate control where the level of Spirit intersects the level of Soul, that is, Soul which is organizing Spirit. When you exercise such control, then at the level of logic this is revealed as principle of compression. In other words when you place the controlling event inside of the number, then, in order to reveal the control, it is necessary as if by your own volition maximally strongly compress the aim of control. In this way a kind of structure of control is revealed, which is again compressed resulting in an aspiration to an infinitely small point in rather big in the beginning area of control. So, this principle of compression at the level of logic means exactly the principle of infinite expansion at the level of Spirit. In this way we realize the most organic system of control; so, we are able within even number one, – that is one macrosalvation action,- to compress massive information on salvation of everyone, in such a way, that we will really get just real salvation of everyone.


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