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Technique “Pen and Ink” of the works “Manifestation of Eternity”

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The perception of pictures in the “Pen and Ink” technique, which is given on pages 18 – 58 of the first volume the works of “Manifestation of Eternity”, where the lines and hatching serve as the main elements of the image, allows the perception of the overlap of static and dynamic reality waves, produced by the eternity. When looking at such images we gain the deep and internal structure of the eternity, standing for the outline method of performance and the ornately shaped nature of lines. As the edge of the pen is always solid, the transition from the eternity, visualized in lines, to the eternity in space without any lines, takes place at the level of mind, thus, allowing the extrapolation of the eternity to life by means of picture perception, effectively bringing the events into existence, providing the eternal life. The integration of such “Pen and Ink” technique with the image space, related to a certain geographical area, where I was able to determine the areas of natural eternity with the help of my clairvoyance ability, makes it possible to master the eternity technique with the reinforcement of learning in the mind.


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