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Method of control by means of forms

In accordance with the Teachings of Grigori Grabovoi “On Salvation and Harmonious Development” one can spread the Light of Consciousness on the luminous imagination of any object of the world and thus control events.

This method of control is called control by means of forms, that is to say, you in your Consciousness reproduce a controlling form, and this form by interacting with the external object controls this object. To speak to the point it is necessary to single out a form of control, and to single out a form which is a form-reagent. So, you single out a form of a circle or a sphere that corresponds to the area of my Teachings directed at prevention of possible global catastrophe and guaranteeing harmonious development; it is desirable to single out it in your perception of silver or silver-white color. Then you single out an external form, for example, in the form of a sphere, or it might be in the form of a cone, – it will be as if the aim of control: what you would like to realize by exactly the task of control; then it is necessary to find the point of intersection, for example, of the sphere with the external sphere, that is with the sphere of control, herewith, as soon as you mentally, well, at the controlling level contact it with some of controlling points, it is necessary to look for it by means of the closest perception access, in other words, if in perception you perceive, for example, a part of the sphere, then the sphere, which is the aim of control, should intersect with this part many times unless the point, where the control exactly is realized, is found. When you exercise this control, diagnostics confirming that control has realized at the information level is highlighting of the both spheres, for example, in silver-white color.

As soon as they have been highlighted, it is necessary to compare the glowing with the way how realization of control spreads at the information level, with what is happening, for example, in the aim of control, because the aim of control might be determined in physical reality, or also at the informational level; then you should follow how this ray passes from these highlighted spheres to the level of realization. In other words, if this is a version of recovery of an organism, then accordingly, to which part of the organism? … this ray highlights as if from the external space; if this is a control of event, then in the event construction – that part of event which is increasingly highlighted. In this way you can exercise control on prevention of possible global catastrophes by simple level of highlighting of exactly the task of control as if from two spheres.


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  1. Людмила says:

    Прекрасная, простая и, самое главное, практичная рекомендация!

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