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Restoration of the Human Organism through Concentration on Numbers

Restoration of the Human Organism through Concentration on Numbers

This book presents the method of improving conditions of health through concentrating on seven, eight and nine digit numbers, which I have received over the course of my practical work. The seven digit number sequences form the foundation of the system. For further specific conditions eight and nine digit numbers are given in the Table of Contents and also throughout the book.

Through immersion in this method of restoring one’s health, by concentrating on the number sequences and comparing the various and several number sequences, one can address all aspects of a medical condition.

The method of concentration on the congruent number sequences – after previous and careful diagnosis – provides a possibility to heal people or to improve their situation prophylactically. Furthermore, you can discover the mutual dependencies between several diagnoses. If you take the seven-digit sequence for one disease and another for a different disease, you can receive information from the meaning of the sequences about what connects these diseases with their respective general methods of treatment.

In this manner you can, through an understanding of the situation and its corresponding mental condition, trace a treatment back to the level of a “single impulse”. In this case the concentration focuses on a restoration from specific diseases. You can, however, apply this work to any situation requiring a guidance of events within a person’s lifetime as well as the revivification of a person after his biological death.

The concentration for the maintenance or the restoration of the body or for the guidance of events can be undertaken by the patient himself or herself. One can, for example, focus upon the number sequence for the appropriate chapter. This is a good method when the disease clearly belongs to this chapter, but the specific diagnosis is missing, for in this manner all of the forms of illness belonging to this chapter will be covered.

If the diagnosis is known, then you concentrate on the numbers given for that disease. You can use various methods of concentration. You can take the sequence apart and try to understand how you should order the numbers in order to direct their effect towards best accomplishing a complete restoration of health. Develop your own concentration method!

The approach described here concerns the general system of guidance of events through concentration on number sequences. Do the focus by concentrating on the numbers one after another: for example, from the first to the last number, or by selecting individual numbers or sections of the sequence. This gives variation to your focus. The method for your focus can be completely individual according to how you choose to do it.

You can undertake your concentration at any time. Just note the number or write it down or use some other method of remembering it.

It is important to understand the magnitude of the mental component for the development and removal of diseases and how you can apply this knowledge to man and to a system for the prevention of global catastrophes. The more quickly this knowledge spreads, the faster both individual and collective results will be attained.


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  1. vechnajanina says:

    Труд Григория Грабового “Концентрация на числах растений для восстановления организма” помогает мне повседневно восстанавливать своё здоровье до нормы и моим близким людям! Благодарю Автора за этот замечательный, вечный Труд и рекомендую иметь эту Книгу в каждом доме!

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