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The work «Extraterrestrial. Doomsday is not going to happen»


Verity of deliverance is inside the essentiality of each of us. We choose the way which we define by ourselves. Because the way which is chosen by us is our way indeed.   And we are moving for deliverance towards the direction where a light of our and external sensorium sets. Deliverance external is just an inner salvation. We unite with our love everything around us. And when those close to us and the outside world see that love world become unconditionally saved. Therefore first way of salvation is the love. And either conversations, either information on end of the world are to be given over to the fact that it is no any doomsday because a light as well as life is endless so as development of the earth and of all the universe and world by itself are continuous. Essence of continuous by itself derives the world eternity, eternity of living and eternity of each person’s life. Life of each person is enveloped with eternity whether he does not suspect when he touches it at the moment of his birth.

Each moment in life and each twinkling carries very strong element of becoming familiar with eternal evolution structure. When you start to see it you may train techniques of this evolution which for sure will save you if any catastrophe, cataclysm and problem of inner or outer cause may be. Therefore survival of your is mandatory.


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