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Economy of salvation

economy of salvation

I have developed the economy of salvation, in which the distribution of profits is actually more profitable than, for example, if you do not take into account. This distribution is as follows: when we do not take into account the structure of the common connections or, suppose, for some reason set a task: just profit, actually the sign of no accounting in my economy gets into the structure of obligatory accounting; here is the rewording. Actually, I have a mathematical model, which makes it possible to implement a control, and makes it possible to teach easily the methods of the economy of salvation. With the methods of economics, well, which are based on the task to get a good profit, the status of simultaneity of universally harmonious connections occurs because I show that human consciousness is arranged in such a way that the elements of consciousness contain the knowledge of the economic development, including the development towards salvation and creation. Therefore, profit in this case is considered as profit generalized and profit transferred with the future return through the salvation structure. That is to say, by and large, this is another economy than that which develops just on profitability. This another economy actually gives a significantly greater profit, than that one, which, for example, does not take into account the task of universal salvation. Therefore, I teach the methods of economic control in such a way that I show how your consciousness is extended to the knowledge of these connections. And when you realize that you know these connections, you build your own economic program, or you participate in the overall economic program of the society so that you are aware that your every move is taken together the tasks of preserving the civilization, the tasks ensuring ecological development, the tasks of the eternal, in fact, reproduction of life. Therefore, in this case, for you the economy develops into the structure of control just because by correct distribution of resources you in such a way can create conditions for eternal reproducibility of life. This is a special economic technology, which, first, takes into account how your Soul interacts with the elements of the future events and how these events are distributed in space and time and how these events are connected with your Soul. The concept of economy of salvation is based on the principle of distributing the profit into the structure of salvation where the profit mainly returns after passing through the technological link, for example, of ecological safety of development of life. Then the profit actually gets a bigger added value due to its distribution to the entire future, since, in this case, the future is known, as opposed to the case when we do not do this and therefore the problems related to development in general might occur.



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