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Structuring of consciousness. Postulates of Grigori Grabovoi

Structuring of consciousness.

Postulates of Grigori Grabovoi

The main task is to prevent possible global catastrophes.

1st axiom. Consciousness controls reality the same way as reality controls the neighboring element of the reality.

(Tree controls its leaves based on the same laws, as your consciousness controls the same tree or any other element of reality.)

2nd axiom. You see reality such as it is transformed by your soul.

(The concept of the soul as the element of anticipating control: the soul is at the same time in the future, it actually creates a reality before you. This axiom needs a homework study. Think through how to do this)

3rd axiom. You have your space of perception, the physical space of perception before you.

(You can have it in the distance, but the work with it will require an effort. This effort is the spiritual movement that is one of the coordinates of the spiritual control. Try to identify other coordinates and see the transition from the logic control to the spiritual control; there might be lack of words, but the control must be implemented).

Part I. Prevention of possible global catastrophes.

The main point on the system of prevention of possible global catastrophes is that you have to be able to prevent a catastrophe, even if you do not have verbal information for control, and you do not have time for a long control, and the coordinates of the situation are unknown.

When you use dreams, clairvoyance try to identify the coordinates of control that are related to the control of unknown areas of information.

The technology of prevention of possible global catastrophes makes it possible to control large amounts of information. You have to control so that the characteristics of this level of reality do not pass through the tissue. This technology is safe.

When the soul controls, it does so, as the Creator does or it approaches the accuracy of such control.

The principle of control from the Creator.

The soul creates the body; the body is a part of the soul (see the works).

When you need to get an ultra-fast control, it suffices to go to the information of the Creator, specifically assigning this system in the knowledge, adjusting yourself to whatever you need to have a contact with the Creator keeping in mind the prevention of a global catastrophe or fast, or very fast healing.

This might be not just the control of material environment, but also a number of events that will be covered in part 3 of the lecture.

You need to remember every day: you need to carry out the macro control of prevention of a possible global catastrophe (‘possible’, but not ‘is sure to happen’), a technology either of your own, or from the lectures Grigori Grabovoi.

Part II. Self-recovery according to the technology of structuring of consciousness.

We consider the optical system of reality. It is more technically perceptible and it gives you the ability to control as if the mechanical processes (mentally take optical spheres and move from one place to another).

This structuring takes into account the macro level of salvation, i.e., saved people at the level of the simultaneity of salvation: rescue yourself or restore yourself, this should be done simultaneously with all. An optical medium enters your field of information, the optical laws of perception of this medium exist in the perception and they are nonlinear. The optics of perception is multi-dimensional (the object can be in a modified form, it can be partially visible or visible in the form of light, which signifies the present object or information, etc.)

The inflow from all the elements of information.

The first postulate: To save yourself together with all means adjust your perception to the inflow of information from all the elements of information if you need urgently or analytically, if there’s time for the analysis, to restore all the areas together with you, then the inflow goes according to non-linear laws as if there is a small hill ahead of you with light beams, or even similar to fluid streams, streaming down or flowing in.

If a stiff straight-line appears very close, try to withdraw or resist (internally and spiritually), make direct control not to have it in the beginning of self-healing, since the principle of recovery is multidimensional and it must be complied with.

Summary: Tune in to the event to perceive it and watch how the flow goes, goes to the Creator, near it to yourself, unpack it and step into one of the corridors, try to visualize it, enter the system, which reflects your personal information in the field of universal connections. You get the impulse, spread it to yourself, and disperse it all over the body.

Create two of your images out of the body in different places and one overall image and control it. Keep in mind that image. Train continuously.

Contact with the Creator: the overall image is the actions of the Creator.

This is a training for correct perception of events, if you see a disease you have to remove it and recover. The Creator is present everywhere, act so as the Creator does.

Ask the question, how the Creator is doing and do the same.   Then appears what is called clear knowledge, i.e. you are doing in such a way as the Creator is doing and you know how He is doing it.

Part III. Control of events by consciousness

The first system: is a two-coordinate system, this is the events around you and plus your area. These are coordinates in consciousness, do not to lose the area of the coordinates.

When you work with two-co-ordinate system, you have to work, putting on the right side of the body, better in the waist area at the level of 50 cm in front of you.

The second system is where you control the area you aimed at, this is either treatment or control of an event, but then you do not consider yourself in this system, that is to say, you enter this area unannounced.

When you work with one-coordinate system, you should work, putting on the left side of the body, better in the waist area at the level of 50 cm in front of you.

Two control systems can do super-fast or instantaneous control, and therefore be careful, because it is not just thinking, but also the process of control.

Keep track of all control pulses and if possible check, watch what happens in reality.

Tune in yourself to have less problems projected in your information and increase constantly the positive side of the control.

The objective is self-learning

Axiom 1. The control of events at any distance occurs in such a way that the event, first of all, is transformed from the point of view of the projection on your inner reality, in other words you need to highlight the inner reality inside the body, inside the soul and view the control inside the soul.

Axiom 2. Your soul organizes the external reality the same way as it organizes your body.

Axiom 3. The Creator creates everything simultaneously and exists in any of the consequences.

Axiom 4. You perceive external events not only in the form of optical range, or perceived to the consciousness range, but also in the form unknown to you.

Visualize your image tomorrow, in a year and so on.


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