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The Science of Grigori Grabovoi

The Science of Grigori Grabovoi

In my description, science is a structure that should make it possible to address the tasks of salvation and harmonious development. In this connection, in science, I highlight methods, which allow based on personal spiritual practices of each scientist or researcher to be engaged in science in that manifestation, in which the science is beginning to work as a controlling environment. Therefore, I teach scientific methods based on that how based on one’s own soul mind of one’s own Consciousness to be able to build the development of models, for example, physical mathematical models. Moreover, teaching occurs in such a way that having considered a process, for example, in medicine, or physics, or mathematics, I teach person to tune himself spiritually or directly with the Soul to that, that needs to be done in this area to get exactly the result of salvation. That is, either it will be the known science, or it will be an entirely new created science. However, man learns, first, spiritual control. That is how from the principles of his Soul, that has a connection with all of the elements of the world, the original level from the Creator, how he should build the entire following science, all the following studies. In this case, the science is not contradictory. It is based on one’s Soul and so it does not lead to destruction, but only to creation. All of these methods make it possible for a person to talk quite practically about the way to do this if an element of Consciousness is a scientific work, for example, then the following element of Consciousness is the task, for example, of salvation. The third element of Consciousness are connections that are due to be made.

Thus it is shown how Consciousness is built, how connections take place between the elements of Consciousness, scientists get a very specific way, instead of the way of getting results with some statistical data, but by quite conscious way, by means of direct control and by way of receiving absolutely reliable and accurate results.

Therefore, my training in science is applicable to any researches that exist in science, since the practice of salvation should extend to all areas. Each area can bring forth a new area that also leads to salvation.

My science primarily aims at salvation and harmonious development through a person’s spiritual state, at which the Soul is that canon, which makes it possible to determine not only existing connections, but also correctly, and immediately build future connections, that is the difference. Quite naturally, I will use known directions in science, if necessary. However, to every known direction I give exactly this structure of relations, when we have an exact knowledge of the future to get the exact result.




  1. vitaly eremenko says:

    A few questions and remarks to the Grigori Grabovoi paradigm.

    Firstly, this interesting concept of the solution tasks of salvation and harmonious development becomes more comprehensible if one replaces the word “science” on the word “knowledge”.

    Secondly, the terminologies “salvation” and “harmonious development” require clarification. Indeed, the “salvation”… it is from what ? or from whom ? The same with the “harmonious development “. It’s addressed to what or to whom, i.e, to civilization, or to the individual ? Or , may be, it’s addressing to the economy, to nature, tor the fauna and flora, or to the Universe …?

    And thirdly, has to be explained what kind of models and what kind of knowledge can be oppose to the actions of some insane politicians and the global bureaucracy of the 21 century , who has been steadily and very fast are destroying the all world..?

    • Dear Vitaliy Anfimovich! Science is sure to include knowledge; the word “Salvation” means rescue from a possible global catastrophe and personal rescue in any situations from anything and anyone, and includes the salvation of the soul and body; the phrase “harmonious development” refers to all listed at least, that is, it has the most common and at the same time particular meaning; all the knowledge generated by Grigori Grabovoi can be used to prevent the destruction of the whole world, and thus to save at the same time even those who consciously or not destroy the whole world, to teach them how to live without destroying the whole world. Thanks for the questions. I wish you good health for the eternal time. Sincerely, Grigori Grabovoi.

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