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Concentration on the Numbers of Plants for the Organism Recovery

Concentration on the Numbers of Plants for the Organism Recovery

When concentrating one should make allowance for it is reference to focusing on number corresponding to a plant in position of eternal life and eternal evolution of a man. Events of the world towards including unlimited future eternal evolution make projection on the plant in a way that quantity of their combinations always equals a concrete figure. Thus a figure itself may be considered as a replaced beyond events’ area. An independent from events object refers to eternity processes because an eternity is a value embodied all events and simultaneously placed beyond them as a separate object. Described numerical series and eternity consequently stay in one and the same field of human being’s perception. Therefore a number and an eternity possess mutual properties which may be used in a way to get eternal life through a number.

Application of these properties may be completed through the use of own conscience since identifying a place in the space within conscience where contained a number and eternity information area, which could be named numerical eternity or eternity of a number scope of information, belongs. Actually product of human being’s thinking for instance a number at the level of consciousness is not connected to a man after passing of thinking moment because information reproduced by thinking remains in time when the thought started up. The man may only remind the thought from the standpoint of the interaction with this information. Thus mechanism of thoughtfulness functioning opens when a man at present time interacts with thought which is just in the area of eternity being not dependent from further events. In the sense all past is independent from further events as well as one may manage through the use of past information only in the area of own consciousness. At that information of known past on the basis of which the management is to be fulfilled will be kept as separate part of information.

So reminiscence of a person about himself at the moment when in time past any thought come into mind allows a man to come into contact with himself when he is independent from events that is he remains along the same line of numerical eternity in eternity information. In the field of this information one may observe a man being independent from a number. Because whether he is dependant it would be impossible to separate a numerical eternity from a man’s information. The conclusion is forced upon when being deepened in analysis of this information construction that a man does not correspond to a number thus wise because a man himself creates or reproduces it. It was confirmed practically having in mind that numbers which are consequent objects of perceived reality do not refer to physical objects. The fact that reproduced once number was created some when is to be an important element in comparison of words on creation and reproduction of a number.

The Author who was first to create a number messaged about it by means of a word. Therefore a field of space of conscious where numerical eternity and an eternal man present is located in the same place where a word’s information is. It is comprehensible that when a man is pronouncing mentally numerical series when doing this he creates sympathetic vibration of the numerical eternity. Waves of numerical eternity according to the laws of light propagation propagate towards a man who is situated in the same field of eternity and at that create a human being’s eternity. Numerical series of number eternity is 289380891498 which may conduct action of eternity with each figure not only with a series on the whole. Consequently this observation may be carried into each element of the real object as well as the object on the whole. A conclusion may be deducted that human being resurrection could be fulfilled not only by action of all the body but of one single sell.

People have inner spiritual connection to own image in the past and through this connection may get a real eternity of human being’s organism. Noted connection shows that spirit and soul of a man are eternal not only because it has been created this way and rather because of the laws of universal evolution. The point is that in proposed way it may be created the eternity of soul and a spirit which is notwithstanding the eternity of a body. The principle of full self-resurrection of a man, when a human being is able to make its body, spirit and soul to be eternal, implies that. Especially the method is to be effective either based on the image of a person in the past or based on an image in the future because one of the properties of eternity is that it exists beyond the time. One may imagine his/her gestalt in the future and may apply concentration on the numbers. Thus by the way future events are improved towards eternal evolution as well.

Described method for management of eternal life securing is supported by plants’ numbers so as optical processes of a man’s conscience which are observed in this study are based on static objects. Plants are fixed in one physical place whereas image of a man is situated in a certain location of conscience of a man. In comparison to this according to static principle dynamic shows up a movement of eternity space which covered a person while using concentration on plants’ numbers. Recovery of a person’s organism takes place because function of any object’s norm from point of view of eternity is founded in properties of eternity space.

Plant is a source of oxygen necessary for life of a man. Space is also vital for life. One may put a question what is a source of the space. The question may be studied when searching plants’ structure. Water enhances by plants’ capillar and overwhelms closed spaces. Whether to search human being’s thinking structure relatively the way how a thought organizes one of many actions of a man. It may be watched a certain order. A thought is appeared and then by means of any response to it by all personality of a man the thought forces some acting or an absence of acting. Water in plants as well is perceived by that part of a plant where it passes and through mediate tissues of a plant may influence on those tissues of the plant where it does not pass. Possibility of water action is effective only through matter of a plant. Meanwhile conscious action of a man is possible for instance by means of limbs. A man could touch its body by its hand and a plant’s branch may only because of wind impact or another reason make contact with the other.       IMG_0337

Human being’s perception of the fact that such a limited by the extent of dynamics within space life system as a plant may live what refers to few species more than one hundred years allows mobilizing of resources of an organism, conscience and a spirit of a person for securing for him of eternal life. Intuitively and logically comprehensive is concept of a space being a source of information. Plants being within one field of space receive a necessary quantity of information for a long life. A question emerges how plants achieve that whether to suppose a presence of certain structure comparing to human being’s consciousness in every form of life. The answer will be that plants react otherwise towards space in the structure which is similar to perception of a human. When a man thinks about plants he perceives a plant as a source of his life because of accumulated knowledge of modern civilization about photosynthesis. Therefore a man perceives a positive light wave at the level of conscience during such perception. A light wave as well is perceived from a space. It is so while in logic systematically along with plant given oxygen through the use of photosynthesis space is also source of life. When man looks at plant he could study phenomena of time dilatation because time in men’s conscious is connected to some quantity of actions while plant is practically immovable. It is spiritually obvious from this reasoning that time as a substance of in the context of perception influences on plant. Then by swift movement of thinking one may drift to man’s image by means of inner vision and discover that when you look at how time influences on a man’s image substance of time sharply put off its resembled root system of plants tentacles from you.

That way you may get to know how to live beyond time information that is perceived by your conscience and as a matter stands it is a method of eternal life securing. One may discover also that when training like this you catch yourself. Water similarly being filtered by capillars of plants is still inside a plant. A space where filtering within plants water resembles closed space of mentality a little difference is that thought has infinite characteristics at the level of touching on spirit and soul. Combined spiritual qualities of a man and soul the Creator forms space where a man is located. So a place for a man to dwell in a space is not largely casual so as is conditioned by inner links of spirit and soul with his consciousness conjoint with aims of a man and a society at large. It may be deducted that initial structure of the world according to the idea of eternal development creates a space. Thoughts on eternal evolution enhance space of life not only when reasoning and also in physical reality from houses development to evolving to space control well grounded by spiritual abilities. Like water coming through capillars of a plant expands a space of plant’s living a man’s thought from space of thinking by virtue of own infinity and connection to a man’s spirit creates unlimited spaces for a man to dwell.

The phrase ‘Cogito, ergosum’ (Latin ‘I am thinking it follows that I exist’) is well-known from which it follows that if thought is so it should be a space where a man lives. By virtue of infinity of space and a person’s concepts on conduction of information fields corresponded to these notions it may be found a method of infinite life consisting in the fact that infinite space is to naturally touch an eternal man. Research through the use of own conscience and spirit of space allows to show up fields of space from which resurrected one return into physical reality. One may expose space forms while receiving which a person does not die for these forms may be evident also as numerical series which are essentially one of the varieties of forms if they may be received not as figures but pictures. However this picture may be understood also as a number series which could include a lot of information. Therefore a person namely makes a numerical series in form of a picture a dynamic one through the use of perception of series’ information and comprehension. It means a man is able to create by his own comprehension of dynamic form through the use of reflection towards what means a static object. A dynamic from then always may help to find out a form which secures an infinite life of a person.

Thus you get by your consciousness to a space possessed a property to hand out to you eternity qualities through unique address corresponded to each plant when concentrated on plans’ numbers. You enhance your presence with your knowledge of eternal life in common collective conscious through numbers corresponded to each plant.

Methods of not-dying, resurrection, juvenation, recovery of an organism, eternal healthy and harmony life may be performed through the use of concentration on plant’s numbers quoted in the book.

Methods were fixed by concrete coordinates corresponded to the plant in the cooperative conscious what allows to accelerate an access to information of the methods at the level of mentality.

Each plant corresponds to a number of eternal evolutions of the world. One may get knowledge allowed to realize self-consistently a method of definition of a number of eternity in an subject as well as in every object of reality, every piece of information through the use of consideration of plants’ numbers in the book. Another number is located in information about number. Consequences of figures are often not that simple as it seems. A skill to receive an essence of concrete number in events by means of realizing of interlinks concerning events allows to develop a conscious up to the level of coupling of conscience and spirit activities. This accelerates a control of events towards eternal development. Development of concentration on plants’ numbers by means of methodology given in methods brings to such spiritual perceptions of information which creates conscious of a man securing eternal life.

Expression of one number by means of another and in a way of corresponding to a number events’ direction may be compared to photosynthesis. It allows to realize that information of all macro world surrounded any alive object is presented inside the object. Described data may be given in the form of illuminated sphere to replace this sphere to area of the plant location for being presented in practice. Then a special saturation with intellectualism of plants which follows to enhancement of survivability of the plant. Similar scenario may be applied to all alive eternally through the use of handing over of life information. Therefore the more alive in a space the faster eternal life will happen for all vivacious systems.

When applying methods given in the book one may concentrate on numbers by means of mental articulation of numbers for reception of recovery result related to organism which plants themselves possess. The procedure allowed to recover due to environment may be classified as affective method. It is so because a man always contacts to the environment.

You may mentally pronounce numerical series from left to right and vice versa to get to know eternal life technologies.

The aim for usage of numerical series corresponded to plants mast be spiritual condition of a man development up to the level of performance of overall eternal development.

One may attempt to imagine how the world percepts plants and thus to learn to study the world through the system similar to any alive organism. This research gives opportunity to highlight information vector corresponded to strive towards eternal life of all alive. Thus one may discover that the vector is pointed out to one direction of eternal development for all alive organisms. When strengthening the directed to the eternal life information by own consciousness one may perform a process similar to give information to plants and to others alive creatures towards methods of eternal life and to get feedback of eternity for a man. Because there are a lot of plants so control practice of eternal development may be received in much more bulk.



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    With the help of numerical series from this book restored the health of their grandchildren. A useful book for every family

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    Посредством числовых рядов этой книги восстанавливаю своё здоровье до Нормы и помогаю други, окружающим людям.Такая Книга является Помощником для восстановления радости и счастья здоровья в каждом доме! Благодарю Григория Петровича за эти Знания!

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