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Section «Education»

In my system of education, I consider above all the spiritual connection of someone who is being educated with all the elements of the world, so my education begins before child’s birth and this is my education system, which allows parents or relatives, or just acquaintances, communicating telepathically the knowledge in the form of thoughts to an unborn child. It produces a specific environment that allows coping very quickly without diseases with the period when the newborn has not acquired yet full immunity. Further on this system of education is applied to the first month, and the first years of the child’s life. Thus based on the twelve-year cycle, for each year I have the system of education, which actually gives man the ability to control effectively at every stage of his life. When the first twelve-year cycle finishes, the second starts in many ways with similar education systems, and with similar elements of thinking. It allows the man to be in that environment, which differs from the environment that is not controlled under my system of education.

Moreover, I spread my techniques actually to all areas, to a wide variety of sciences, community development; it occurs because I provide the structuring of Consciousness based on my system of salvation and harmonious development. So, because of this, when people are being educated they can therefore get education absolutely in all fields of knowledge.

More specifically, the fields of knowledge of education I am providing are those fields that are primarily associated with those structures where rescue is required. These are the technologies of salvation. These are the structures of salvation actually for every human, when he from any unforeseen or previously calculated situation might face the elements that need to be quickly entered into the normal level. Therefore, this education still applies to almost all areas of life. However, if we talk about technology that is more advanced and more specified, then this is education in science, education in politics, in economy, in sociology. Almost in all areas of human activities, which already have tried and tested technologies. For those areas, which lack technologies, I actually provide methodological framework for people to be able to create their own methodology. Well, in fact, based on this methodology man is able to create new structures either of his own development, or development of others based on the system of salvation and harmonious development.

Therefore, when I, for example, lecture on any science, I often use elements already known, in this science, but I am adding methods of Consciousness structuring. Based on the same principle, I lecture virtually not only on science, but also on other areas of human knowledge.



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