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For recovery of one’s health on the basis of this principle you should always consider body as a part of the soul, as manifestation of the soul. Using this approach you can rather easily restore your own organism or the organism of another person. Herewith it is important to understand that body is just a part of the soul.

Through the inner organs, through the organs of thinking, through any part of your organism you can get skills and any information from your own soul. It’s possible to receive all this directly from the Creator. Because the soul of man is created by the Creator, this is His own creation. The soul is the light of the Creator.

When you can get knowledge straight from your own soul, it means that you have already been approached to God. But it’s possible to get knowledge straight from the Lord. In this case you have direct knowledge. And in this case the unity with the Creator takes place just at the level of physical body. And as the soul, like direct knowledge, also descends directly from the Lord, then it turns out that you can have the status of the soul there, where the unity with the Creator takes place at the level of physical body. This means that physical body is a part of the soul.

And hereof it follows that each organ of physical body is structured based on the same principle of multifaceted functioning. So you can always reconstruct any of your organs or of any other man. This thereafter can be done with the help of concentration on your organs or on organs of any other person.

You can act in a different way. You can mentally pass this knowledge to another person and then he himself will be able to do for his health anything that is needed».

Grigori Grabovoi “The Resurrection of People and Eternal Life From Now On Is Our Reality!”


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