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Section «Religion»

Section «Religion»

I see religion as a structure, which interacts with reality, and the main purpose is to harmonize the reality. Therefore, I treat the connections that exist in religion, in religious attitude, in faith, as that element of Consciousness and that state of the Soul, which quite accurately and largely, in the single version, reflect the essence of the Creator and His manifestation. So, when I teach on religion program I show how to link the elements of the tasks transferred by the Creator, with elements of the Soul created by Him. And it turns out that the religious acts, religious worship, in this case, have a generalized structure coming from the Creator, when every representative, generally speaking, of any religion can independently solve in the action and in the task of exactly adequate to the reality, in the task of control of this reality. Can solve his own problems in faith and tasks of other people in belief in the Creator. Hence, when we talk about religion we should first consider what the religion precisely exists for in order to understand properly the development and to develop properly. Thus, when we talk about the belief in religion, each one choses the faith in his own way. Exactly the individuality of the faith and common tasks make it possible through religion with a long established religious mechanism, canonical religions, or those religions that have a creative way, to address common issues in the development of the society of salvation and, quite naturally, of harmonious development at a much higher speed; because, based on the religious canons, many of the issues have already been solved. The task is to understand the action of the Creator in the following development. When I give lectures on religion, I first consider that in this case we need to master the specific technology that is based on religious manifestations, which really enables to be saved, and to save ourselves and others.

When I teach the methods of religious control, the salvation from a possible global catastrophe is primarily based on how to combine the already known canonical religions or those that develop, or social movements according to the principle of creation, which move in the direction of real salvation from the global catastrophe. So the processes that take place in different religions are those ones that are based on the fact that every fundamental religion is creative, so those, shall we say, source data can be used to create exactly the global system of salvation specifically from a possible global catastrophe.




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