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Methods of control of events by means of a number

This method of control, which I introduce for control by means of one’s Consciousness consists in control by means of a number; the method is based on the following: external information, which exists as information of an external object, is represented in collective Consciousness as information of a number, therefore the method is exactly as follows: you write out information of the current date, for example, if the current date is 29th, this number will be central one: the previous date will be on the left, that is 28th, and the 30th date will be on the right, that is the number of the future. Then we should add current time to this numerical series, for example, if it is 0:25 AM, the series will look like this: 28, 29, 30 and we add 0, thus we get seven digit series.

This area corresponds to the area of my Teachings “On Salvation and Harmonious Development”, the control consists in highlighting by the current time, that is to say highlighting by the time of the minute, the controlling area inside of, for example, number 29 if the current day is the 29th. In other words, you imagine big number 29, and, if it is the 25th minute, you move number 25 within 29 until the section in which you move 25 is highlighted. You, as far as possible, do all this near yourself, in other words you imagine control before you; and the main thing here is to remember always about the aim of control and that all these actions are implemented in order to realize the aim of control; this might be, for example, recovery; or it might be control of some event. Generally speaking, the concept of control by means of Consciousness first of all includes control on prevention of possible global catastrophes; the second level is guaranteeing real harmonious development. When you practice these two levels, the Light of

Consciousness exactly at the level of collective Consciousness transfers to a more optimal phase and you quickly achieve the control.



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