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Educational System of Grigori Grabovoi

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Education is that stimulus, which provi­des eternal stability. Correct education is stability forever; this is the idea of God. Because the Creator is God, He created the World for people to develop with respect to His idea of Eternity through understanding and knowledge of this World. In other words, education is actually what you receive and see in front of you. Because when you do and perform something, this is at the same time is your education. Therefore, if you have considered education as formation of the event from the standpoint of fun­damental level of the World, you will then always have an instrument of control, and your education will be system-based and there will be no unpredictable, sudden, and unnecessary for you components of some actions that are not needed for you.

Therefore, when I speak about education, I mean that this education should, well, create a systematic level of favorable development, a systematic level of optimizing development, when you are in harmony with eternally developing World, understand its connections and you also try to concurrently develop the World in the direction of universal happiness and creation . And then you arrive at the action already in the future as to a known one. This is how the knowledge of the future is generated,the knowledge of the future which enables you, first of all, to be prepared for some events, and second, to control these events. In fact education is formation of true information of the future, which will enable you to have the status, which you have selected due to your original nature and essence.

And education from the standpoint of knowledge of fundamental connections ensures that true individuality which was inherently granted to you by the Creator. Education is your individuality. You receive what the Creator provided in the form of thought, in the form of information, in the form of development, when you see how He provi­ded that, and in accordance with which laws education is being built in your perception, when, how it it is being formed in this context in connection with this, you obtain an integral personality, that true personality which you are always striving for in accordance with the intention of God. That individual who receives proper education, harmonious education, education with the knowledge of fundamental laws of the World,that individual will already develop in accordance with the laws bestowed upon it by the Creator. In other words, this will be true development of personality.


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