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The numbers of dreams

The numbers of dreams

Dream is perceived as an event that directly concerns person. Appears a desire to understand the meaning of the dream, take into account what you have seen for the future. For events control, you can imagine how sleep enters your organism through the mouth. Try to play mentally a feeling, which happens when you catch with your tongue a drop of rain. You feel a storm and the sea in it, the entire water element. Everything is perceived in one. Thus, the dream comes in contact with your consciousness, bringing into it everything that you do not even perceive and do not realize immediately. Eternity contains all the phenomena of the world. Becoming aware through a dream contacts eternity. The Creator sees eternity in himself. See the dynamics of eternity in your dream, and you will learn that the physical body is indestructible in this flow.

The numbers of dreams are in eternity. They are from any information perceived in dreams, and provide eternal life to you and all. This is a manifestation of the law of eternal life that is as follows: with respect to each event, the following efforts should be directed at eternity. A number can be pronounced, thus you can direct the dream to provide eternal life by a mental movement of the tongue. The organism can be perceived as an autonomous, when information enters through the mouth. Then in the area of esophagus, you will be able to perceive things happening in the dream. You will understand the symbols of the dream. Why you saw certain images in the dream, how they influence, what they warn you about, and how you can apply this information.

Any action seen through a dream informs about the work of the brain in correlation with the organism cells. Thus, you can raise to the level of consciousness that allows recreating organism cells in a controlled way through a coordinating center, for example, through the brain. Mental shift of the line of eternity dynamics in a dream to the pole of the events of the future shows that the soul can also create centrally physical cells of the organism. In the study of the dream information with the help of consciousness, you can see that the soul is always present in the future; therefore, this is a proof of the eternity of the soul. Based on this, you can see the method of achieving eternal life in the mental connection of the physical body and the soul in the infinite future. Spiritual aspiration to achieve eternal life makes it possible for the soul to restore or create faster the cells of the organism. When you visualize the images of food entering the stomach through the mouth, you will be able, in the flow of the information of the dream, to increase autonomous functioning of the organism without emaciation when you do not have nutrition. It is also one of the ways to normalize weight. The norm of life taking into account all its information. Dream often allows you to perceive all the information in separate images.

IMG_1966_400In a dream, information of the soul overlays the image of spirit, further there is information of the body. Therefore, you can determine where the spirit touches the eternal soul. In the places of such touches, the eternal physical body of man is shown. If you determining, based on the dream information, such places and imagine yourself or others in them, you can reach eternal life. Through these layers, you can perceive another person’s dream.

In practice, there were cases when someone wanted to tell me about his dream, but I told that there was no need, because I would tell about the events of the dream with the recommendations for the future. In all cases of such requests, I carried out exact description of the events of the dream; people confirmed it. Thus, a dream can be described as any other information if to use the ability of controlling clairvoyance. The principle of the controlling part of clairvoyance is that actions should be aimed at providing man with individual knowledge of eternal life. Strict adherence to this principle allows all to master controlling clairvoyance by using what they saw in the dream.

The first method is as follows: you move to the surface of your body the light of the image seen in the dream.

The second is to penetrate with your mind into the phenomenon seen in the dream for its full understanding.

The third method is based on the tactics and strategy; you should detail the events of the dream for the present and combine them systemically for understanding of the behavior in the future.

This way you can learn how to create the cells and organs for yourself and others, since the technology of controlling clairvoyance of eternal life is a substructure of forecasting control based on the norm of the future. There is always a normal healthy physical image of the body in the future, for God is always there. When you control your desire for eternal life, you can connect it to the eternal norm of the future, thus you will be creating always, i.e., all the eternal time healthy organism for yourself or others.

Dream is one of the variants of internal communications among all people. In a dream, there might be links to other people’s levels of information and the exchange of information in a more active phase. When in a dream you see some images, imagine that you are watching with your natural eyesight. Then through your consciousness simulate the process of photons of light from your physical eyes to the image in the dream. With this perception, you transfer the control of physical reality into your consciousness. When you place the desired event in the center of eternity, which is available in any sphere of consciousness, you accelerate the implementation of events in such a way that you assert eternal life for all.

The places to meet the resurrected and the technologies of resurrection of all can be determined in a dream.

Dream on the intuitive organic level is linked to all of the phenomena of reality. The implementation of the law of non-dying of the living is carried out through dream by becoming aware that dream events occur in the space of reality that has the functions of eternity. Dream as a constant contact system with eternity objectivizes eternal life.

All living organisms have contact with eternity systematically through dream or such a state that is similar to dream. Dream expresses the principle of equality before the Creator of all life. When using this principle, you will be able to access the information of dream of living organisms and effectively assist them in attaining eternal life by all.

Under certain circumstances, you can face the fact that a person who sees a dream, realizes that this is a dream. If you develop this ability by concentration on numbers 891048, you will be able immediately in the dream to control the situation by inclining the events for the better. When, in such a dream, you incline by a volition effort the plane of the dream to the right, you will be able to improve the events up to the required level. In this case, you would better understand in the dream that you have to perform the full action, as if you have solved the problem while you are awake. The ability to direct events so consciously gives you the opportunity to learn quickly the technologies of eternal life. Application of the controlled dream can improve the controllability of any situation by orders of magnitude. Because the speed of achieving the result in the technology of control of reality through thinking is closely linked to the amount of conscious continuous time of thinking on the problem.

During such lucid dreaming, you can see that in the space of the events of the dream on the right side there is a huge sphere, which is perceived as a living tissue of consciousness. People always thought of what was there behind the endless physical space. When you examine the greatness of the world through the consciousness element, which is moving to infinity, you can see that some bright spheres of concentration of information gradually transform into objects of brownish tint resembling uplands. There are no light spheres in the area of these objects, since near the objects the information is only beginning to be organized. With a sharp increase of the speed of movement of consciousness, you can see yourself. This means that the quickest way to know the surrounding world is through your physical body and that the world comes to it. In a certain way, the whole world is tied on one physical body.

If you slowly move the part of consciousness, which is learning the endless world, you can see a wave of light over the uplands that is coming from God, His image, and you can talk wondrously with God feeling His friendliness. Behind the uplands where the information is created, you can see the golden light, the future eternal world with forever-living people and other living organisms. Dream information is substantially formed as the reverse movement to man from the golden light of eternity and from the Divine light. When man perceives it, he is filled with the energy needed for the eternal activity in which he aims at the realization of eternal life. In a lucid dream this infinite energy can be directed to ensuring eternal life to everyone who is seen in the dream, and to all those who are outside the plot of the dream. Clear boundary separating reality allows us to understand that man has always perceived the infinity of the world. Cognition of the infinity of the world is one of the sources of joy of eternal life.

dolphin_It is known that dolphins and birds can sleep with one hemisphere wakeful, and birds are even able to sleep this way in flight. At a time when there is a switch of the waking hemisphere, and the sleeping hemisphere becomes awake, energy powerfully fills the body. During the work on the diagnosis of aircrafts at the Uzbekistan airlines because of the large amount of work due to the large fleet, when I often had to diagnose for days without sleep, I applied the method of change of the activity of the cerebral hemispheres. To do this, you need to concentrate on one hemisphere for it to work actively, and the other hemisphere with the help of thoughts should enter into a state similar to sleep with less activity and then you should periodically change the activity of the hemispheres. At the time of such a change of activity, you perceive the light of eternity coming from many areas of physical space; when this light is flowing in the body, you can become aware of the permanent reachability of eternal life.

Before going to bed, you can attune yourself through concentration to take into account the stages of sleep at realization of eternal life. For the stage of slow sleep, which occurs immediately after falling asleep, you can concentrate on words and numbers “the hypothalamus of brain 881”. For the subsequent stage of rapid eye movement sleep, concentrate on the following numbers and words: “847 medulla”.

When using number series related to the included in the book images and events, initially it is preferable to concentrate more or longer on the first three numbers of the series. To increase the anti-aging effect you can concentrate harder or longer on the first and fourth numbers of the series. For more health effect on the second and fifth numbers of the series.


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