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Recovery of man`s matter by concentration on number series

The work by G.Grabovoi “Recovery of man`s matter by concentration on number series” represents the ways and methods of achieving the eternity of man`s matter, allowing the man`s matter, indicated in the image, achieve the eternal life.
That is, according to the idea set out in the book, the matter, indicated in the form of anatomical picture schemes is not destroyed in using the methods and ways presented in the book. Thus it is a question of a completely different matter and not of that one about which there are well-known data in anatomic atlases.
By means of indicated pictures a completely new previously unknown idea of the eternal existence of eternal man`s matter is claimed. This matter is not destroying because of time in using the technology of spiritual development, the technology of development of our own perception using number series and methods of knowledge contained in this book.
The combination of the number series with cells of the body creates a totally unique product, the degree of novelty of which increases in proportion with the addition of each new number series to a cell, organ or system of the body. Number series are created by the author personally. Connection of number series with an anatomical image of man is created by the author. Techniques and methods are also created by the author and are united by the common concept of number series, images, techniques and methods to ensure the eternal life. That is, they are completely inseparable – interconnected and inseparable. The images are treated as a single image, along with their number series.
Thus, the book is of the principal novelty even in images, inseparably related with number series, as the technology of the eternal development, which is in the idea of the book, means exactly this connection on the level of technology study. Further on in the book is given the level of spiritual development, which simply uses the state of spirit to ensure the eternal development. In this case, the graphic part is not used. The ideas for using and not using the image to ensure the eternal development to achieve the target set out in the book, are primary and are not used in anatomical works. As in traditional methods of anatomical images using the images themselves are namely used in contrast to mentioned in the book method, including disuse of the image by means of concentration on the spiritual state.
It should be also taken into account, that the symmetric mirror reflection of the image in the adjacent to the axis of symmetry of a small part of the image created by the author reveals the connection of eternal external environment with an image element. The author has created a fundamentally new type of image that combines both the novelty of the figure, which had not previously been used in anatomic atlases by other authors and the idea and technology of eternal life of man.
At the same time the author observed the shape and dimensions of the image and its reflected part, which according to the author`s idea reflect the connection of external eternal world with the reflected part of the image. Thus consciousness perceives the impulse of the possibility to connect the reflected part of the tissue with eternity. And of common character of reflected and full tissue the independence of full tissue from the time is created. In the image and its reflection the way of tissue eternal life is laid, based on the logical and associative perception. This method was first created by the author; it has never been published or announced before by anybody.
The idea of the book that combines both the text and blocks of images, aimed at ensuring the eternal development and a separate idea – to use only images for it – are completely new ideas created by Grigori P. Grabovoi. It`s for the first time that the reader is given the opportunity by the author to use “working images”, providing the eternal development and the eternal life of man. A completely new factor of the spiritual development through the perception of special proportions of images without applying any mental effort is very important. In technologies of the eternal development, this factor is important, as in the course of time the necessity of personality development arises. And the personality development happens through the perception of the systems that form the man`s consciousness independently, so that the consciousness ensures the man himself and everybody the eternal life. The origins of this method is based on the fact that the person who has learned to understand the source of eternal life in the images, as well as by analogy – in the sounds, colors, etc., begins to find these sources outside of any object, sound, color, and as a consequence in general in any point of the outer and inner world. As the transition from the external physical to the inner world – man`s thinking – happens in the area of the man himself. So, in fact, in the book there is the method of not only to use the image and the text of the book to ensure the eternal life of man, but also of the development of spiritual opportunities and consciousness of man by means of transferring the methods of the eternal life, set forth in the book to the surrounding world. That is the person mastering techniques and methods presented in the book already on interacting with any object in surrounding world uses the principles to obtain information of the eternity out of surrounding world and can live forever.
All the given in this book methods of recovery of man`s matter through the concentration on number series can be applied in preventive measures, for health improving, for rejuvenation, if necessary for matter restoring, regardless of the initial data based on which, the matter is restored.
The book by Grabovoi G.P. “Recovery of man`s matter by concentration on number series” can be purchased at:



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