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The work “The Resurrection of People and Eternal Life From Now On Is Our Reality!”

«The main provisions of my Teachings are such that any person can master them easily irrespective of his age. So, my disciples begin their practical work immediately and quickly achieve results in saving and harmonious development.

When the question of what the real salvation is of all people is asked, the answer is the following. The real salvation of all people and for all times is passing of real knowledge from the Creator. And each man, who received this knowledge, must spread them as extensively as possible. This is exactly the way my Teachings “About Salvation and Harmonious Development” is constructed. The Teachings provides technologies of cognition, practical application of the knowledge and their spreading. When everybody will be developing in such a way, then the systematic safety of the development of the World will be guaranteed. All mentioned above makes it possible to see that the World has absolutely exact shapes, absolutely clear system, and each action in the World has its corresponding link, a definite structure and absolutely precise coordinates. All events in the World, past and future, have absolutely precise coordinates, if we consider the World as developing one from the form of the Creator».

Grigori Grabovoi “The Resurrection of People and Eternal Life From Now On Is Our Reality!”


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  1. Ольга Рамазанова(Шумилова) says:

    Всем Своим Существом-ВЕЧНОЙ ДУШОЙ ,каждой клеточкой своего Существа БЛАГОДАРЮ ЛЮБИМОГО УЧИТЕЛЯ -СПАСИТЕЛЯ ЧЕЛОВЕЧЕСТВА : ГРИГОРИЯ ГРАБОВОГО за Божественную Любовь и Моё Воскрешение,за ЗНАНИЯ,Подарившие РАДОСТЬ СОЗИДАНИЯ на Прекрасной Земле во БЛАГО ВСЕОБЩЕЕ и каждого!!! Низкий ПОКЛОН и СВЕТ ЛЮБВИ ДУШИ Моей -ЕМУ,ДОРОГОМУ СОЗДАТЕЛЮ!!!

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