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Work “Numbers for successful business”

Number series given in the publication are very useful for appliance in accordance with terms, definitions and notions in business for which you may successfully give prominence on the basis of technologies of eternal development.

Economy is considered as whatever possible types of people’s and over human society’s activity which helps people to supply themselves with physical resources for life. At that the economy of eternal development is intended above all others aims to reproduction by natural means of non-reparable resources required for eternal development. Next the economy of eternal development defines the demand of getting means for reparable and produced by natural, social and technogenic methods, life sphere. A human being is basis of such economy realization. Since ideas and practical activity of people are focused on eternal development so they make economic structure of society of eternal development.

Aggregation of human being demands is extremely wide. It is numerously increasing and becoming more and more complicated. It is important for economy of eternal development to expand methods of creative and reproduced fulfillment of demands. In such manner an undisputable fact of non-limited and constant growth of people’ necessity is to be considered.

Number series realize solving of a problem of best optimal and more effective usage of limited very often rare resources of business activity and control of the process for achievement a purpose of satisfaction of growing and unlimited necessities of a man and society at eternal development.


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