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Concentration on Numbers for the Recovery of the Organism of Domestic Animals and Birds

Concentration on Numbers for the Recovery of the Organism of Domestic Animals and Birds

 This book discusses several types of animals that can live at home. Try to be in mental contact with the pet, and you will see that they can send you information about the events, which form eternal life. Animals instinctively direct themselves toward the events of eternal development, because all master the laws of eternal life; such is the world structure.

Domestic rabbits perceive, in the control area of consciousness, the first wave of any outside information: first to the information area corresponding to the left ear, then to the right. Here, you can see that the principle of control of events is as follows: the control area of consciousness contains the reflection of physical organs. The ray, which connects the thread of thinking with the images of the physical body, at the same time, creates new body. Listen to yourself, how your thought is organized, and find high frequencies at the beginning of the thought, in the root of the thought, and lower frequencies in the development of the thought.

The beginning of a thought is perceived as information that is more concentrated and a developing thought as information that is more spread. However, when the thought is spread to the future other thoughts of current time might emerge in it. This means that the degree of concentration of information in the development of the thought actually increases, it becomes multi-pole. However, consciousness gets used to the first thought and the following thoughts in the development of the first thought may be perceived as background ones. Thus, consciousness takes control of the process of thinking.

Thought, similar to consciousness, as it is a part of it, can this way take control of all information and physical reality. To know the source of emergence of thought, the Divine nature of man should be turned through thought to himself. In creating yourself, you can understand the process of the emergence of thought in the soul. Spiritually moving deep into your soul, you can see the light, which covers all the living and is shown as a universal knowledge of eternal life for all. Passing with your consciousness along the rays of light of the soul, you can see that the image of a pet is already in the soul, and in the world. By mastering eternal life, you develop the soul and the world simultaneously. Internally the movement of the soul can change the image and the world. The movement of reality happens when you strongly, in your soul, want something.

With the concentration on numbers for organism recovery, numbers help to direct the movement of reality to the systemic level of healthy and happy life. You should transfer to the pets mentally this knowledge in that field of information, in which they are able to perceive your thoughts, and you will open a communicative channel of communication with animals. This area is before the first wave of any new information, perceived by animals; the domestic rabbit has it near the left ear. From it, you should perceive the process of creating the physical body of the rabbit and its first thought. The first thought differs from the following thoughts in that that it is tightly connected with the body and it appears the next moment after the body has appeared, for example, the following moment after conception. This is the thought of the first self-perception and the most controlling thought in relation to the physical body. Have you perceived it; you will be able to learn how to create quickly the body of man and other living organisms that realize eternal life for themselves and all.

IMG_0513_Guinea pigs perceive an approaching man as light coming at them and at the same time, the bright irradiation of light of the soul begins from their eyes. When a person does not move, they perceive the image of man, just as man himself perceives his physical body but of greenish-grey color. Approach to animals and birds disturbs them, they try to quickly understand the possible action of the approaching and work out the sequence of their action. At this point you need to insert mentally the number series of concentration between the ray of light coming from the animal’s eyes and the light coming from you towards the animal.

Chinchillas are feeling the light coming from man’s eyes along the spine, so the number series can be imagined along the back of chinchilla.

Hamsters perceive human thinking as a beam, spreading at a great speed in the direction of their head. For transfer of the restoring information through the number series you should slow down the speed of spread of your thoughts in the direction the hamster’s location. At the time of slowing down you should imagine that another thought contains the numbers that you have read in the book, and put this idea in the form of a sphere near the hamster.

While restoring the organism of animals, try to remember which of your actions have the greatest effect, and how in this case the behavior of the animals changes. This way you can complement the recovery technique with the methods derived from your personal experience. The more different ways you learn, the faster you will master the technologies of eternal life. Because the ability to control in the area of ensuring eternal life to all, according to the law of uniformity of knowledge, immediately becomes the ability to ensure eternal life to yourself.

When dormice move physically, they perceive the thought of man best between their paws and the surface on which they step. Imagine that the dormouse walks on the number series, and you will be able to observe that the level of reasonableness of its actions increases. It can begin to respond to the slightest movements of your thoughts. Some of the number series increase the dormouse’s evolutionary abilities.

Decorative rats can actively perceive all information located near their physical body and differentiate human thought. The way of transferring the recovering information to decorative rats is the increase of intensity of the glow of information of your thought containing the number series near them.

Decorative mice perceive information as if with great understanding, but mostly do not bring it into the corresponding to the situation knowledge and practical application. Therefore, it is advisable to place the number, which restores the decorative mouse, in the units of the mouse’s thinking, which lead it to correct actions in terms of achieving eternal life. Competent actions on ensuring eternal life lead to it.

Hedgehogs perceive the greatest activity of information in the area where their needles end. You can imagine that a number, located in a sphere, corresponds to each figure of the number series, then the form of the thought might look like a garland of such spheres. You should put by an effort of will this thought in a way that a sphere is located in the end of a needle of the hedgehog, then the same way you have to place all other spheres with the numbers, thus you give the knowledge of eternal life to the hedgehog.

Decorative pigs try to think just the same way, like those geometric forms of light, as man thinks. This is reflected in their internal mimicry that is passed to the muscles of the head and some internal organs. Place mentally the recovering number in the area of those muscles and organs, and you hereby will transfer the knowledge of eternal life, which contain the restoring function as a necessary element. Having imagined the situation in the form of an animated film, you can see that in the information reality the decorative pigs constantly try to look into the face of a man, understand him and, perhaps, follow his instructions. Using this construction of information, you can imagine that you hold in front of the decorative pig a poster with a number series. The light from the numbers is transferred while being transformed into the universal knowledge of eternal life.

Ferrets try to catch the controlling human thought approximately at a distance of ten centimeters from the eye of man. For transfer of the knowledge of eternal life to ferrets through the number series you should imagine the figures of the series at the specified distance from the eyes.

Mongooses at a greater extent perceive information from the area, located on the end of their tail. You should mentally send the number series to this area imagining that it curled up in a glowing sphere from the book, and moved to the area of the tail of the mongoose. Then, the light of this sphere is absorbed by the body of the mongoose. The knowledge of eternal life is transferred through the combination of figures in the number series. You should try to perceive, with this kind of transfer of information through the sphere, which figures in the book glow more. Having looked at the number series, corresponding to the mongoose in the book, simultaneously with the image of the mongoose, try, using spiritual vision or the ability of clairvoyance, to see how the light from the number series reaches specific areas of the body the mongoose. Sense in this manner the dynamics of the information, which transfers the knowledge of eternal life, while looking at the image of the mongoose and corresponding to the image number series. Mastering this kind of perception of dynamics of information enables you, based on images and in general any audio, visual and other information, see where the information that provides eternal life spreads, and direct the original information for connection with it.

You can, this way, direct information mentally or by decisions on action at the physical level. This way you can learn to see what is behind the words, what the results of the words are. For the formation of eternal life through words it is required that the situation arising behind the words has been aimed in the direction of eternity by imagining that some of the letters in the words shine stronger than other letters. Exchange of light between the letters with different glow intensities lets you feel the inner dynamics of the statics of words. A word denotes a certain meaning and the dynamics of light seen within the word, through adding the light of the thought, can always develop the meaning of the word in the direction of eternity. All phenomena can be described in words exactly or approximately; it means that any phenomenon can be directed to the area of actions ensuring eternal life. Besides the fact that eternal life is inevitable by operation of the law of eternal development of the world, it can always be ensured by self-development that includes the objective of eternal life to all. It is visible in the realization of this law that ensuring eternal life for yourself is achieved by the target actions in this for yourself and all.

The reptiles’ information of internal connections between them is strongly developed. Turtle perceives the signal of information from man simultaneously with the signal from other turtles. For transfer of the information of the number to a tortoise you should imagine that the number series is transferred not only towards the turtle but also to other turtles at the same time. This technique allows one to develop an intuitive level that, when it comes to one event, you can intuitively feel which other influence and from whom is exerted on the event. The development of such abilities is important in carrying out investigations, in scientific research and in many other fields of activity. You can decipher the intuitive information area based on the cause-effect areas by practical actions at the physical level, or by using the ability of clairvoyance.

Freshwater turtle perceives the human thought information not only from different sources, but also as a signal reflected from water. You should mentally place the number series near the freshwater turtle, imagining that they are in the water. The specificity of the perception of information with the use water is shaped by the circumstances of life of turtles. If you reflect about the fact that only a certain number of varieties of live is known and why there is no any variety, you will be able to see the law of the universe denoting the particular forms of living organisms. To receive other forms you have to extend the influence of the thinking to the area of collective consciousness. Freshwater turtle expands its controlling information form due to the mental inclusion of part of the water near the body into the action of the physical body. This method enables man to develop controlling clairvoyance by introducing into the image of his thinking the information about what is beyond the capability of human physical eyesight.

Green iguana perceives more information with the internal receptors in the body. You should visualize that you place the number series within each cell the green iguana. Such a practice of thought training allows you to apply it to normalize the cells of the entire human body, to remember this state in order to learn through spiritual state to ensure eternal life of the physical body. With a strong concentration of thought, physical matter can be organized, and thus consciousness, trained through the mentioned way of thinking, can create the cells of the organism. Moreover, you have to train yourself to be able to create the cells of your organism through any other cell and even through an image that you remember. By creation of a set of images, through which you will learn to create the physical matter of your organism or others, you will be able to develop consciousness to the level when physical body is indestructible, since your consciousness through the images fixed in the consciousness, will always be able to maintain the organism indestructible. In this case, you can use the method of creation of the organism at each instant of the future that itself provides the indestructibility of the organism for indefinite time due to the timely control of events of the future.

There are images, which are formed in the lens and cellular tissue located in the parietal area of the third eye of green iguana, enabling it to recover its body. You to have place the number series inside the third eye for the images of consciousness, which restore the body, to move to the outside of the body. You can pin them, in the general information of the collective consciousness or by a volition effort, to specific places of the physical space. If there is a problem in the body of the green iguana, its organism, in order to avoid significant disorder in its work, will be able to receive normalization from the information of these places.

Works of fine art, created to ensure eternal life to all, contain images, allowing infinite time to restore the physical body and develop the spiritual level of those who perceive them. When people perceive paintings of many artists regenerative effects in one way or another take place. The effect from the paintings manifests itself as a source of images, allowing you to recover and develop. A person, looking at the works of fine art perceives the idea of the creator of the work and gains access to all of the author’s technologies for the realization of the idea. Ensuring eternal life through art quicker realizes eternal life for all. Information of works of art is generalized to be perceived by all.

Mental imagination that gecko can perceive from the actual environment only images clear to it, allows you to find internal connections of the systems of life. For gecko, concentration on numbers of its recovery is in the lines of life, flowing to it through visualization. Perception of the deeper meanings of life fills consciousness with vital forces. Makes it recognizable to other holders of the mind of eternal life. Thus enables to transfer more intensively the knowledge of acquisition of skills of eternal life. The acquisition of such skills is useful because, forever living man will do a lot automatically, without spending large resources of consciousness.

Bearded dragon is able to understand the movements of people, which are done without much effort. Send to it the number series so that they, compressed in a sphere, do not reach it in the space your of thinking. Exactly at the same place, you will feel that the bearded dragon absorbed with greed the information about eternal life. The field of your consciousness, in which this action takes place, becomes lighter, and the speed of thinking increases. Eternal life can have situations when the speed of thinking must be very high for simultaneous estimation of many options of events immediately. The way out of this situation is an urgent transfer of information of eternal life simultaneously to many.

Blue-tongued skink may lose a part of the tail and then try to grow it, focusing on the current of time. To avoid loss of the physical matter, you can move through the lines and weave of time, without touching them. You have to transfer to blue-tongued skink number series by a thought for it to stop its aging and loss of matter. To do this you have to see in its body the areas of the most active channels of time and place the numbers mentally outside the channels of time. The time of life is induced simultaneously in all organisms. When one is able to live forever, he at once through the time conveys this experience to all.

California king snake is in the state that is similar to the deep understanding of the world. When it crawls, in its perception, the space is absorbed through the mouth cavity, and when it does not move, it feels the pressure of space. The movement of the mind dispels negative events. Imagine the number series simultaneously inside and outside a California King snake; this way you will pass it the knowledge of eternal life that restores it. The knowledge of eternal life is an ideal tool for recovery, because it acts infinitely. When you mentally look at the internal surface of the snake’s skin, you will be able, like in an old movie, to see the life of human society or wildlife. Skin sensitivity to events complements the ability to regulate them.

The corn snake has an ability to grow its own mind up to the increase of the corresponding cells of the organism. You have to place mentally the numbers for recovery right next to the corn snake for the process of growing of its mind to allow the snake to master faster the life in the eternal physical body.

images2Decorative and songbirds perceive the happiness of eternal life before the keel. The possibility to live forever captures them, because then they can do anything they want and create an infinite number of new wishes that will come true too. Birds, from understanding of this, become so happy that they fly up. They chose for themselves one more degree of freedom upwards. A species defines the consciousness; however the consciousness defines the species. Bird’s consciousness was created prior to the creation of its physical body. This consciousness formed the bird. For the transfer of knowledge of the eternal recovery of health to bird the number series should be placed in its primary consciousness, the lifetime of which is before the appearance of the body of bird. The Creator, who transferred consciousness to bird, immediately gave it the mechanism of eternal development through consciousness.

Fish perceive the future as the present. The time of the future and current events equally fills the body of the fish.   The beginning of the recovering number series should be placed in the area of current time, and the numbers of the middle of the series are simultaneously mentally transferred into the future.

Each of the technologies of the development of abilities of eternal life enables to live forever. Learn to practice the methods of eternal life by contact with domestic animals, birds, and in general with different systems of life and you will determine that eternal life is attainable by all.


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