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Technique “Gouache” of the works “Manifestation of Eternity”

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The technique of “Gouache”, given on pages  84 -168 of the second volume, makes it possible to create a picture with the use of dense saturated colors, showing the equality of the eternity, manifested in the geographic position and eternity, created with the help of thinking, thus, revealing the existence of eternity by means of consciousness. The main properties of gouache are good coating ability and non-transparency, so that it is possible to colour dark tones with the light ones and make a light present and future of the eternity. The technique of using the clairvoyance is applied here in such a manner that there is the eternal reality behind the colored elements of the images, which exists in the initial impulse, determining the whole reality. This allows the understanding that any actions, including the initial one, of the person and of all alive beings, contain the eternity, embedded in the specific impulse of this initial activity. The action, produced for the purpose of eternity, always realizes the eternity. The possibility of figurative perception of the action, expressed in the images, showing the eternity, develops the ability of controlled clairvoyance. That is why the perception of images develops this ability.

Upon the consecutive perceiving of images from two volumes of the works of “Manifestation of Eternity” one may feel the history of development of these images, leading to the eternity mastery. There appears a comprehension that the main essence of life consists in its eternity, connecting with the eternity, which comes from the perceivable image.


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